I was sent a hair wrap recently.  But not just any hair wrap, a Hubalou Clean Hair Wrap  made of bamboo fiber.  Can you say luxury?!  If you haven’t ever felt bamboo you need too, it’s so soft.  Hubalou started with the intent of making a hair wrap that not only dried your hair, but provided a bit of luxury at the same time.  There common phrase is, “Goodbye terrycloth, hello healthy hair.”  As a stylist, I’ve known terrycloth to pull hair and cause breakage…not a good recipe for healthy hair!

The wrap itself is so soft.  I really just love the whole idea of a wrap to begin with.  It keeps my hair out of my face while putting on my makeup and dries my hair faster…a win/win!  How does the bamboo make this wrap different?  I’m glad you asked!  Instead of pulling on your hair and leaving it feeling blah, it gives it fullness and a smoothness.  It dried it but not like the dry you get from air drying.  My hair had a great wave to it and not kinky but soft.  If you have curly hair, this would be perfect for you.  My hair isn’t even curly naturally and I love it.  You can even sleep with it on!  Allowing your hair to dry into a smooth style.  It cut my drying time in half, and somedays I didn’t even use a blowdryer because I felt I didn’t need one-my hair dried so nice in the wrap.  I wondered how my hair had more body without using the blowdryer (I have fine/thin hair) and I realized it was because you’re flipping your head over when you put on the wrap-so you have gravity lifting it and then the bamboo fibers keep the strands so smooth and defined.  Instant style!

I can’t not wear it now after washing my hair.  I just hang it on my towel rack and it dries easily for the next day.  They even give you instructions on how to put it on-makes it so easy.  Another awesome reason to love this company?  They give 10% of their profits to organizations that help support basic needs.  How cool is that?!  Trust me, you all need one of these!  Makes getting pretty hair so much easier!

For more info. check out their website here.  And since you all need one, I have a discount code for you!  Use code: SUZI for 20% off!  I was sent the Hubalou wrap in slate, but they have several other colors.  Have you guys used them?  Leave me a comment, I want to hear!

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