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Best Natural Body Oils

There are so many body oils out there these days, but unfortunately they’re all not created equal.  Here’s the deal:  Your body absorbs over 60% of whatever we put on it.  Yeah, crazy huh?! So basically whatever you’re putting on your skin, your body is literally drinking up.  It then enters your blood stream.  Many times there are chemicals like dimethicone, mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, synthetic fragrance, dyes and…

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Natural Deodorant Picks

This post is definitely a long time coming.  I’ve been wanting to wait, and write it when I knew I had found some natural deodorants that actually work.  Trust me…I’ve tried them all!  It’s one of those things I feel people have a hard time letting go of because they feel there isn’t going to be a good enough replacement.…

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DIY Pedicure

Getting a pedicure is one of the most relaxing things to do these days…as least in my opinion.  I love pretty, manicured tootsies!  But unfortunately I hardly go, if ever.  After all the scary reports of fungus, infections, and the smell alone in nail salons, I’ve chosen to forgo my little pampering.…

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New Fave Sunless Tanner

I don’t know about you, but I just look better with a tan.  Truthfully, I think everyone does.  I used to love to “fake and bake”…I know, horrible- don’t judge!  But no worries, I saw the light.  Now I’m kind of OCD when it comes to exposing my face, and decolletage to the sun.  I’m all about preserving my face from brown spots, and wrinkles, thank you.  However, it doesn’t mean this girl doesn’t like a little tan.…

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My Current Top 3 Facial Cleansers

I don’t know about you, but winter months cause my skin to become parched.  Yes, my skin becomes thirsty!  My cleansers need to be in top working order, so my skin doesn’t miss a beat.  I’ve dabbled in many different cleansers, but have found my 3 current non-toxic faves.  I think you’ll find one, out of the three, that suits your skin too.  After all, if you’re single your mug has to be rockin’ the “A” game, and if you’re…

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My Current 30 Favorite Natural Products

So in light of my 30th birthday next month, I thought I would share my top 30 favorite natural products. These change from time to time, but right now I’m definitely digging these top 30. The list includes everything from skincare, makeup, food and living products. I hope it gives you an insight into how everyday products, can easily be swapped for clean alternatives. Enjoy!…

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CLEAN BEAUTY Self Tanners Skin Care

Self Tanners

Ok, all you ladies out there love a little glow right?  I mean who doesn’t look better with a little bit of sun?  Now I’m not talking Oompa Loompa here but just a good sunkissed glow.  Well, I certainly do!  The great thing with self tanners is you can keep re-applying if you want more color, minus the skin damage.  Nowadays, there’s a lot more to choose from in the organic self tanner department then in the past.  I’m sure…

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