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So July is Ice-cream month in case you weren't aware!  They actually have an actual ice-cream day too, it's the third Sunday in July.  Since it's the last day of “ice-cream month”, I thought I would indulge you guys in some of my top organic ice-cream picks.  After all, if you're going to have a treat, it might as well be made with pure ingredients and none of that garbage.

First, I wanted to share with you guys why I don't buy mainstream ice-cream, and to convince you to not buy it as well.  For starters, most conventional ice-creams aren't organic, which is a problem. If ice-cream isn't organic then it's made with milk from cows fed GMO corn, soy, hormones, and antibiotics.  Mmm…sounds like things you want in your ice-cream??  I didn't think so!  And that's just the milk it's made from.  This doesn't include the host of additives and chemicals they put in as well.  Things like diethyl glycol, a replacement they use instead of egg yolks…oh and they also use it in anti-freeze and paint removers.  Another one is piperonal, used in place of vanilla.  But they also use it to kill lice…mmm tasty.  I could literally go on…it's scary!  They are considering this food, but really it's just chemicals disguised as food.  Ice cream should only have a handful of ingredients.  Always check your ingredients and if you can't pronounce it, then you probably shouldn't buy it!

Here are some brands I love and trust.  I've got some for those who are dairy free, and those who just want the regular cow's milk ice-cream.



I love this brand of ice-cream made with coconut milk.  Not only is it super tasty but dairy-free.  A lot of times coconut ice-cream can seem hard, but this is creamy and delicious.  They have a ton of flavors but my favorite is Mint Galactica.  The perfect replacement for those who can't have regular mint chip ice-cream but want a treat.  Coconut Bliss is gluten free, Non-GMO, organic and Kosher.  You can get these at most health food stores, Whole Foods, and even conventional stores like Safeway or Vons.

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This is just your regular old cow milk ice-cream but organic of course.  They sell these also in smaller 8 oz. cups as well as pints.  They only use pure ingredients, and it just tastes like good ol' ice-cream.  They have 21 flavors total, so lots to choose from.  The ones with cookies do contain gluten.  However, there are a lot of options that don't.  Since I avoid gluten, my top flavors are the salted caramel and peanut butter chocolate… serious goodness!  They sell these at most health stores.  Whole Foods in particular.



I've tried a ton of alternative milk ice-creams in my day.  Unfortunately, a lot them just don't make the cut.  But Mr Dewies did!  It's creamy and delicious…the way ice-cream should be.  There aren't a ton of flavors, but they are constantly adding more all the time.  It is organic, gluten free, and soy free.  Not to mention, completely vegan.  There aren't any crazy additives or stabilizers either.  Just pure goodness.  If you can't have dairy, I highly recommend this as an alternative!  You can find Mr. Dewies at Whole Foods and various health food stores.  They have a location finder on their website.


365 Organic Ice Cream

This is just regular ice-cream again and it's delicious.  I love being able to get this for birthday parties or events when I'm serving a larger crowd and a pint isn't going to cut it.  It's great having a quart size, especially when the crowd prefers regular ice-cream over the non-dairy options.  This also is a steal compared to other organic ice-cream brands.  At $3.99 a quart, it's cheaper than buying an organic pint.  It may be cheaper, but they didn't sacrifice flavor when they made them.  The vanilla is my go too, and it tastes exactly how vanilla should taste.  They only have a couple flavors and nothing too fancy, but if you're wanting organic and don't want to pay the price, this is your ticket.  Find it at any Whole Foods.

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Homemade Ice-cream-


Lastly, you can just make your own delicious concoction!  I love making my own ice-cream.  For one it's so fresh and two, I know exactly what I put in it.  I use a lot of different recipes.  Since I try and avoid dairy for the most part, I usually end up making a coconut ice-cream.  I love the recipes for ice-cream from Spunky Coconut.  Also, PaleOMG has some awesome recipes for dairy free ice-creams as well.  If you want regular ice-cream, just follow any recipe you may have but use organic milk or cream, and use honey instead of white sugar.  It's amazing how tasty it is even with honey!

What are some of your favorite ice-cream brands?  Leave me a comment, would love to hear!