Gressa Skin Review

I had heard so many rave reviews about GRESSA skin, I couldn’t wait to try them out!  They are known for creating luminous glowing skin.  Not only do they carry skincare, but makeup as well.  Their skincare line offers products for a variety of skin types.  From sensitive, normal, acne, and even anti-aging.  The makeup line also offers a foundation, lip boost, bronzer, highlighter and even a cheek tint.  With ingredients that will make you swoon in each product!  They have a whole page on their website dedicated to explaining the main ingredients-which I love.  Svetlana is the creator of these masterpieces.  She came from a family who was involved in traditional herbalism-so creating pure products came naturally to her.  I love the quote on their website:

GRESSA was born out of desire to create something very special and worthy of a woman’s delicate skin. “

I believe Svetlana did just that.  I had the pleasure of trying out a few products from the collection, and I can say that they left me wanting more.  Here’s what I tried:

Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation-

I was probably most excited to try this foundation out.  I had seen it gracing so many faces, and it looked stunning.  It is different than any other foundation I’ve used.  It’s actually a facial serum and foundation in one.  It comes in a bottle with a dropper.  Not only are you putting on a great foundation everyday, but nutrient vitamins your skin will drink up.  The serum doesn’t feel oily like you might think.  But it feels similar to a really watered down, thin paint.  I applied a few drops onto my fingers, and applied it on my face-quite like I would a facial serum.  Once it came in contact with my skin it dried, and created this flawless finish.  It’s a matte finish but not dry looking.  The foundation covered redness, and gave my skin an overall pulled together look.  However, it looked like I wasn’t wearing anything-which I loved!  It gives you a polished look, but looks very natural.  Doesn’t every woman want that?  I felt my skin could breathe and I wasn’t wearing a mask.  I also, loved how it didn’t feel dry at all, and it looked just as good after a full day.  A little goes a long way too!  It didn’t cover a blemish I  had, but I just used my concealer on it, and it blended in great with the foundation.  If you’re looking for a foundation that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, then this is it.  $54


Minimalist Illuminating Serum-

This highlighter is an amazing little product.  Both the foundation and the highlighter coupled together create the perfect luminous glow.  It comes in a similar serum bottle like the foundation, and is a liquid as well.  It has more of a pearl translucent glow to it.  I applied this wear I normally apply my luminizers.  On the bridge of my nose, middle of low forehead, upper cheek bones below my eyes, cupid’s bow and middle of chin.  Let’s just say I was glowing and in the best way possible!  It dries to a smooth finish, and gives such a natural glow.  It’s the perfect compliment to the Minimalist Foundation.   A little goes a long way with this serum as well.  A definite must for anyone wanting that natural, flawless glow. $45


Minimalist Contouring Bronzer-

I received a smaller sample packet of this, but a little goes a long way, so I did feel I got to experience it.  It is similar to the Illuminating Serum and Minimalist Foundation.  It also is a liquid and comes in a serum bottle.    The color isn’t orange at all, but a beautiful bronzed brown.  The perfect touch of warmth to finish off a look or contour the face.  I applied it with my fingertips as well, and blended quickly.  It gave my skin warmth, but looked so natural and flawless.  It was a little trickier to use at first, but after a couple tries I figured out I needed a lot less product than I was using and that helped.  This pairs perfect with the foundation, and highlighter.  If your not into powdered or cream bronzers this is your gem.  $45


Jolie Lip Boost-

This lip boost is a definite must in my makeup bag now.  They come in these cute little glass jars.  It’s not glossy or goopy, but a matte lip color that offers moisture and color.  Jolie is the perfect coral.  It gives my lips a natural, understated look that I love.  It’s so easy to apply too, even without a mirror since it isn’t goopy at all.  I even used it as a blush on my cheeks.   They also have the lip boost in several other colors.  GRESSA sent me a smaller sample of the color Radiant- a poppy pink color, and Brilliant-a gold matte color, which I loved as well!  $29

Rejuvenating Mist-

I also received a smaller sample of the Rejuvenating Mist. This mist is no joke though!  One of my favorite toners to date…I savored every last drop of it.  The neroli shines through in it and awakens my senses.  The best part though?  It actually leaves my skin feeling hydrated.  So many toners leave my skin feeling dry and thirsty for more-not this one!  This leaves behind hydrated skin and a beautiful scent. I love that it comes in a dark glass bottle too, which helps preserve the product.  A stellar toner in anyone’s skin care regimen.  $33


Well, that sums up my GRESSA review.  Have you tried any of their products?  GRESSA is so kind and is offering a travel size skincare kit of Dirty Pretty Things, Purifying Cleanser, and Night Repair Elixir with any purchase.  Use code: GURLGONEGREEN in the notes section(not the discount code section).  This starts today (Wednesday) and ends Friday at midnight PST.  Don’t miss out on this great deal!  Snag some Gressa loot and get your free skincare kit too!

Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


  1. Tianna

    love Gressa products! it’s def. my favorite foundation 🙂 Hey question – how did you get that rolling insta feed at the bottom of your blog? looks awesome!

    • Suzi

      Yes, I love it! You were right 🙂 The instagram feed was coded into it, so I don’t really know! Haha…that stuff is over my head!


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