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I was so excited when Kaia contacted me about reviewing their facial bamboo cleansing cloths.  Umm…yes please! I had heard amazing things about these little bamboo cloths, and I was ready to see for myself.

First off the cloths smell amazing!  With notes of tangerine, grapefruit and lime, they smell wonderful.  They come in this re-usable square container, easy to keep them staying fresh longer (been using mine for over a month and they’re still fresh).  They also come with little wooden tongs to pick up each bamboo cloth. No cross contamination here!  I loved using them after working out to remove sweat.  They were so easy to take with me.  I also loved them when I traveled!  The perfect all in one cleanser and makeup remover.  I didn’t have to worry about anything spilling out everywhere.  Oh and did I  mention they’re chockfull of vitamins B, C and E?  Can you say healthy, glowing skin!  My skin didn’t feel dry after using them, and I didn’t feel like I had a residue of product left from the cloths either.  A win/win! And of course these babies are toxic free!  I mean what more could you want??

I would definitely recommend these cloths for anyone who loves a less is more approach for a skincare routine.  Also, for traveling, or for a post gym cloth.  Get them, you won’t be disappointed!


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