Green Gurls Club 30 Day Detox Challenge

What caused me to start my own detox journey?  Well, 7 years ago I read a book called No More Dirty Looks and my whole mindset shifted.  I literally remember thinking maybe I wouldn’t be able to wear makeup anymore because I had just learned how toxic products were.  The thought was so sad to me.  Growing up I was obsessed with playing with hair and getting my hands in makeup.  I ended up getting my cosmetologist license and doing hair all through college.  At the time I read No More Dirty Looks I was already into clean eating, but had no idea all the toxins lurking in everyday products.  I became so passionate about getting rid of the chemicals in my life and wanted to share what I had learned with others.  Thus, Gurl Gone Green was born.  I have loved every minute of blogging and the wonderful people I’ve met along the way.  It’s really what’s made this journey come alive for me.  Oh and if you haven’t noticed I didn’t have to give up my makeup!

The Green Gurls Club

So what’s The Green Gurls Club?  Glad you asked!  My friend Lisa (This Organic Girl)  and I created this Club with you in mind. We know this period of time when you want to make some healthy changes but don’t know where to start can be confusing and downright hard. So we’ve teamed up to take the “HARD” out of living toxin free and put the “FUN” back into doing it. Over the past 5-7 years we have tried and tested nearly every nontoxic deodorant, shampoo, lotion, diaper cream, sunscreen etc. under the sun. We have researched and cross referenced ingredient after ingredient, talked to formulators, brands and like-minded friends and at the end of it all we have IT.

And what is IT? We know what’s clean and we know what WORKS. We are going to show you how to detox your life, one product at a time. Keeping it simple, easy and fun. Welcome to The Green Gurls Club. Membership is FREE, all you have to do is say, I WANT IN!

First up? The Green Gurls Club is kicking off with an inaugural 30 Day Detox Challenge. During these four weeks members will get an email every week highlighting one personal care product category like shampoo, lotion, deodorant etc. The Club will deliver:

  • A master list of toxins to avoid
  • Product swap recommendations at both luxury and budget price points
  • Access to member-only giveaways and coupon codes galore
  • Approval to join our exclusive Facebook Group where members can meet like-minded peers and get daily detox tips
  • A LIVE meetup with Suzi and Lisa every week to talk shop and answer questions
  • A lifetime membership to The Green Gurls Club and first dibs on upcoming challenges + classes

Our Promise

At the end of these 30 days you will have a renewed sense of confidence when it comes to buying personal care items. No more going back to your trusty old toxic standbys. You will have found healthier alternatives that work and won’t compromise your health or the health of your family. And these swaps may even surprise you! You may find that not only are they nontoxic but they work even better than your go-tos, or those blemishes on your back and shoulders have cleared up, or you stopped getting canker sores – seriously! It’s happened to us!

So don’t get overwhelmed thinking you have to toss it all and buy new with no idea where to start. We are here to take you through this transformation ONE product at a time. You can make this as big or as little of a time commitment as you like. Some people may prefer to take our recommendations and run with them and others may want to ask why and kind of get to the root of – why would a company do this to us!? Either way this experience is totally customizable.

Our vision for The Green Gurls Club is two fold. We want to support club members during their transition making this a fun and memorable experience. We want you to feel confident reading labels, be proficient in cutting through the greenwashing mumbo jumbo and really just take control of your buying decisions.

Why is this so important to us? (hint-these little people below)

Good question! Well let’s talk big picture. We are all raising next generations together. We are seeing diseases proliferate at a rate we have never seen before. {Examples? 1 in every 5 boys have autism…dairy intolerance…gluten has been shown to raise levels of ADHD, IBS…} I personally want my son and his children to be healthy and live long and prosperous lives. And it all starts right now. By NOT BUYING toxic products. If everyone in the world stopped buying Big Macs for 1 week, guess what, there would be no more Big Macs. Two words: OUT OF BUSINESS.

And that’s the thing. Whenever you take out your cash card, credit card or that 2 dollar bill you have been holding onto since you were 8 – and you place that currency down on the counter in exchange for goods- THAT is your vote. That is your ballot. That is your voice.

Make your voice heard by choosing non-toxic products for you and your family. Not only will you reap the immediate benefit of having a cleaner home and a healthier family but you will be placing another stone on the foundation of the world we are building for generations to come.

Cut to the chase!

Okay so I heard you say it the first time: I WANT INWell you already have your ticket in sisters – it’s called your email address! Pop your email in below and consider yourself in. We will send you a welcome video with an overview of what to expect followed by 5 weekly emails over the next 30 days. We are all doing this challenge together starting on June 15 so get on it!


Join The Green Gurls Club 30 Day Detox Challenge!


Detox your life one product at a time.

If you arrive late that’s okay – you can still sign up and we will catch you up to speed so you can join right in.

We are so excited you are here!


The Green Gurls Club

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