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Plastic water bottles are everywhere you look these days.  A sad trend.  Yeah, sorry but that trend is over…actually it should have never started!  So why are plastic water bottles a no, no??  Plastic from the bottle leaches into the water and then you drink it…how much plastic have you drank?!  There have been studies that have found plastic remnants in women's breasts who have breast cancer…umm yikes!  Besides plastic water bottles being bad for humans to drink out of, they're also horrible for the environment.  They take up tons of landfills, and the plastic can then leach into our water streams.  Also, the cost of buying plastic water bottles is a lot heftier than just refilling your own water bottle.  So what's the solution to this plastic water bottle crisis???   Buy a re-usable glass or stainless steel water bottle, and never look back!  You'll be saving money, saving your health, and saving your environment…mmm sounds like a no brainer to me!

Over the years I've tried many different kinds of re-usable water bottles.  Some I liked, some I didn't.  I've narrowed the list down for you with my current favorites.

Ball 24 oz. Wide Mouth Mason Jar- 

I love this water bottle!  It's glass for starters, which is amazing, and it holds a good amount of water(24oz.).  I like how it says the cups and ounces on the side of the jar too.  It's also super easy to clean since it has a wide mouth.  I love the straw feature because it helps me drink more water I've found(the straw/lid combo is sold separately).  Finally, it fits perfectly in the console of my car, a huge perk!


Life factory Glass Bottle-

I've had this water bottle for several years.  Again, I love that it's glass.  However, what's nice about Lifefactory bottles is the silicone sleeve that they put around each bottle.  I've dropped mine numerous times and it's never broken!  I also like the wide mouth on this one for easy cleaning, and for sliced fruit or tea bags.  It's dishwasher safe as well.  I have an older model that doesn't have a straw, but the newer ones do, a huge perk!


Thermos Vacuum Insulated 18 oz. bottle-

This is an awesome water bottle for travel.  It's so easy to carry in my carry on when traveling, and I don't have to worry about it leaking or breaking, since it's not glass.  It also has a straw! Plus, it has a pop top that's easy to open where the straw pops up, so it's kept sanitary.  A definite bonus!  Fits in all cars and is great for taking to the gym.  A little harder to clean because the mouth isn't as wide, but if you buy a bottle brush it's no problem.



Starbucks Double Wall Traveler-

I wanted to include what I use for my hot beverages.  I was so excited when Starbucks came out with these this past winter.  Not only are they super stylish, but they're ceramic, perfect for hot drinks and non-toxic.  I love that even the lid is ceramic!  I use these for coffee, teas or any hot beverage.  It doesn't hold a lot, only 10 oz., but for me that's perfect.  A definite must buy!



There you have it, my go to re-usables for water bottles.  Just kick the plastic and snag one of these instead.  You'll be helping yourself and the environment, all while saving money!  What are your go to water bottles?