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Valentine’s Gifts For The Green Girl

Ok, maybe most of us are too old to be handing out Valentine’s Day cards but we can certainly still get…I mean give gifts! 🙂 Since most of you are probably women reading this, I thought I would share my top gift ideas for Valentine’s Day with you all.  (Hint, this is where you send this post to your honey and hope they get the memo).  Ok, now that we’ve cleared that up, let me share with you my top…

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Spring Break Green Beauty Picks

So since Spring is officially here, I figured people were starting to have spring break.  You know the week off you had all through school and college, and then somehow it mysteriously disappeared once you entered the work force?!  Hopefully you’re heading somewhere sunny for spring break, I thought I would round out my top picks on what I’m bringing with me.  After all, I’ll take any excuse to snag some green beauty loot! My top spring break green beauty…

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My Current 30 Favorite Natural Products

So in light of my 30th birthday next month, I thought I would share my top 30 favorite natural products. These change from time to time, but right now I’m definitely digging these top 30. The list includes everything from skincare, makeup, food and living products. I hope it gives you an insight into how everyday products, can easily be swapped for clean alternatives. Enjoy!…

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