Test Ribbon

I don't know what it looks like where you're currently living but from where I perch it's a little grey and dreary.  Spring must come I remind myself.  During this dreary season, I always make sure and wear some blush…voila, instant pick me up!  I feel everyone should wear a little blush, it just makes you look alive…even if you're just surviving winter on your morning cup of joe.

My current loves for blushes are all beautiful but all a bit different…thus the reason for 4.

RMS Beauty lip2cheek–  Ok, I absolutely love everything in their line…it's amazing, pure and wonderful and I could go on and on!  Anyways, their lip2cheek is truly a great product.  It has a creamy dreamy consistency and you only need a dab of it.  You can use your fingers, or sponge- I really like beauty blenders.  (Their website says to use a brush, to me the consistency doesn't allow for brush application).

It makes your skin look perky and dewy.  I love the ingredients in all of RMS products.  Ingredients like, coconut oil, shea butter and argan oil…all nourishing and non-toxic!  The bonus of the lip2cheek is not only can it be used on your cheeks but on your lips as well.  It gives your pout color but not as intense like a lipstick would.  I am currently crushing on Modest.  Check it out, it retails for $36.


Gabriel Cosmetics Blush in Apricot– I really love this powder blush all year round, especially if you are more olive or darker in complexion.  It's been my go to for a while now.  It gives a pop of color but doesn't cake on.  It stays put the whole day and lasts forever…no joke!  I've had mine for over a year…I know crazy!  It's a really great deal for those on a budget too, $18.35.  Again, no crazy ingredient list, just clean and green.


Jane Iredale PurePressed Blush in Cheekie– Jane Iredale is quite a heavy weight in natural makeup.   They're the first makeup line I really got my hands dirty in when I started transitioning to green beauty.  The PurePressed Blushes are a great powder blush alternative, especially if you're just transitioning to more natural cosmetics.  I always have their color Cheekie in my makeup bag, it's pretty much the quintessential classic “pink” blush color that looks good on just about everyone.  Their ingredients are few, literally 5 total, however they have a few others stated as “may contain.”  There is one ingredient listed dimethicone that can be a skin irritant for some people.  It's in the family of silicones and it helps products to glide on smoothly, however, it acts like a mask over your skin.  This can cause irritation because your skin is unable to breathe.  A great product nonetheless but if you have found your skin to be sensitive or easily irritated I may opt for a blush without dimethicone.  This bad boy retails for  $27.


W3ll People Universalist Luminous Multi-use Colorstick #1–   I had received a sample of the Luminous Stick in #1 and I fell in love with the color, the versatility and the consistency.  W3ll People really did a good thing when creating this product.  It not only gives you that dewy lit from within glow but also a beautiful color to boot.  A little goes a long way when applying.  It also can be used on your eyes and lips…can you say fabulous!  Not to mention their ingredients are amazing when it comes to pure and clean.  It retails for $33.


So there you have it, my top 4 current blush loves.  What blushes are you currently crushing on?