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I have searched long and hard for a gel liner that works and is of course green.  I was so excited when I found out Root Pretty carried one and here is the review.  Krista, the founder, sent me the gel liner as well as their Beauty Sleep Perfecting Serum and Pretty Balm.  All of Root products are gluten free and Vegan.  The products are formulated especially for sensitive skin and of course are free of any harsh chemicals, fillers or toxins.  They carry everything, from skincare products, makeup and body products.  If you follow them on Instagram, you’ve noticed they’re even working on making their own haircare line!  I have loved reading their blog as well.  It is a great resource for tips on how to apply their makeup, as well as celebrity looks.  Ok, I know you all want to hear about the product, so here ya go-

Beauty Sleep Perfecting Serum-

This serum is full of all the good stuff, and none of the toxic load typical in mainstream serums.  First off, the smell is divine!  Sometimes natural serums can smell fishy…haha, but this has a great citrus/fresh smell.  I love that it has only a handful of ingredients, all of which are pure and clean.  It melts into your skin and truly hydrates, but isn’t greasy at all!  My skin just feels balanced and moisturized.  I put it on at night and wake up to an even and balanced complexion.  This was the perfect oil to put on before makeup too.  It created a smooth canvas for my foundation.  My husband even commented on how good it smelled!  I love that Root offers two different sizes for the serum.  The first is .45 oz and is only $18, and the second is 1.9 oz. and is only $62.  Great deals for an anti-aging serum!


Pretty Balm-

I love this little balm!  I’m all about balms with a hint of color.  The great thing about the Pretty Balm is the color is totally build-able.  Swipe it on once for a sheer tint of color or several times for a more dramatic effect.  I was sent the color Gossip.  It’s the perfect pink shade.  It even has a glossy look when the light hits it.  This has been a staple in my makeup bag lately.  I love that I can have two different looks with it.  The Pretty Balm’s are organic and ingredients are top notch.  Oh, and they come in 8 pretty colors, I’m pretty sure I need them all!  Trust me, you all need this, it really is a must for every makeup bag.  $8


Pretty All Day Gel Liner-

Ok, I already wrote about this amazing little liner in my eyeliner post.  It’s seriously a must have item!  Here is my recent review:

I recently discovered Root’s gel eyeliner and haven’t looked back.  I had been browsing through their products and came across it.  I knew I had to try it!  A clean gel eyeliner…was God gifting me once again?!  Gel liners used to be my jam, well namely, MAC Gel pots…you know, the ones that glided on so effortlessly and stayed forever?  Well, my days with them were long gone and it was time to find a new gel eyeliner, and I certainly did.  Root’s not only goes on smoothly, but you can smudge it for the perfect smoky eye.  Once you apply, smudge away and then it drys.  It also works great in the water line-no irritation.  And the kicker?  It lasts!  I was so giddy when I looked in the mirror and it was still there.  This is especially great for those who have a hard time being as precise with a liquid liner.  I love setting mine with a little RMS translucent Un Powder.  Root didn’t just stop with an amazing eyeliner that lasts, but they also made it vegan and gluten free…just like all their products!  Oh and the ingredients are pure and organic.  Did I mention how big the container is…it will last you forever!  At $16, you should probably just buy one for your green beauty friend too.


These are just a few of Root’s Products.  Check out their website for all things green beauty!  Also, use code gurlgonegreen for free shipping on any Root order!


Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


  1. Erika Summers

    girl I just ordered this gel liner because of you!!

    • Suzi

      It’s seriously the only one I’ve found that doesn’t budge!


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