RMS Beauty Review

My RMS Beauty Review is finally live!  I’m sharing all the details on this green beauty powerhouse.  As one of the first green beauty makeup lines to come on the seen, I’m excited to share my tried and true favorites.  You don’t want to miss the product I can’t live without, new faves and so much more!  Plus, I’m sharing how I use the products and tips and tricks.

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*This video was sponsored by Aillea Beauty.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.  

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4 Year Blogging Anniversary Celebration!

4 Year Blogging Anniversary Celebration!

So excited to share with you guys my 4 Year Blogging Anniversary Celebration!  I still can’t believe it’s been 4 years since I started blogging- where does the time go? As much as I would like to say it’s been easy breezy, that’s so far from the truth!  I mean I have two kids- enough said! As most of you know, the journey started for me after I read the book No More Dirty Looks 7 years ago.  It literally changed my life.  I really wanted to start a blog right then and there, but didn’t muster up the courage until many years later.

I’ve never shared my feelings about blogging.  I usually just talk about green beauty, green living and all of that good stuff as you all know.  But the truth is blogging can be very isolating at times, especially in the beginning.  Most people don’t understand bloggers.  When I tell people I blog, I usually get a, “Oh cool, such a nice hobby as a mom huh?”  Or “So do you actually make money?”  My favorite is when people find out you blog and the conversation just ends.  Yeah, that one’s not awkward at all.  Never mind the fact that once they actually figure out I blog, they get perplexed by what I actually blog about…”So green lifestyle, what does that mean?”

Now if I told people I’m an accountant, a doctor, a nurse- easy.  Oh cool!  My sister’s a nurse, I studied accounting, or tell me more about your field of medicine.  It isn’t that I don’t think they’re not interested, I just think they don’t even know what to ask.  I played basketball all throughout school and my dad would always encourage me strongly to practice in the off season- none of my friends were. He would come with me and have me do drills, shoot so many shots, and play against guys at our local gym.  It was hard.  But guess who had the best shot on the team?  Me, but because I worked my butt off to get there.  I still remember shooting the ball from half court my sophomore year in high school with seconds left- boom it went in!

I say all of this because I’ve always felt a desire to do something, be different, create change, you get the picture.  I’m SO thankful there are people that want to be nurses, accountants(my dad), doctors etc…because we need them!  But for me, I love creating and I LOVE blogging.  If I could encourage anyone, it would be to go after your dreams and be relentless in pursuing them.  Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done- it can!  Anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

In honor of my 4 year blogging anniversary I’m giving away 9 of my very favorite green beauty products!  Products that I go back too and are staples. I’m dishing on them below and also teaming up with all the companies to give them away this week- so stay tuned!  Keep reading to get the full scoop on all my faves.

What’s up for grabs this week for giveaways??

Josh Rosebrook-

  • Active Enzyme exfoliator- The name Josh Rosebrook alone sets any product apart.  This product works like a dream.  My skin literally is renewed and so smooth after application.  He uses both an enzyme exfoliant and a mechanical exfoliant in this baby.  The perfect blend of herb and fruit enzymes with the mechanical exfoliant of walnut shells, give skin the ultimate treat.  The texture is similar to a wet sugar mixture but with much finer granules.  It smells like black licorice to me-which I don’t mind.  A little goes a long way, so you’ll have this for a bit.  I like using Josh’s Hydrating Accelerator before applying the exfoliant-this helps to prep my skin by opening up my cells.  Massage gently onto skin, and leave on for 10 minutes to 1 hour for maximum benefit.  A great exfoliant for those with any skin type.  $60
  • Josh Rosebrook Hair Spray- Haven’t found one that performs better than this.  It holds my hair, isn’t sticky feeling, doesn’t weigh it down but gives it lift and smells great! (Works on everyone)

Osmia Organics-

  • 2 Osmia Bar Soaps- If you’ve been around long enough you know I love these soaps.   They are seriously luxe.  I’ve tried a couple different scents but I can’t get enough of the Coffee Mint.  It wakes you up with the all too familiar smell of coffee and energizes you with the scent of mint.  I’m obsessed.  My hubs and I fight over it.  Unlike a lot of bar soaps that leave your skin feeling dry, Osmia soaps are the opposite.  These soaps truly leave your skin feeling clean and not stripped of moisture.  Did I mention they’re beautiful too?  Yes, you hardly want to use it when you first open it because it looks like a work of art.  These make great gifts too.  I’ve given several away and people are always amazed at how great they feel.  And they say green beauty isn’t as good-no it’s better.


  • Brightening Mask- This mask is a new addition to my skincare routine.  It’s so special and I haven’t been able to stop using it- the performance is amazing!  This mask is unlike any mask I’ve tried and it performs unlike any mask I’ve used for brightening.  The mask is for sun damaged, mature skin and is packed full of potent vitamin c.  I also has a blend of active ingredients.  It literally is a blend of plants and essential oils- no crazy preservatives.  It’s in powder form too, so the ingredients are very potent because there is no water dubbing them down.  When you add water, it activates the mask right then and you’re getting the best stuff!  Since it’s in a powder form and contains plants, it does have bits and pieces here and there.  But I love that about it!  You are literally using the earth to nourish and treat your skin- how cool!

Maya Chia-

  • Highlight of the Day- This bottle is filled with liquid radiance- I know sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.  It comes in two shades.  Golden hour- a golden, warm champagne radiance and Happy Hour- a cool pink toned radiance.  You apply it really however you want!  I love applying mine on my upper cheek bone, bridge of my nose, in the upper middle section of my brows, cupid’s bow, and middle of chin.  All the normal places you would use a traditional highlighter.  You can even apply it on the inner corners of your eyes to wake them up.  You can apply it over your foundation or mix it with your foundation or just where it by itself.  I’ve done them all, and love the effect it gives.  You literally look like your lit from within.  I have both shades and equally love how they both look.  As a mom, these have been serious game changers!
  • The Super Couple Serum-  I did a whole YouTube video on this product.  You can watch it here.  So why all the fuss?  Well, for starters it melts right into your skin.  No oily residue at all.  Perfect for at night, and during the day before makeup.  It evens my skin tone out and my skin never looked better-I know big statement but it’s true.  I have this one spot on my left cheek side and it has some hyper pigmentation and it faded quite a bit after I had been using Maya Chia.  My skin looked less red and just overall smooth.  Trust me when I say I get a lot of product to sample as a beauty blogger, so when I actually go through a product it’s a big deal.  This serum is on the last few drops.  It has the same anti-aging benefits as the Super Blend-Pressed Serum Moisture Concentrate.  Filled with vitamin C, CoQ10 and the beloved antioxidant asthaxanthin.  This serum doesn’t mess around and truly delivers!  Great for even the most sensitive skin types.  I even use it under my eyes and it works.  Say goodbye to dark circles.  Guys, this stuff is the real deal.  It has a slight pinkish color which actually gives your skin a glow-I love it!

Hynt Beauty-

  • Eye Brow Cream- Can you say favorite eyebrow filler?  Well, I just did.  This is hands down my favorite eyebrow definer I’ve used.  Why?  Well, first the ingredients are awesome and it doesn’t have any fillers like dimethicone which is in a similar brand I used to use.  It doesn’t go on super heavy either.  So many cream eyebrow fillers can have you looking like Cleopatra but not this one.  I always get an even natural look.  I have the color Espresso-the perfect color for dark brown eyebrows.  It also works great as a cream liner!!  I line my eyes with it and then will add a little dark brown shadow over the top to set it-perfection.  I can’t say enough about it!  Plus, it’s actually pretty budget friendly compared to others on the market.
  • Nocturne Mascara- This is my favorite mascara-my go too!  If you’ve followed me long enough, you know I’m obsessed!  In fact, I need to order some more-almost out.  It gives my lashes volume, separation and length-what more do you want?  It’s the holy grail of green beauty mascaras in my opinion.  Doesn’t clump but lifts my lashes.  I get the dramatic lashes I used to get from mainstream brands, but could never quite get from green beauty formulas.  I love the brush too!  I know mascara can be such a personal pick but for me this is it.

True Botanicals-

  • Shampoo and Conditioner- If you’ve thought that no natural shampoo and conditioner will work for your hair, think again.  The shampoo suds up like a mainstream shampoo, but without the harsh chemicals.  The conditioner doesn’t leave that greasy oil residue…you know that feeling I’m talking about!  Need, I say more?  Not really, but I will because I just can’t help myself!  It smells insanely good, fresh like everything they make does.  They also come in recyclable metal bottle pumps, that literally look so luxe in the shower.  I promise you won’t be disappointed, this stuff is amazing and worth every penny, and that says a lot coming from a stylist.

Max and Me-

  • Circle of Protection- It’s a body oil, but it’s hard to even call it “just” a body oil.  It really is something so much more.  The ingredients include some of the best organic oils.  From argan, rosehip, marula and magnolia, just to name a few.  The oil is thicker in consistency but not greasy feeling at all.  It goes on smooth and doesn’t leave a weird residue.  Your skin feels perfectly hydrated and not wet feeling.  I have to tell you about the smell-so wonderful!  With notes of jasmine, geranium, and rose that literally awaken your senses and uplift you.  It isn’t a strong smell at all.  I can lightly smell it throughout the day, which I love. I apply mine after the shower once I’ve towel dried off.  My pores in my skin are open from the warm shower and they drink in this beautiful oil.  Suffice to say I can’t get enough!


  • Mermaid Mask- This mask is seriously so good.  I was out of it for several months(shame on me) and the first time using it again I promised to never be without it again!  This green goodness makes me happy every time I put it on.  Many people ask what mask they should buy when transitioning to green beauty and this is it!  I promise you will love it and thank me.  Her mask is a little piece of heaven.  With ingredients like Chlorella, sea buckthorn, spirulina and raw honey, this mask is pure decadence.  A lot of masks moisturize after wearing, but you don’t notice a visible difference to the naked eye.  Not the case with the Mermaid Mask, you’ll be glowing!  It smells so insanely good too.  You’ll be tempted to eat it.  Also, the price point for this mask is crazy awesome…$32!  A serious steal!  This mask is great for everyone.  Acne skin, pre-mature, congestion, dryness and redness.  Oh and P.S. when you buy it you must know that there is this thing called Mermaid Mask Monday on social media where all the mermaids come out and wear their mask-so you best show up!

These products speak for themselves!  Follow along on my Instagram this week for all the giveaways!  See any faves?

Current Green Beauty Obsessions

Current Green Beauty Obsessions

Ok, it’s no secret I try a lot of product-like a ton.  So when I write a blog post dedicated to my current Green Beauty Obsessions you can bet that these are some stellar products.  I recently came across a lot of product faves and couldn’t wait to share them with you.  Everything from a new deodorant, highlighter and lots more-keep reading to find out all the juicy deets and what makes the cut for my Current Green Beauty Obsessions!

Maya Chia Highlight of The Day in After Hours-

So you guys know I love anything Maya Chia.  Slightly obsessed with this brand and so naturally it made it into my current green beauty obsessions.  When it comes to products, they just create the best formulations!  I love their highlighters in Happy Hour and Golden Hour, so I was all ears when I heard they were coming out with a highlighter called After Hours in a Bronze hue-sign me up!  Well, it didn’t disappoint.  In fact, I love it!  Unlike the highlighters in Golden Hour and Happy Hour, this gives a very natural look.  It’s like you’re face is just glowing all on it’s own. You can fool everyone!  It’s my new secret weapon to get a serious glow.  I love mixing it with a liquid foundation for an overall glow or just applying it on top of my foundation for a more subtle look.  Either way it’s just all around gorgeous!  I’m convinced it will virtually go with anyone’s skin tone.  If you’ve been on the fence about a highlighter, then this one’s for you!  You all need this-trust me. Check it out here!

Highlight of The Day Body Illuminating Serum-

I was equally excited when I saw that Maya Chia came out with a Body Highlighter!  I mean what says summer better than an illuminating body highlighter?!  I’m all over it.  This isn’t your teenager’s shimmering body illuminator but a sophisticated twist on the whole idea.  First off the scent is incredible.  With notes of neroli and orange-I’m instantly taken away to a warm happy place.  Second, the formula is amazing.  The illuminator is suspended in the oil so seamlessly.  You get a transparent glow-no greasiness.  Third it lasts-like all day.  Is it weird I kept checking my neck and shoulders the whole day-because I definitely was!  I’ll be sporting this illuminator all summer long- ok let’s be real, probably longer.  Snag your bottle here! 

Agent Nateur Holi (Rose)N4 Deodorant-

Let it be known, this is a current green beauty obsession in every sense of the word!  All my green beauty blogger friends were raving about this deodorant for the longest time- so I knew I had to try it.  My blogger friend Janny from Janny Organically sent me some and it was game over, in a good way!  The formula is so creamy and smooth.  It literally glides on so easy.  The smell is amazing too.  Not your grandma’s rose scent but a chic 21st century rose scent.  I wore it the first day and was expecting to start smelling towards the end of the day.  Typically that’s what happens…but nope, not with this one!  I was smell free and could still smell the rose.  I know crazy.  Then I tested it working out.  I came how after my workout smelling decent still.  I kept testing it, thinking something had to give.  But no, this stuff is just gold!  I’ve had no irritation at all too.  If you’ve been searching for a natural deodorant and haven’t found one yet, this could be your golden ticket to happy underarms again-for real!  I’m not the only one’s that’s thought this-everyone I know that’s tried it says the same thing.  Proof is in the pudding!  Grab your Holi (Rose)N4 Deodorant here!

Live Botanical Fleur de Terre Skin Repair Balm & Aer Hyaluronic Serum-

I discovered Live Botanical at IBE and I’m so glad I did! The owner Carolyn, an herbalist, is serious about her creations and knows her stuff.  You could tell by talking to her how passionate she is about the whole process!  The products are organic, non-gmo, ethically wild-harvested, local, sustainable and fair trade.  She really goes the extra mile.  She uses glass packaging too-something that I swoon over.  Don’t even get me started on price!  These products not only are clean and perform but they’re budget friendly!

I had the pleasure of trying out two of her products.  The Fleur de Terre Skin Repair Balm and the Aer Hyaluronic Acid Serum.  First the Skin Repair Balm is such an amazing multi-use product.  I’ve used it as a cleansing balm, hydrator and to help heal and relive pain from a burn.  One of the ingredients I love in the balm is yarrow-a powerful anti-inflammatory.  As a cleansing balm it removes all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and supple.  I wake up with perfectly moisturized skin.  I put it on a hot water burn and it instantly took away the throbbing pain.  I’m wondering what this little jar can’t do?! Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 15% off! Snag yours here!

I also tried the Aer Hyaluronic Serum and was so excited after the first use!  It’s unlike any product I’ve used.  I apply it after toning and press it on my face.  It leaves your skin feeling a bit wet but then it absorbs and fills in lines and evens out your whole complexion.  I apply my moisturizer/oil after and then my makeup and love the end result.  My skin is dewy and moist the whole day and doesn’t look haggard.  Am I making sense?  The first ingredient is aloe, which I’m all about-it replenishes the skin and plumps it up.  You guys need this-it’s fantastic and a staple in my makeup routine! Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 15% off!  Get yours here! 

Whole Body Apothecary Handmade Soap-

I also discovered this brand at IBE and I’ve been hooked on their handmade Spearmint bar soap since!  It smells so good!  It wakes me up in the morning in the shower.  Not too mention how pretty their soaps are.  Instead of dyes or chemicals to color their soaps they use things like natural spinach leaves-pretty cool!  The ingredients are on point, they smell insanely good and they suds up!  I mean what more do you want?  My hubs is even obsessed.  I may need to start hiding my soap.  They have a ton more scents if Spearmint isn’t your thing.  Grab yours here!

Crunchi Vegan Flat Top Foundation Brush-

Another current green beauty obsession-Crunchi’s Vegan Flat Top Foundation Brush.  I know, how could one person be obsessed with a brush?!  Well guys I am!  I never knew a makeup brush could be so special but then I met Crunchi’s Vegan Flat Top Foundation Brush and my life changed.  The brush is so soft and feels like butter on your skin.  It is perfect for foundation application-perfect I say!  I get such an even and smooth look using it.  I can even get under my eyes with the brush.  I find myself reaching for it for everything-from bronzer, blush and translucent powder.  It’s such a great multi-use brush.  Get it and thank me later! Grab it here! 

Eat Pretty Every Day by, Jolene Hart-

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jolene Hart for my podcast, a green beauty guru and someone I’ve always admired.  You can check it out here.  I had read her first two books, Eat Pretty and Eat Pretty, Live Well and loved them both.  If you haven’t had a chance to read them I highly recommend you do.  They really open your eyes to how our nutrition is directly connected to beauty.

She was so sweet to send me her most recent book that came out called Eat Pretty Every Day.  It’s filled with daily inspirations for every day of the year-yes all 365 days!  It’s all about nourishing beauty, inside and out.  I love the smaller size of the book, great for travel.  I have so enjoyed reading a page everyday.  They are so many nuggets in the book that serve as reminders to nourish your body.  What’s great about the book is you can virtually start whenever you get it.  It doesn’t have to be in January.  It’s written by seasons.  So for example, since it was spring when I received the book, that’s where I started.  It pairs so well with what’s happening in the environment-I love that aspect.  It’s packed full of nutrition tips, recipes, quotes and so much more.  I like to think of it as my daily wellness reboot.  It helps to set my intentions for the day and remind myself to listen to my body.  Sometimes I find myself reading ahead because I can’t get enough!  Trust me, you guys will love this book!  Get your Eat Pretty Every Day book!

Well that sums up my current green beauty obsessions!  See any faves??

Maya Chia Review-Natural Skincare at it’s Best

Maya Chia Review-Natural Skincare at it’s Best

So I’ve been on the edge of my seat to finally share my Maya Chia review with you guys!  If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen me post about Maya Chia and talk non-stop about them on my stories.  I’ve refrained myself from sharing too much on the newest products I’ve tried because I didn’t want to give away all the juicy deets!  I was first introduced to Maya Chia through my Beauty Heroes Box in January.  I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried them until then.  Shame on me I know.

What makes Maya Chia SO special??  I thought you would never ask!  Well, so many reasons.  They’re just really good skincare for starters, but there’s so many other things that set them apart.  The all star ingredient in Maya Chia is the supercritical chia oil.  Not only is chia oil heralded for it’s fast absorbing ability, but also for it’s antioxidants, minerals, and omega’s-a skin’s dream team!  You can say bye to fine lines and wrinkles.  Plus, it has clinically been proven to increase hydration.  This is a quote taken from Maya Chia’s site on chia seed and antioxidants-

The Nutritional Science Research Institute tested the nutritional value of chia seed and said it contains “the highest amount of antioxidants we have ever measured” and cited chia as one of the most powerful whole food antioxidants we know.

All I have to say is give me all the chia seeds!  Not only does Maya Chia use this all star ingredient throughout their whole line, but they have a patent on a specific extraction process called the supercritical extraction.  The extraction process creates the purest oil that resembles chia oil in it’s original state, because no solvents, or oxygen are used. You can be sure the chia oil is free of chemicals and of the highest quality.  I mean does it get any better?!  I love the analogy Maya Chia uses on their website to distinguish between other chia oils on the market.  They used the example of wine and how wines differ based on region, when the grapes are picked, how wine is processed-so many factors.  Same with chia oil.  All those variations that go into making chia oil make a big difference in the quality of oil you get in the end.  Not to mention their products are organic or wild crafted-only the best!

I love hearing how a brand gets started and Maya Chia has quite a story.  The founder Suzanne Norwitz went from the corporate ladder to pursue her passion in creating the best quality skincare.  She was also interested in the Mayan people, that began with her father.  He is a surgeon and would go to Guatemala to operate on Mayan’s with clef lip palates.  She even has two step children now that were both born in Guatemala.  Her love for the culture grew and she discovered the power of chia in the Mayan culture.  Thus, Maya Chia was born!

Ok, I could go on and on but you might stop reading, so let’s cut to the chase.  Keep reading to hear why I can’t get enough of this amazing skincare line!

The Great Cleanse-

This cleanser is so good.  First of all the packaging-on point.  Dark glass pump bottle, preserves every last drop.  It’s an oil cleanser.  So you apply it on dry skin and rub in circular motions all over.  It removes all my makeup effortlessly-yes even the stubborn eye makeup.  When I’m ready to rinse it off I apply the slightest amount of water and rub it over my face.  It really helps to break up anything lingering.  It has the slightest emulsification when adding the water-which I love!  Then I rinse with warm water and it comes off easily.  A lot of oil cleansers you have to really rub off with a washcloth to get the product off but not with this cleanser.  It’s so nice to have it come off so easy.  My skin feels perfectly balanced after cleansing-not too dry or oily.  I’m obsessed with this cleanser!  Did I mention it smells amazing?  Hints of lavender and chamomile pair together beautifully.  And yes, the supercritical chia oil is the first ingredient!  Plus, this cleanser is only $38-a serious steal for luxe skincare.  If you’ve been searching for the IT cleanser-then you just found it. Get it here and thank me later!

The Super Blend- Pressed Serum Moisture Concentrate-

Another winner that must be talked about in my Maya Chia review-I know this might start to sound repetitive.  This Pressed Serum is just all around delightful.  Although it is a serum it feels more like a balm to me.  A lot of people often ask why use a balm.  Oh so many reasons!  Balms are especially great for in the winter when skin needs extra protection from the elements.  This product in particular is an anti-aging powerhouse with ingredients like asthaxanthin- a power house antioxidant, Vitamin C and CoQ10.  These ingredients work together to give your skin a radiance.  Seriously, give this product a couple weeks and you will see what I’m talking about.  My skin felt so even, smooth and soft.  Many balms can make your skin feel dry in the morning but not this one.  My skin felt so hydrated and not greasy.  A little goes a long way with this baby too.  And the smell…ahhh SO amazing!  You’ll seriously want to inhale-be warned.   I applied this in upward strokes at night after cleansing and toning.  I didn’t need an additional moisturizer and my skin tends to be dry.  I especially loved using this when I was sick around my nose.  No raw, red nose because it was so protected using this.  Again another product that I can’t recommend enough!  Snag your Super Blend- Pressed Serum here!

The Super Couple-

Ok, so this is the serum that started my infatuation with Maya Chia!  I did a whole YouTube video on this product.  You can watch it here.  So why all the fuss?  Well, for starters it melts right into your skin.   No oily residue at all.  Perfect for at night, and during the day before makeup.  It evens my skin tone out and my skin never looked better-I know big statement but it’s true.  I have this one spot on my left cheek side and it has some hyper pigmentation and it faded quite a bit after I had been using Maya Chia.  My skin looked less red and just overall smooth.  Trust me when I say I get a lot of product to sample as a beauty blogger, so when I actually go through a product it’s a big deal.  This serum is on the last few drops.  It has the same anti-aging benefits as the Super Blend-Pressed Serum Moisture Concentrate.  Filled with vitamin C, CoQ10 and the beloved antioxidant asthaxanthin.  This serum doesn’t mess around and truly delivers!  Great for even the most sensitive skin types.  I even use it under my eyes and it works.  Say goodbye to dark circles.  Guys, this stuff is the real deal.  It has a slight pinkish color which actually gives your skin a glow-I love it!  If you’ve been looking for an anti-aging serum that delivers then look no more-Grab your bottle here! 

The Pure Supercritical Omega-3 Chia Oil-

So I tried this oil after trying The Super Couple.  I had lower expectations- is that wrong?  I mean I was so impressed with The Super Couple.  But I must admit this serum, completely amazing too.  It’s heavier feeling and more moisturizing than The Super Couple Serum.  Especially great for those with dry skin that can’t quite get hydrated.  It also works amazing on fine lines.  Although it is heavier, it still absorbs so well.  Your skin feels plump and soft.  Even a dry patch around my nose didn’t stand a chance with this oil.  It calmed even my normal redness around my t-zone I get.  A rich, extremely hydrating oil, that absorbs quickly, doesn’t feel greasy, and makes you look younger…what are you waiting for?!  This is great for even the most sensitive skin.  Get your Pure Supercritical Omega-3 Chia Oil here! 

The Highlight of The Day-

My Maya Chia review wouldn’t be complete without talking about these little guys!  Where do I start?!  I’ve fallen hard for them.  So what is The Highlight of The Day?  It is this bottle filled with liquid radiance- I know sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.  It comes in two shades.  Golden hour- a golden, warm champagne radiance and Happy Hour- a cool pink toned radiance.  You apply it really however you want!  I love applying mine on my upper cheek bone, bridge of my nose, in the upper middle section of my brows, cupid’s bow, and middle of chin.  All the normal places you would use a traditional highlighter.  You can even apply it on the inner corners of your eyes to wake them up.  You can apply it over your foundation or mix it with your foundation or just where it by itself.  I’ve done them all, and love the effect it gives.  You literally look like your lit from within.  I have both shades and equally love how they both look.  As a mom, these have been serious game changers!  I look more awake and they last.  I can’t wait to mix them in my body oil in the summer for an all over body glow! Below you’ll find a photo of me wearing Happy Hour.  If you can’t decide which to get, just get both here! 

The Revitalizer, Beautifying Supercritical Body Oil-

This body oil smells heavenly.  I apply it right after the shower and it soaks right into my skin.  The moisture lasts too!  My skin feels hydrated throughout the day.  Did I mention the packaging?  Dark glass pump bottle-swoon worthy.  I’ve been using this non-stop and can’t get enough. I love how I smell afterwards, a mixture of rose and neroli, but not strong at all.  You can grab your bottle here!

Supercritical Chia Waterless Wonder Balm-

Ok, last product!  This balm I got in my Beauty Heroes box as the sidekick.  It was a special edition scent for Beauty Heroes.  The balm itself is definitely a wonder.  I couldn’t get enough.  From my dry hands, feet, even my elbows, this balm seals in all the moisture.  No greasy residue is left behind.  My skin feels so hydrated, but the kind of hydration where you aren’t grabbing for the next moisturizing product.  This is all you need.  If you haven’t found anything that will give you that moisture you crave, then do yourself a favor and grab this balm-your skin will thank you! 

Ok, so that concludes my Maya Chia review.  They have seven products and I’ve tried them all- I know obsessive.  But guys, honestly they are all stand outs and serious winners!  I don’t often devote whole reviews to lines but when they’re this good I can’t not share.  If you have any questions on any of the products, leave them in the comments- would love to help you!  This is one skincare line that is here to stay!

Have you used Maya Chia-what’s your favorite product?

Top Natural Face Moisturizers

Top Natural Face Moisturizers

So winter is clearly in full force-at least up here in Seattle and my skin is feeling it.  It always get extra parched this time of year and I tend to find myself searching for some extra face cream or lotion to apply on top of my usual oils.  Creams and lotions do a great job of shielding your skin from the elements and are the perfect product to apply after an oil.  I’ve had a lot of recent questions about which face creams/lotions I would recommend specifically, so I thought I would just do a green beauty round up of my faves.  Some are recent faves and others I’ve been using for a while.  There is something for everyone and every budget.  Keep reading to find your perfect match!

Leahlani Bless Beauty Balm

Bless the beauty balm, where do I start with this one?  Dry skin stands no chance with this baby!  It’s full of organic shea and cocoa butters, as well as cold pressed oils.  It melts right into your skin and leaves behind a beautiful smell of blue tansy and orange blossom and no oily residue.  My skin feels so hydrated!  The perfect companion for dry weather in winter, and in the summer when you’ve spent too much time in the sun.  You only need a little dab for the whole face.  I also love that though it is a balm, it doesn’t feel heavy at all.  I even wear this during the day under makeup and it is great!  Also, I love mixing this with the Kokoleka mask from Leahlani for the ultimate luxe treat. $48 Buy it here!

Kahina Giving Beauty Night Cream

This was the first product I’ve tried from Kahina and it got me hooked.  There’s so many things I like about their night cream.  From the consistency and texture, to the way it sits on my skin.  It just checks all the boxes.  The smell is so mild and refreshing too.  I’m not into super potent smelling skincare, and I think that’s one of the reasons Kahina has always stood out to me.  Their scent is mild and light.  The night cream melts right into my skin and leaves behind no greasy residue.  I love waking up the next morning.  My skin looks even, supple and calm.  This is a must if you have dry skin.  I apply this after my serums.  I even got my mom hooked.  $105 Buy it here!

Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream-

I recently discovered this cream a couple months ago and have been loving it.  It’s one of Ursa Major’s newest products.  I love Ursa Major’s simplistic approach to skincare.  All their products can be used for both men and woman, smell so mild, and work!  Their Golden Hour Recovery Cream is no exception. This has been the perfect moisturizer to add on top of my oils in the morning and at night for a little extra hydration.  I even used this when we were up in the mountains sledding for the day and it kept my skin feeling so hydrated and protected.  Not only does this cream moisturize but also provide great anti-aging benefits with it’s naturally rich antioxidants.  It seeps into my skin so well, and doesn’t feel greasy.  My hubs has been stealing this from me too-that means it’s good people!  He can be pickier than me at times.  What’s even better is the price tag on this cream, $48!  A steal for a green beauty cream that works and is full of great ingredients! $48 Buy it here!

WELEDA Sensitive Skin Facial Cream-

I discovered this cream five years ago and I still go back to it.  It’s hydrating, gentle on even the most sensitive of skin, fragrance free and so easy to find!  Not to mention easy on the budget.  You can find this at most health food stores as well as Whole Foods.  It comes in a tube form too, which is nice for travel.  It’s heavier than a facial lotion but not quite as thick as a standard night cream.  A great in between facial hydrator for those needing a little more than a facial lotion, but don’t quite want to venture to a full blown cream.  My skin feels so smooth and makeup application is a breeze! $24.50 Buy it here!

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TRUE All You Need Is Me

This is a balm and not a cream.  People often ask what I would recommend if they are used to using a Vaseline product like petroleum jelly(which btw is toxic) and this is the product I suggest.  Not only is it super hydrating and thick but it will protect your skin from some serious elements-especially wind.  With only a handful of ingredients, it’s great for those with sensitive skin that might easily irritate.  It’s even good for relieving minor sunburns.  Put it anywhere you need a little moisture or protection.  I like to use this when I’m in extremely cold climates, and around my nose area in the winter. $35 Buy it here!

OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream

This is a lighter cream and more of a lotion.  A great option for those still wanting something after they apply their oils, but not wanting a super thick cream.  Especially great for your morning routine and before makeup application.  It has a really light fresh smell and moisturizes but isn’t heavy or greasy feeling.  It instantly settles into the skin and leaves just an overall smooth feel.  It uses seaweed and dermal proteins to protect against pollutants and free radicals in the air.  It’s one of those lotions that I’ve found myself reaching for again and again. $48 Buy it here!

Kahina Giving Beauty Facial Lotion-

I was excited to try out their facial lotion after loving the night cream.  Plus, I’ve had fellow bloggers rave about it too.  Well, they were right!  It’s the perfect day time lotion before makeup application.  It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, but settles nicely into the skin.  I even applied this after the argan oil at night for a little extra moisture.  It’s not as heavy as the night cream, but hydrating enough for me during the day.  As much as I love oils, I must admit it’s nice to have a good facial lotion.  Especially one that sits so well under makeup.  Wear it by itself or over an oil for even more hydration. $68 Buy it here!

Osmia Purely Simple Facial Cream-

With aloe as the first ingredient, they really keep true to the name on this and keep the ingredients simple.  Just pure ingredients that do the job.  It isn’t a super heavy moisturizer, but not so light that you need to keep applying.  I would apply this before my makeup and it was perfection.  It gave my skin a nice polished look before I applied my foundation, but it wasn’t greasy at all.  Also, a great option for those with perioral dermatitis, as the ingredients are basic and there is a very small amount of oils in it.  This would be great for teen girls just getting into skincare, and the beauty novice who thinks they’ve tried it all. $60 Buy it here!

Kari Gran Three Sixty Five SPF 28 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen-

Yes, you can wear this 365 days a year!  A great sunscreen lotion year round.  This stuff feels like silk on the skin.  It is perfect before applying your makeup.  My foundation literally glides on.  It really acts like a primer as well.  Filling in lines and creating an even surface.  I was so excited when I heard they were coming out with a sunscreen, and couldn’t be more thrilled with the results!  I’m in love with the ingredients too.  Non-nano zinc oxide, with non-gmo red raspberry seed oil are the sun protectants and there is only a handful of ingredients after that.  I couldn’t be more excited to finally find a sunscreen with such quality ingredients and performance! A great option for those wanting a lighter lotion that has sunscreen in it too. $48 Buy it here!

That sums up my green beauty moisturizer top picks!  See any faves?  What are you loving?

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