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Interview with a Midwife

So excited to share this podcast interview with you guys!  I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Michele Sayball.  Dr. Michele is not only a naturopathic doctor but also a midwife.  Having had two babies at home with a…


All About Vaccines

I’m so excited to share this podcast interview I did with Dr. Ben Lynch on vaccines!  This is a hot topic these days and something I often get asked to discuss.  Dr. Lynch has experienced the effects of vaccines…


Post Baby Care-Interview with Dr. Brighten Part 2

So excited to share part two of my interview with Dr. Brighten!  If you missed part one, be sure to give it a listen here.  Dr. Brighten is a Functional Medicine Naturopathic Doctor, entrepreneur, best selling author, speaker and mother.  I…



In this podcast, Dr. Matt and I discuss the importance of sleep.  We cover why getting sleep is so important for a healthy body, tips on falling asleep and staying asleep, and why tucking yourself in before 11 pm…