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Interview with a Midwife

So excited to share this podcast interview with you guys!  I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Michele Sayball.  Dr. Michele is not only a naturopathic doctor but also a midwife.  Having had two babies at home with a…


Post Baby Care-Interview with Dr. Brighten Part 2

So excited to share part two of my interview with Dr. Brighten!  If you missed part one, be sure to give it a listen here.  Dr. Brighten is a Functional Medicine Naturopathic Doctor, entrepreneur, best selling author, speaker and mother.  I…


Gracie’s Home Birth Story

So excited to finally be sharing Gracie’s home birth story with you guys.  It’s been three weeks since the little nugget came into the world.  She is just the sweetest babe.  A good sleeper…so thankful!  She’s still a newborn…


Natural Pregnancy Tips

If you haven’t heard I’m prego!!  Ok, you probably have.  I’ve been asked about so many different things since becoming pregnant.  Being pregnant the second time around is a lot different too.  I feel so much more relaxed.  I…