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A Green Lifestyle Christmas List

Ok, so most of you know I created a Green Beauty Christmas Guide.  I did one last year and it was a big hit, so I had created another one just like it this year too.  It gives you all the latest on the deals that are happening, coupon codes and what I love from each online retailer.  It’s such a great resource if I do say so myself! If you haven’t downloaded one, be sure too here. However, I’ve…

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Top Natural Baby Bath Products

Ok, so by now most of you have heard all about Johnson and Johnson’s ruling, and the negative impact of their products.  After the ruling, I got an influx of e-mails asking for my favorite bath products for baby.  I realized a lot of times people just have no idea what to buy!  They know what they’re using is bad, but don’t have the time to research a better option.  I totally get it being a mom myself.  You want…

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