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Glowing Beet’s March Box Review

Hey, happy spring!!  It feels so good to say that!  Winter is hopefully almost gone and spring is in the air.  Well this month’s Glowing Beet’s box gave me a little taste of spring with a lipstick from FitGlow…


7 Healthy Habits (Part 2)

In this podcast, Dr. Matt and I are discussing 7 healthy habits to adopt for a healthier you.  They may sound simple, but these 7 healthy habits can quickly change your health if implemented.  This is the second part…

Product Reviews

Zuii Makeup Review

Zuii Makeup was so generous to send me a sampling of their goodies.  If you’re not familiar with the line, allow me to introduce you.  Zuii Makeup is an Australian all natural makeup company.  Even though they are made in…