Say No to Plastic

I know, you’ve probably heard it a ton…stop using plastic.  So here I am about to tell you the same thing.  Why?  Because it’s a big deal, and it’s affecting not only our environment, but our bodies, and the quality of life for our kids.  I’ll admit I wasn’t a crazy tote carrying chick always.  I wish.  It’s taken me a while to realize the negative side effects of plastic usage.  Plus, once you become aware of it, you realize it’s in everything these days…I mean like everything!

Here are just some examples of common products we use daily that harbor plastic:

-Food Storage -Packaged Food -Water Bottles -Shopping Bags -Makeup Containers -Body Product Containers -Cookware -Latte Cups -Straws -Baby Toys -Baby Products-Canned Goods -Takeout Containers

Just to name a few…kind of crazy huh?!  All the plastic one consumes just from food storage alone is pretty high.  Even though I may not eat a lot of so called “packaged” food I still buy food that comes in plastic.  Take for example coconut flakes.  They come in a plastic bag.  Or have you thought about your flours?  Don’t even get me started on plastic bags!!  And water bottles…come on, I’ve definitely mentioned ditching those a time or two.

Why is ditching plastic vital for your health and the environment?  Well, for starters plastic causes an array of trouble in the body.  This trouble shows up in the form of miscarriages in women, polycystic ovarian syndrome, increase in obesity, prostate and breast cancer, early puberty in children, low sperm count, infertility, and reproductive organ defects…just to name a few.  No thanks!  And that’s just what plastic can do to the body.  So what about the environment?  Yeah, plastic has been doing a number to the environment all these years.  The process of getting rid of plastic is a tricky one.  There are so many codes for recycling all the different plastic.  You can’t just throw it all together, it all has to be sorted into corresponding codes. That whole process costs more than the plastic itself.  This causes another problem, making it expensive to actually recycle plastic.  Plastic is not bio-degradeable, and in the end basically never disappears.  When plastic bags break down, they release toxins into the soil and water.  Not to mention all the danger plastic poses to animals, especially marine life.

So yeah, saying no to plastic is a big deal.  Now I know it may seem overwhelming at first to try and purge your life of all plastic.  Just start with one thing at a time.  Instead of using plastic for food storage, buy glass containers.  Buy a stainless steel or glass water bottle instead of plastic.  Bring your own containers when you get takeout.  It may seem insignificant, but small changes over time add up.

Here are some easy swaps to use instead of plastic:

-Buy items from bulk bins at the grocery store -Get a re-usable water bottle-Store food in glass containers-Get some re-usable shopping bags-Get Beeswax paper for sandwiches-Bring your own set of silverware when traveling-Make your own body products if possible or buy ones in glass containers-Replace kitchen cookware with stainless steel, bamboo, ceramic or silicone.  

Here are some sources that I’ve used in transitioning from plastic to more eco-friendly alternatives (some stores, some blogs):

-Whole Foods –Wild Mint ShopBuy GreenAmazonMy Plastic Free LifeThe Soft LandingLifeFactoryPharmaca

What are some ways you can transition from plastic to safer alternatives?  I would love to hear your feedback, share them with me in the comments!

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