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I came across Kosmatology last spring when I tried their “Mint Your Feet” Foot Scrub, and “Mint Your Feet” Soothing Foot Balm.  Let’s just say they definitely did not disappoint!  If you’re looking for a good foot scrub that will leave your feet feeling tingly and wonderful, then this is it.  Their balm is the perfect moisturizer post scrub.  Anyways, after trying those products I knew I was in for a treat when I was sent some more goodies from them.

Kosmatology’s founder is Janis, a pharmacist who had a daughter with eczema.  As a pharmacist, she knew the steroid cream prescribed for her daughter had side effects, and she wasn’t comfortable living with that.  As a result, she started experimenting with different oil combinations, and it wasn’t long before people were asking her to make products for their families.  How cool is that?!  One thing I love about Kosmatology is their commitment to organic, pure ingredients.  There’s no fluff or toxins in these products.  Also, there is something for the whole family.  From bug repellant, to hand sanitizer, even face wash, they are your one stop shop.  They make healthy products, that you won’t have to think twice about.  They’re also affordable organic skincare, and body care, something that can be hard to find.

I was sent the Rose Geranium Face Wash, the Rose Geranium Face Moisturizer, Grapefruit Lotion Bar, the Orange Sweetness Foaming Hand Soap, and the Herbal Fresh Hand Sanitizer.

Rose Geranium Foaming Face Wash-

This face wash comes in an easy to use pump.  It’s a foaming cleanser, so you’re skin feels really clean after using it.  It’s not super drying like some foaming cleansers.  The first several ingredients are oils, which help to bring moisture to the skin.  It has organic ingredients that you can pronounce and understand…can someone say YES!  The rose geranium is a pleasant smell, and doesn’t overwhelm you.  I was also super impressed with the size of the face wash.  It comes in a hefty 6oz. bottle!  The perfect face wash to get the grime off at the end of the day and not sacrifice quality.  They have it in Lemongrass as well.  $22.49

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Rose Geranium Face Moisturizer-

This is another hefty product size, it will take you a while to get through this-such a good value!  This smells again like the Rose Geranium Face Wash.  I used this two ways and liked them both.  The first was for cleansing.  I’ve been a long devotee of double cleansing.  With double cleansing you always start with an oil, and then use more of creamy/foaming cleanser after.  This Rose Geranium Oil is the perfect oil to remove makeup and grime from the day.  I then used a warm towel to wipe off the oil.  After, that I used the Rose Geranium Face Wash.  My skin felt balanced and clean.  The second way I used it was as a facial moisturizer, post toning.  It kept my skin feeling hydrated and soothed.  It would leave a slight oily feeling on my skin initially but within 15 minutes it was gone.  A great moisturizing serum, packed full of goodness, and of course all organic, and available in Lemongrass as well. $24.99

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Grapefruit Lotion Bar- 

The lotion bar is what started Kosmatology, and has helped so many customers with eczema.  If you or someone you know has struggled with eczema, this may be your ticket.  This lotion bar is just like a deodorant, making application so easy.  You just glide it over any area that needs more moisture.  It’s not a thick body butter, but more of a balm texture.  It does leave my skin feeling oily, which I don’t love for day use.  However, at night this was perfect.  I would apply it on my hands before bed, and wake up with soft hands.  I also used this on my body as a moisturizer, and my skin felt oily as well.  I would use it only if I was going to bed to avoid the oily feeling.  Haha, I know I’m weird!  I loved the grapefruit smell, so refreshing and light.  They do have other scents if you’re not keen on grapefruit.  $10.49

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Orange Sweetness Foaming Hand Soap-

I LOVE this hand soap!  Best organic, natural hand soap I’ve tried…hands down.  I have struggled with finding a hand soap.  It either wasn’t pure, squirted out weird or didn’t foam.  This baby does it all, and has the best ingredients.  Not to mention, it doesn’t dry out my hands at all!  The orange smell is the perfect fresh scent.  Everyone needs this in your kitchen and bathroom…trust me.  They have them in several other scents as well.  Of course I want to try them all!  $8.99

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Herbal Fresh Hand Sanitizer-

This hand sanitizer is another amazing product Kosmatology offers.  I love a good hand sanitizer.  Especially when they’re organic and full of pure ingredients.  I’m also a fan of spray hand sanitizers, probably because I have a one year old.  It makes disinfecting little hands on the go so easy.  The smell is really mild and refreshing.   I really liked the size of the pump as well.  It pumped so easy compared to other hand sanitizers.  May sound picky, but everything helps when you have 2 seconds before your kid moves!  They have these in several other scents.  Moms, you need these.  $3.99

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Well, that sums up my review of Kosmatology.  I have loved sampling their products.  It is so refreshing to know companies are really stepping up to the plate, and creating products for the whole family that are not only pure, but effective!  Also, Kosmatology is offering an amazing coupon code right now!  Just enter GURL20 and receive 20% off your order.  Coupon good through 12/31/15.  These are great stocking stuffer gifts too!  Have you tried any Kosmatology products??

Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


  1. Chandanni

    Hi my name is Chandanni and I am an Ayurveda practitioner with an Ayurvedic Lifestyle brand. I would love to see how I can send you some of my products and see if you can blog about them. I love your blog by the way. Congrats on it!

    • Suzi

      Hi Chandanni! Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, I have so many products I’m reviewing right now that I’ve put a hold on accepting any new ones. But possibly in the future! Thank you for thinking of me. 🙂


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