Innersense Beauty Hair Review

I’m so excited to finally share with you guys my Innersense Beauty hair review!  As a hairstylist, one of the hardest things to transition from mainstream to nontoxic was hair products.  I mean it’s hard enough to find a shampoo and conditioner that works, but it can be even harder to find non-toxic hair products. What drew me to Innersense in the first place was Innersense standards.  They are committed to not only having quality products, but products that perform.  A hard thing to find in green beauty today.  I wanted a product that I could recommend to someone that was comparable, if not better than what they would find at a salon.  Well, look no further peeps, I’ve struck gold!

Now, let me briefly share about Innersense Beauty and their values-it will make you love the brand even more.  The founders of Innersense, Greg and Joanne Starkman, were in the beauty and wellness industry for years when they realized their beliefs weren’t matching up with their professional lives.  This birthed Innersense, a company that prides itself on integrity.  Their whole philosophy is so commendable and just down right amazing!  From actually listing every ingredient and why it’s in there, to environment sustainability, kindness to animals, and giving back…the list could go on.  I mean the ingredient glossary alone is so cool.

Companies like Innersense are setting the standard for the green beauty industry.  Innersense Beauty hair products are salon worthy.  I sampled a wide range of their products and I’m excited to share my experience!  I also wanted to note, that not only did I try out the products my sister did as well.  She has thick/course/wavy hair that tends to frizz, and I have fine/thin hair.  I wanted to give a perspective from not just one head of hair but two, since everyone is different.  However, I did find that the products worked similarly for both of us-the test of a truly great product!  So let’s get to it.

Color Awakening Shampoo-

I want to explain something really quick before I go on about this wonderful shampoo.  I get e-mails all the time from readers telling me that natural shampoos don’t work for them.  Now, I understand it definitely depends on the shampoo and conditioner you’re using, but it also could be a phase you’re hair is going through.  Hair can go through a detox period where it actually gets oilier before it gets better, when transitioning to non-toxic shampoo and conditioner.  Mainstream products are full of such harsh ingredients that strip the hair every time you use them.  Your hair gets used to feeling “clean” you think, and so when you switch to a gentler shampoo and conditioner your hair freaks out.  It’s used to constantly being dried out everyday and used to overcompensating by producing more oil to nourish your hair again.  Give your hair 6-8 weeks to detox.  This means stop shampooing your hair everyday-yes this is not necessary and actually could cause more damage to your hair.  Shampoo every other day at the most and in between days if you get oily, just use a dry shampoo.  You may notice your hair greasier than usual, but that is because your hair’s ph balance was so wacked from all the harsh chemicals you were putting on it everyday.  Give it some time…it will get better!  Ok, back to the review.  This shampoo really is amazing.  It suds up in your hair and gives you that clean feeling that a lot of people crave from their mainstream shampoo days.  The smell is nice and pleasant-with hints of cranberry seed oil, and citrus oils.  I just wet my hair and lathered from roots to ends.  If you have thicker hair like my sister you may need to shampoo twice but for me once was perfect.  My hair felt clean and fresh!   Unlike some natural shampoos that have left my hair still feeling greasy, this one didn’t!  It also is perfect for color treated hair.  The formula includes sunflower extracts-which are high in anti-oxidants that help protect color from fading.  A definite must for anyone looking for a natural shampoo, that is not only completely toxin free, and color safe, but works.  Among Innersense Beauty hair products is also a shampoo called Pure Harmony that’s suited for even cleansing, and purifying the scalp more than the Color Awakening.  $24


Color Radiance Daily Conditioner-

This conditioner is another Innersense Beauty hair product that gets my approval.  It detangles but doesn’t weigh my hair down, which says a lot because this girl needs a weightless conditioner for sure!  It smells a little more like my mainstream conditioner did-not in a chemical way but in a more floral way.  I like it!  The jasmine and orange really stick out to me in it.  It’s the perfect addition to the Color Awakening Shampoo.  As I mentioned above these are both color safe, protecting the color, and nourishing. $26


I CREATE HOLD-Styling Gel-

I used this specifically when my hair was wet for volume on my roots-as my hair is fine and limp.  What I loved was the lasting body it gave me.  My hair felt like it had some texture, but not heavy texture.  My sister also loved it for the body it gave on her roots.  The texture is very similar to a gel you would get at a mainstream salon.  The smell is delightful-a mix of orange and rosemary.  The only thing I didn’t love about this particular product was the ingredient phenoxyethanol.  It’s used as a preservative in many beauty brands today.  There have been reports of it being a neurotoxin and affecting the nervous system.  I’ve talked before about this ingredient in products, and how I’m not comfortable using it on a daily basis, or recommending it.  Since it is the only ingredient that is a little sketchy, some might be fine with using it.  However, you guys know I am always up front and honest about all the products I review.  That being said it did perform and rates a 3 on the Think Dirty app-which is not horrible.  $22


SWEET SPIRIT Leave In Conditioner-

Innersense Beauty hair product SWEET SPIRIT, is the  I really love it and I don’t even have crazy thick hair.  I don’t use this on the daily but for special occasions, which happened a lot during the holidays.  I always have to tease my hair and this helps ease all those little gnarly hairs out smooth.  Perfect for targeting stubborn knots post shower.  Best of all, my hair didn’t feel weighed down because of it.  This would also be perfect if your hair tends to be on the drier side.  This will be great in the summer before going in the sun to protect my hair and for extra moisture.  Oh and I really love the smell- very light and refreshing with notes of lavender and rosemary.  Everyone needs this- trust me! $22


I CREATE Volume-

This little baby was made for my hair type!  You apply before blowdrying from roots to ends and end up with thicker, fuller hair.  Not only did my hair have more body but shine too.  It’s a clear liquid, similar to a gel but more watery.  This product smells very earthy to me- almost like bamboo(if that’s possible), I really love the smell, so light and subtle.  This would be perfect for anyone with fine, or thin hair that wants some body and volume.  It also would be great for an extra lift for anyone with really heavy hair, that tends to have a hard time getting good volume at the root.  $22


QUIET CALM Curl Control-

Ok, this next product I’m going to talk about quickly became one of my sister and I’s fave.  Innersense Beauty created Quiet Calm not only to help define curls, but eliminate frizz too-something my sister has a lot of.  It comes out in a white creamy texture, similar to a lotion feel.   A little goes a long way with this product.  I would just put about a dime size drop in my hands, rub them together, and then distribute throughout my hair.  I used this product several different ways.  One way is when my hair was wet, and one was after it was dry and curled.  When it was wet, I would scrunch my hair all over to give it a bit of texture, and then blow dry using a diffuser.  Now, keep in mind my hair is fine and straight.  This would give my hair some wave and texture.  When I curled it after, it would help it stay longer because their was some grit in my hair-loved it!  The second way I used it was after I curled my hair with a curling iron. I would rub my hands together and scrunch up with my hair.  This helped to define my curls, and give it some hold.  My sister loved it for similar reasons, and even more so for the frizz it eliminated.  She has naturally wavy hair and this helped to not only define the curl but keep her frizz free.  She would even just towel dry her hair after shampooing, and then apply it all over scrunching up and let her hair air dry.  It defined her wavy/tousled look to perfection.  The smell is very citrus/orange.   $22


I CREATE Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer-

Ok, last but certainly not least is the amazing Innersense Beauty hair product, Whipped Creme Hair Texturizer!  This stuff lives up to the hype.  It comes in a round jar as opposed to a bottle like all the rest of the products.  It looks like a thick lotion.  The texture is different than the QUIET CALM in that it is a little more sticky, and has a bit more hold.  I put it in my hands and rub them together, and you can feel the texture it’s about to create just in your hands.  I loved putting this in my hair wet, and then using a diffuser to blow dry.  It would make my hair have this messy tousled look and then I would go through and wrap some pieces to bring some definition.  I also loved it for after curling my hair.  I would go through and scrunch up all over to bring some separation and texture to my curls.  This not only gave my hair hold, but that tousled look we all crave!  My sister also couldn’t stop singing this product’s praises. She loved it for the hold it gave her naturally wavy hair and the definition.  Since her hair is naturally wavy, it was all she needed to get her style rockin’-which is pretty amazing.  This works for any hair type, fine, thick, or curly.  If I had one styling product to pick from them all this would be it!  A must have product in any beauty maven’s hair arsenal!  $18


Well that sums up my review of Innersense Beauty hair products.  Do you see any products you want to try?  Shop all their goodies here.  Also, check out my Instagram post for a giveaway of my favorite Innersense products- oh and this giveaway will have 5 winners, so your chances are high of winning!  Have you used Innersense before, what are your favorite products?

Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


  1. PC

    What a fantastic review! So nice to hear from someone who has fine hair, like me. really helpful when I bought my InnerSense products.

    • Suzi

      Oh, good! Love hearing that!


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