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September Beauty Heroes Discovery: Skin Owl

September Beauty Heroes Discovery- Skin Owl!

September Beauty Heroes Discovery- Skin Owl is in the house!  As always, I’m so excited to get my Beauty Heroes Box each month.  This month we had the pleasure of trying out Skin Owl’s new Beauty Drops PM Maqui Berry.  We also got to sample their Beauty Whip Maqui Berry.  I couldn’t wait to test out both of them!  If you aren’t familiar with Beauty Heroes keep reading to find out why this beauty box takes the cake! Beauty Heroes…

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Skin Owl Review

I’ve long been a fan of Skin Owl.  Their Geranium Beauty Drops (I have a full review of them here) helped balance my skin when it was being wonky.  I love the simplicity of their products.  Not a long crazy list of ingredients, but just pure and simple ones that work.  Plus, all their stuff smells amazing!  Let me give you a brief description of how Skin Owl started. It began when the founder, Annie Tevelin, realized it was more about the ingredients…

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