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I went to Denver last week and periscoped a video of my clean travel toiletry bag and what I bring with me in it.  Little did I know how interested everyone would be in it!  Haha, but seriously I've had a ton of questions since I scoped it and so I thought I would share the bag and some travel essentials I brought with me in it.  I mean a good travel bag is kind of a must have item when traveling!

Here is the bag I have-


It's the Travelon Mini Cosmetic Organizer/Travel Case I've had it for over 6 years and I love it!  It fits literally everything in it, from makeup, to skincare and everything in between.  One of the features I love about this travel bag, is that my taller bottles can stand upright in it-so there's no spillage!  It has three pouches like that, so you can fit hair bottles that are taller, and glass skincare bottles that you don't want to break.  It also has a few smaller pockets for all the knick knacks like floss and toothpaste.  Plus, it hangs easily too!  It even has two zipper pockets where I keep my makeup, so it doesn't spill out when I hang it, because I can just unzip the other end.  Oh and it has a comfy strap if carrying or a slit in the back to put over your suitcase.  Travelon has a website where you can find it here but it's also on Amazon for a bit cheaper here.

Here are “some” (not everything) essentials that I packed in it-

Kypris Antioxidant Dew- Review  here.

Kjaer Weis Foundation- Review here.

Zuii Organic Eyeshadows-Review coming soon.

Honest Beauty Lip Crayon- Review Here.

Dusty Girls Bronzer- Review here.

Honest Beauty Cream Blush-Review here.

Honest Beauty Luminizer- Review here.

Zuzu Liquid Eyeliner- Review here.

Honest Beauty Eyeliner- Review here.

W3ll People BioBrightening Stick- Review here.

Bonnie Lip gloss-Review coming soon.

Josh Rosebrook Hairspray-Review coming soon.

Josh Rosebrook Lift Spray- Review coming soon.

One Love Organics Dry Shampoo- Review Coming soon.

Kahina Brightening Serum-Review here.

Uncle Harry's Toothpaste- Review here.

WooBamboo Toothbrush-Review here.

Leahlani Skincare Mermaid Mask-Review here.

Leahlani Honey Love Microdermabrasion 3-1 Scrub-Review coming soon.

Aleavia Face Cleanser-Review here.

Uncle Harry's Sesame Oil-Review here.

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Spray-Review coming soon.


I also love bringing my at Blue Avocado Re-Zip Travel Quart  travel bag with me too.


It's perfect for throwing in my carryon with all my essentials for the plane.  Best of all it's clear, so easy to see everything in it, and re-usable, so no plastic baggies that get thrown away after one use.  It's made from an fda-grade peva film and it's pvc, lead and bpa free.  Oh and if you spill something it in it-no worries!  This bad boy is machine washable.  It retails for $6.99-I  mean come on peeps, this is a no-brainer, must buy travel bag!

Here are some of the products I like keeping in it-

EOS Hand Sanitizer Spray or Clean Well Spray– Because clean hands.

Zoe Organics Everything Balm-Cuz it works on everything 🙂

Kiss My Honey Lip Balm-Love the one in mint.

Couleur Caramel Mascara-Just in case I need a touch up.

Lillian Eve Cuticle Oil-Just recent got this and I'm obsessed.

Osmia Organics Vanilla Shea Hand Repair-Not greasy, just perfect.

Uncle Harry's Breath Spray-I mean does this need an explanation?

OHA Hydrating Spray-Plane air drys me out like nobodies business.

FitGlow Lipgloss– This stuff is legit, and smells amazing.

So there ya go!  What are some of your travel essentials or travel bags you love??  Please leave me a comment and let me know!

Trust me, I get it, switching products over can be expensive and mentally exhausting. But I’ve taken out the guesswork with my top 10 Best Budget Friendly Green Beauty Swaps!

Trust me, I get it, switching products over can be expensive and mentally exhausting. But I’ve taken out the guesswork with my top 10 Best Budget Friendly Green Beauty Swaps!

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