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Green Eyeliners

Ok, I’ve hesitated to write this post because it’s been hard to find green eyeliners that I absolutely love in the green beauty world.  Can anyone else relate?  Trust me, I’ve tried a slew of them, but there’s always something missing. They either don’t go on well or don’t last…my biggest pet peeve is the longevity.  I want my eyeliner to stay…like the whole day!  I love eyeliner, when I wear makeup, eyeliner is going on.  So you can imagine…

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blush CLEAN BEAUTY Makeup Product Reviews

Dusty Girls/Tinted Earth Cream & Mineral Blush Product Review

Dusty Girls had contacted me a couple weeks ago and sent me their Earth Cream and Blush.  To be honest, I had never heard of them but I wish I would have…their stuff is legit!  They are an Australian company but have a US base as well.  Their premise is that your skin looks better once it’s been in the country.  Fresh faced with the minerals…

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My Current 30 Favorite Natural Products

So in light of my 30th birthday next month, I thought I would share my top 30 favorite natural products. These change from time to time, but right now I’m definitely digging these top 30. The list includes everything from skincare, makeup, food and living products. I hope it gives you an insight into how everyday products, can easily be swapped for clean alternatives. Enjoy!…

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blush CLEAN BEAUTY Makeup

Blush Love

I don’t know what it looks like where you’re currently living but from where I perch it’s a little grey and dreary.  Spring must come I remind myself.  During this dreary season, I always make sure and wear some blush…voila, instant pick me up!  …

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CLEAN BEAUTY Makeup mascara


Have you ever wondered what was in that long tube of black goo we call mascara?  According to Women’s Health, 65% of women wear mascara every day, making it the most popular eye makeup used.  Yet, I would venture to say most women don’t know a thing about what’s in their favorite black tube. …

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