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Back to Basics Box Review

So excited to share my Back to Basics Box Review.  They launched their first box in November of last year, and let’s just say each box is a treasure chest!  The Back to Basics Box might seem like the new kid in town, but you wouldn’t know it with their top non-toxic product picks. So what’s The Back to Basics Box all about?  Allow me to explain. There are 3 options when choosing a Back to Basics Box: Household Combo (45.99) which includes…

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CLEAN BEAUTY Product Reviews

Beauty Heroes Seasonal Makeup Discovery: Au Naturale

I get so excited for Beauty Heroes Makeup Discovery!  They’ve only been doing it a few times, but each time I can’t wait to see what it is.  I have yet to be disappointed!  This month we had the pleasure of receiving Au Naturale- right when they are relaunching with a new look, new packaging and brand new products.  This is one of the cleanest makeup lines out there.  Founded by Ashley Prange, who not only knows how to make…

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