DIY: Trail Mix

Trail Mix is kind of an American staple these days and not just reserved for hikes.  It’s a great go to when you need some good protein and a quick healthy snack.  Nuts especially are loaded  with so many health benefits.  However, unfortunately most trail mix aren’t all good!  My naturopath had mentioned to my husband that he should start eating more nuts.  Translation: My husband comes to me and says to get him some trail mix.  

Being the good wife that I am I happily went off to Trader Joe’s to get him what I thought was “healthy” trail mix.  It was the Nuts and Cashew Mix with dark chocolate.  Now my naturopath had said dark chocolate was good and the combo of the nuts and chocolate together really was a nice pairing.  However, I didn’t even realize the mix was also covered in canola oil!  After a month or so of buying it, I read the back of the ingredient label and realized I was in need of finding a trail mix replacement…and stat!  And we all know canola oil is GMO unless organic.  So I began browsing the aisle for something else.  The problem was all the other mixes contained not only an oil of some kind but tons of added sugar and ingredients I didn’t even know.  Plus all sugar unless it says organic is probably GMO,  not to mention any form of chocolate usually has soy lecithin in it which is a GMO unless organic too.

So off to Whole Foods I went!  Needless to say, I didn’t have much luck there either.  All of their trail mix had some kind of oil coating  and added sugar, and to be honest I just wanted my nuts and dark chocolate and not all the extras.  Just then, in came my sister-in-law and her brilliant mind.   She suggested I just make my own, duh!  I quickly put together my trail mix concoction and my husband loved it.

It’s so easy breezy to make your own trail mix, you’ll be in shock, plus it’s kind of fun.  

Here’s my go to recipe:

-1/4 Almonds: As with all nuts make sure they’re organic, almonds because of their high oil content can easily absorb pesticides.

-1/4 Cashews: Unfortunately they spray cashews with Endosulfan, a highly toxic chemical to humans and animals.  Again, make sure and buy organic.

1/8 Dark Chocolate Chips:  I always buy Enjoy Life’s Chocolate Chunks or Equal Exchange Chocolate’s 70% Organic Chocolate Chips.  Enjoy Life’s are dairy and soy free and Equal Exchange is soy free.  I love that Equal Exchange Chips are 70% dark chocolate, a good percentage to aim for when buying chocolate because of the health benefits and it’s organic…a win/win.

-1/8 Goji Berries:  Basically a nutritional powerhouse, this fruit is full of iron, selenium, calcium and many other trace minerals.  Plus it’s high in fiber!  Make sure to buy organic.

Ok, so I have little 8 oz. mason jar containers that I use to fill my trail mix with.  They’re so nice because they’re glass, the perfect size for a day and you can reuse them.  I found mine at Whole Foods.  A set of 4 were $7.99.  Anyways, I fill those bad boys up with my trail mix layer by layer and then when I’m done I give it a good shake and presto you have trail mix.

I know super easy huh?  Not only am I getting some good protein and fat but also some natural sugar for energy.  Obviously, you can switch up the recipe anyway you like, this is just my staple.  But you could add coconut flakes, dried mango, other nuts such as walnuts, or macadamia nuts etc.

What’s your favorite trail mix recipe?

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