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Interview with a Midwife

So excited to share this podcast interview with you guys!  I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Michele Sayball.  Dr. Michele is not only a naturopathic doctor but also a midwife.  Having had two babies at home with a…



In this podcast, Dr. Matt and I are discussing anxiety.  So many people suffer with anxiety.  Sadly many people can feel alone.  But you don’t have too.  Having struggled with anxiety myself, I share my story and what helped…


Winter Wellness

In this podcast, Dr. Matt and I are discussing Winter Wellness.  Throughout the winter it tends to be easier to get a cold, flu or some other sickness, but it doesn’t have to be.  Often times we’re pushed to…


5 Beauty Products That Could Be Killing You

In this episode I’m sharing my top five products that could be killing you.  It may sound extreme to you, but these five products most people use daily if not a couple times a day, and the toxic load…