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Ok, if you haven’t heard of Josh Rosebrook by now you’re really missing out…sorry but it’s just the truth!  Not only does Josh create hair products, but skincare products as well.  Some people can only master one or the other, but I’m here to say he’s successfully mastered both.  Not to mention he is a hair stylist, someone who knows hair creating hair products…hello!  I’ve tried a handful of his products, from hair to skincare, and have been left wanting more each time.  The amount of care and dedication that goes into each product Josh makes is truly a work of art.  He really takes green beauty to the next level!

The premise that the body heals itself is what Josh crafts his products from.  Whether in skincare, or hair, the body knows when to produce the correct amount of oils, when to exfoliate and when to cleanse.  Josh believes it’s our job to help the process along.  I love his whole concept and fully subscribe to it.  Another huge part of the products Josh creates is the ingredients.  There’s nothing toxic, or synthetic about them.  All ingredients from plants are 100% organic or wild harvested.  It’s very important that not only are the ingredients high quality, but that the ingredients work together to create something truly special.  Sign me up for this!

Josh really goes above and beyond.  There’s a whole tab on his website dedicated to explaining the ingredients and their sourcing.  You can be guaranteed there’s no animal testing that happens either.  It’s also important that all the ingredients are sourced from fair trade, fair prices and fair work.  I really could just go on…everything is covered and with great detail.  Going forward I hope more companies follow in Josh’s footsteps-not only creating incredible ethically sourced products, but also are as transparent about their whole process as he is.

So as I mentioned I’ve tried a slew of Josh’s products and I have been on the edge of my seat to give you the scoop!  There’s a mix of skincare and hair products and they’re all drool worthy.

Skincare: Herbal Infusion Oil-

Oh where do I start with this oil?  So many uses.  The first way I used it was as a cleanser.  I subscribe to the double cleansing method and this is the perfect oil cleanser to remove all my makeup and grime from the day.  I would just pump out a few drops and rub in circular motions all over my face.  I even used it on my eyes to remove eye makeup and there was no irritation.  Then I would get a washcloth wet and press all over my face to remove all the makeup.  My skin was so happy and fresh afterwards.  Another way I would use it was as a moisturizer.  I would pump a few drops in my hands and press all over my face and neck.  I would wake up with some seriously soft skin.  The smell is a subtle rose and so good.  This is great for any skin type, so soothing and gentle.  A must have in my skincare arsenal.   $44

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Skincare: Active Enzyme Exfoliator-

Another good one.  This exfoliator uses a mechanical exfoliant of walnut shells, and also an enzyme exfoliant. Not only did my skin feel smooth after but it looked brighter!  It is chockfull of plant oils and active honey- a serious treat for the skin.  I’ve tried to pinpoint the smell and I’ve come to the conclusion it smells like black licorice to me-which I love or used too…haha.  So how did I use this bad boy?  I would squirt my skin first with Josh’s Hydrating Accelerator, per instructions to open up pores, then I would massage a small nickel size amount all over my face.  Then I let it set for 15 minutes, I found that was my sweet spot.  But you can do it up to an hour.  This is another must have!  If you’ve been looking for an exfoliant that leaves your skin feeling smooth but also looking bright-this is it.  $25

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Skincare:  Oculus Eye Formula-

This eye treatment is genius.  It comes in a rollerball form, which I really dig.  It’s an oil and glides smoothly on the delicate eye area.  After applying I would use my ring finger(least muscles for tugging) and gently tap to blend in.  This Eye Formula is full of herbal actives, rich fatty acids, all working together to help fight inflammation, boost collagen and help the skin in it’s cell turnover.  Oh did I mention brighten and de-puff too?  Yeah, those biggies.  So what did I notice?  Well, I loved how it melted right into my eye area and wasn’t thick.  It felt light and airy on my eye area, which I really like too.  The smell is great, I could really smell the geranium in it.  I noticed in the morning my eye area seemed brighter.  A definite plus in my book!  $70

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Skincare: Hydrating Accelerator-

Love this mist!  First the smell is insanely good, I may be guilty of just spraying this a little more than I should-can you blame me?  When something smells like vanilla bean and ylang ylang, you would go a little crazy too.  This mist is such a versatile product.  I use it before the Active Enzyme Exfoliator as I mentioned to open up pores.  I also used it before my serum to help it seep in, and throughout the day to moisture my skin and give it a boost.  Can’t get enough!  I spray it all around my face and then press in with my hands.  Get this, you will thank me-promise!  $32

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Hair:  LIFT Hair Texture & Volume-

So let’s chat about hair now.  I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this product yet?!  Not sure where to start with this one either…it’s just so good!  This is the best volume/lift spray I’ve found on the market.  It literally makes things happen with your hair, and this is a bid deal coming from a stylist too and fellow fine haired chick.  I spray this on my towel dried hair and blow dry my head upside down.  You can also round brush, I alternate between the two.  What are you left with?  Some serious lift, just like the name suggests.  It creates the texture that gives you something to work with, and best of all it lasts!  Everyone needs this, if you have thick hair it helps give you that lift you need on top.  Fine/thin haired gals you know you need this.  An absolute must in my hair game at all times.  Oh and there’s even travel sizes in this now!  $22

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Hair:  Hair Spray-

I reviewed this before, it’s just that good.  I know I sound like a broken record, but this is another must have product.  The best natural hairspray I’ve found peeps-let it be known!  It’s in pump form, there’s no aerosol that’s good…trust me(bad for you and the environment).   I love the smell!  It has a list of essential oils but the ones that stick out to me are the rosemary and lavender.  I love knowing exactly what I’m breathing in, no hidden fragrance!  Second, it doesn’t goop up when you spray.  It actually has a mist feel.  Yeah, pretty cool.  Lastly, it just works.  With my hair being fine and thin, this product delivers hold throughout the day, volume, and doesn’t get crunchy…you know what I’m talking about.  It’s just good stuff.  I would recommend this for anyone transitioning from a mainstream hairspray.  It’s going to give you the look and feel of what your used too.  You need it, trust me!  $22

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Well that sums up my review of Josh Rosebrook.  He has so many more products I didn’t even cover.  Check them all out here.  Oh and free shipping on his website!  Be sure to follow me: gurlgonegreen on Instagram where I’m hosting a giveaway of some of my faves with Josh-all details on Insta!

Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


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