Test Ribbon

I was recently sent some of Buddha Teas to review, and I was so excited to test them out!  What I love about their teas is they’re made from the finest ingredients.  All organic, fresh herbs, that have been unaltered.  They’re also so open with their practices, something that can be hard to find with other tea companies. Not to mention, their tea bags are bleach free, and their packaging is all eco-friendly as well.

I selected the Sleepy Temple Blend tea, and the Calendula tea.  Often at night my mind will be everywhere, and I was looking for something to ease me to sleep a bit.  The Calendula is great for skin, tummy, and calming as well.


Sleepy Temple has a very blended taste.  However, the licorice root really stood out to me, but in a good way.  I added a little almond milk to my tea, and let it steep for 15 minutes.  The creaminess of the almond milk paired quite well with this tea blend.  It really made me feel relaxed and calm.  I wasn’t dozing off because of it, but it really put me in a slumbered state.  I felt it was easier to turn my brain off, and go to sleep.

The Calendula tea was a nice tea in the morning and at night.  It’s more bitter tasting than the Sleepy Temple tea.  I added a few drops of liquid stevia to each cup.  I prefer this tea without any milk in it.  I let mine steep for 10 minutes.  It started to get bitter if I left it any longer than that.  Calendula is really good at relieving stomach pain or discomfort.  Many women have used it during their period.  I did have an upset stomach, and drank it, and I felt like it coated my stomach and put out the fire!

I would recommend both the Sleepy Temple Blend tea and the Calendula tea.  Drinking tea offers so many benefits, and can replace your morning coffee.  If those teas aren’t your jam, Buddha Teas has so many other varieties! From, black teas, to green teas, blends and herbal tea, they have it all.  Check out their website for more deets, and tips on how to brew the perfect cup!