Test Ribbon

I'm coming up on a trip this weekend, and I'm already packing up all my must have products.  Let's be honest, they usually don't have toxic free shampoo in the hotel, or lotion…I mean maybe one day (a girl can dream) but for now, I come prepared!  I thought I would share with you guys what are my essentials for travel.  After all, it's summer and it seems everyone is traveling about.


I love this little trial set.  Perfect for traveling with and it includes everything.  A shampoo and conditioner, plus body wash and body milk (lotion).  John Masters just started offering travel sizes for most of his products as well.  So if you aren't into the exact scents in the travel kit, you can just pick your favorites in a travel size instead.  Plus, once I've used up all that's in the bottle, I just refill it with one of my full size products.


Dr. Bronner's Liquid Travel Soap-

These little guys are great for travel.  For some reason I always run out of body wash, and so I've just started packing an extra bottle.  This stuff works because it doubles for baby too.  I even use this as a hand soap when I'm gone!


KaiA Naturals Juicy Bamboo Facial Cloths-

I love these cloths!  Knowing I don't have to pack a liquid cleanser that may spill is a godsend!  These take off all my makeup and cleanse my skin all at the same time.  Forget your makeup remover and cleanser and just get these!  (For a full review, click here)


Flight 001 Clear Carry- On Quart Bag-

This is pretty much the best thing ever!  It's a quart size clear bag, that's TSA approved for all your carry on liquids.  Instead of using plastic bags over and over each time you travel, just snag one of these and never buy a plastic bag again.  I mean so easy right?!


Contigo Purity Glass Water Bottle-

This is a great water bottle for travel.  I generally at home will use my mason jar with a straw, but that's not so good for travel.  The Contigo fits in car holders, and has a strap you can attach to your carry on.  Oh and it's glass!  I don't have to worry about spills because of the lid.  So many people end up buying water on vacations because they don't bring a water bottle.  Save money and the environment and just bring a water bottle to fill up!  I've found at most hotels they usually have a workout facility with a water cooler.


Thermos Foogo Stainless Steel Food Jar-

I started using this for my daughter, but have since adopted it for myself.  It keeps cold foods cold for 7 hours, and warm foods warm for 5 hours.  Most hotels have at least a mini fridge.  I'll stop by a store and grab some easy snacks like turkey, fruits or veggies and keep them in the food jar.  Saves money going to the store and I don't have to worry about the food spoiling while out and about.


Re-usable Snack and Sandwich bags-

These can be used for snacks, or even random travel things.  Anything that requires a plastic baggie, just swap it for one of these.  These are machine washable and easy to wipe down.  A definite no brainer!


There you have it, my current travel essentials!  What are some of your faves?  Leave me a comment!