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I’m so excited to be starting this new series with you guys called “Fitness Fridays”.  After having a baby a year ago…(crazy it’s been a year) I’ve just not felt like myself fitness wise.  When I was pregnant I was so sick, literally throwing up a week until I had my daughter.  Thankfully, I didn’t gain a ton of weight because I was so sick.  Instead, I actually lost it all, and weighed less than when I got pregnant.  Most people would be happy, but since I was inactive during pregnancy, due to all the nausea, I felt so weak.  I had lost all my muscle.  Two and a half months after having her, I started working out during the week with a group of moms in the morning.  It was a great workout in the beginning, but the last couple of months I’ve felt  I needed a little more of a challenge.  I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.  I really want something that doesn’t require a lot, doesn’t take a ton of time, and I can do at home…and I’ll notice results in 12 weeks.  Too much to ask??  I don’t think so!

So I talked with a personal trainer.  They ended up coming up with workouts I could do at home, and didn’t take an hour, but are still effective.  I was so excited! I knew I could easily do the workouts during my daughter’s nap time.  And let me tell you, these workouts have been kicking my butt in a good way… this mama is sore!  I like being sore though, let’s me know I’m pushing myself.  Oh and did I mention I’m a sweaty mess too??  The workouts have taken me anywhere from 15-29 minutes.

Along with working out, I’m working with a Naturopath Doctor with my diet.  Just eating clean, wholesome foods, and drinking lots of water.  No processed food!!  I know that in order to see the results I have to stay consistent with what food I’m putting in my body.  They always say abs are built in the kitchen, not in the gym!  That being said, I’m totally all about balance.  This weekend for example, is my daughter’s first birthday, and I plan on having a piece of cake…mind you it’s my my mom’s gluten free/organic goodness, not some junk from the grocery store!  Now, having one piece, and being done with it is one thing.  But sabotaging the rest of the weekend because you eat one piece of cake is another.  One thing I’m learning is moderation is key in almost all things in life.

Here are some tips that have helped me stay focused:

  • Keeping a food journal- This really is such an amazing accountability tool by itself.  When you have to write down what you’re eating it saves you from grazing all the time because you have to write it all down!  Plus it makes you aware of what you’re putting in your body and how much.
  • Write down your fitness goals- Whether you want to fit in a certain pair of jeans, run a 5k, or do a spin class without stopping…whatever it is write it down!  Once you have it written down put it somewhere where you’ll see it everyday.
  • Don’t compare yourself- Just don’t do it!  Everyone is on a different level in their fitness journey.  Be the best you, and you will find so much more joy and fulfillment than chasing someone else.  P.S. our bodies are all so different, so you’re not being fair to yourself anyways.

I’ll have more tips as I continue this journey, videos, and what I’m learning.  My goal is to share my heart, my ups and my downs.  Health is a lifelong journey, why not do it with others.  I always learn the most from when people tell their story.  So, here I am telling mine.  I”ll be sharing before and after pics with you…gosh, I’m feeling so brave!  Is there anything you guys want to hear more about in this area?  I’m an open book, and I can ask my trainer and doctor.

Do you guys struggle with fitness at all or sticking to a healthy lifestyle?  What are some things you do?  I would love to hear your feedback, leave me a comment!

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