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Green Beauty Foundation Guide

My green beauty foundation guide is officially complete…at least until I try another foundation that I like!  I’ve tried a ton of foundations since going green 7 years ago and I’ve narrowed it down to the products that performed.  After all you shouldn’t have to sacrifice a good foundation when transitioning to green beauty. I really wanted to give you guys all the tools to make the best decision when choosing a foundation.  I broke it down into easy to…

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Product Reviews

Gressa Skin Review

I had heard so many rave reviews about GRESSA skin, I couldn’t wait to try them out!  They are known for creating luminous glowing skin.  Not only do they carry skincare, but makeup as well.  Their skincare line offers products for a variety of skin types.  From sensitive, normal, acne, and even anti-aging.  The makeup line also offers a foundation, lip boost, bronzer, highlighter and even a cheek tint.  With ingredients that will make you swoon in each product!  They…

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