Test Ribbon

I don't know about you, but I just look better with a tan.  Truthfully, I think everyone does.  I used to love to “fake and bake”…I know, horrible- don't judge!  But no worries, I saw the light.  Now I'm kind of OCD when it comes to exposing my face, and decolletage to the sun.  I'm all about preserving my face from brown spots, and wrinkles, thank you.  However, it doesn't mean this girl doesn't like a little tan.  I used to love Banana Boat's sunless spray tanner…I know, I know, again don't judge!  That was a long time ago, like 9 years, I've come a ways since then.  Anyways, when I went green I was on the hunt to find a sunless tanner that not only worked, but didn't smell super funky.  I did find a product called Lavera that worked great for many years. (I even have a post on my blog about it).  However, they re-formulated it, and it just doesn't give me as much color as it used too (For those who are fair, it may still be a great product for you).  I was on the hunt for a new product…and I found it!

The Product-

Chocolate Sun Sunless Tanning Cream is the real deal when it comes to a self tanner that works and is toxic free.  Holla!  I was giddy when I got it in the mail and smelled it.  No gross sunless tanning smell, but a warm vanilla chocolate smell.  I wanted to douse myself from head to toe…so I did!  And boy did it not disappoint.


I always put my sunless tanner on in the morning after I shower and exfoliate.  Don't forget to exfoliate! It takes off all that dead skin, and gives you a nice even application.  Don't use anything with oil, because then your tan will be uneven.  Just a simple sugar/water scrub is perfect.  After showering and exfoliating, I put it on in even strokes, and wait about 10 minutes for it to dry before putting on my clothes.  Then I wait for the color to do it's magic.  I notice the color start to come through in about 4 hours.  By the end of the day I have a full on tan.  The tan will last for several days, as long as you don't exfoliate, (which you shouldn't be everyday anyways).  I usually re-apply mine every 4 days.  In the winter months, I don't always do my whole body, but just my face and decolletage.  My arms and legs tend to always be a bit darker anyways (I try and get a little vitamin D through the legs and arms).  Here are a couple before and after photos I took of me to see how amazing this stuff really is…(excuse the tired eyes, I have an 8 month old). 😉

Before- No Makeup, looking drab and white



After- Tan! This is after only one application



I love this stuff!  As I said above, this is after one application.  So if you want a deeper tan, just apply another coat.  I have the Chocolate Sun in dark but they have medium and light as well.  I'm more of an olive skin tone, and have some warmth in me already, so I went with the dark.  But if you tend to be on the lighter side, you may want to try the medium or light.

Do you guys use self tanners??  If so, what are your fave non-toxic ones?