Test Ribbon

I don't know about you guys, but I'm all about saving time.  Oh and money, yes money for sure!  Especially being a mom now, time is a precious gift.  Having navigated the natural makeup world a bit, I've now come across some makeup multi-use products.  To my joy, these products not only work, but work for multiple areas of my face…can you say brilliant?!  For example, I may only have one product with me, but it will go on my cheeks, lips, and maybe even my eyelids.  Crazy cool huh?!  Little did I know how great this would be as I became a mom.  Plus, as I said it saves me money, because it's two for the price of one.

Well, enough babble here are my top three natural/green multi-use products that I love.

W3ll People Universalist Multi-Stick Matte & Luminous-


This is a great little product.  First it comes in a stick, so super easy application.  You can get it in matte or luminous, whatever suits your fancy.  I love both kinds.  The luminous is great for adding just a little glow, and the matte is great for when you want something a little more understated.  The formula is creamy but smooth, so it isn't goopy.  I love putting them on my cheeks for some cream blush, on my lips for a pop of color, and the more earthy brown tones on my eyes.  W3ll People literally describes this for the women who wants it all… and I think they hit the nail on the head!  At $34.50, these babies are worth every penny for their multi-tasking abilities.  My go too's are The Matte Stick in #5 Creamy Crimson, #7 in Creamy Peony, and Luminous Stick in #3 Berry Aubergine.

Vapour Organic Beauty Multi-Use Blush in Classic, Stain and Radiant-


Vapour Beauty is similar to W3ll People in that they both come in sticks, and they both have a matte and a luminous one.  However, Vapor also has a Stain Multi-Use Stick. Matte for Vapour Beauty is their Multi-Use stick in Classic.  They offer great pigment, but blend in so well, giving that natural look that we all crave.  They also have a Stain Multi-Use stick.  These also are great for those wanting something that looks super natural and can last all day long.  It also is a very buildable color.  Their third Multi-Use stick is Radiant, and it offers a color mixed with a highlighter.  For those who want a little glow with their color, this is your match.  Vapour has also won 7 awards…for this one product!  They are $36 and a huge must get product if you ask me.  My faves are Courtesan in the Classic Stick, Impulse in the Stain Stick and Mystic in the Radiant Stick.

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek-


This was the first multi-use natural product I tried, and it did not disappoint.  Everything RMS is wonderful, but with these you are getting 2 for the price of one.  Just like the name suggests, these can be applied on the cheeks and lips.  They come in a pot as opposed to a stick, are super moisturizing, and literally melt into your skin.  On my cheeks these look so natural, but I can also play up the drama by adding more pigment.  For my lips I love them because it doesn't dry them out if I don't have lip balm, and they don't look glossy, or really matte like a lipstick…they just kind of sit in the middle between the two, and do their own thing.  I'm a huge fan!  They last forever too, since they are highly pigmented, you barely need that much for each application.  At a cool $36, these are worth the investment.  I love the color Smile and Modest.

Have you guys tried any of these?  Do you have any multi-use products you love?  Leave me a comment, would love to hear about them!