I’m so excited to share with you guys about Urbana Sacs!  I often post about skincare, and makeup-well green beauty.  And I LOVE it, but going green is so much more to me than just beauty.  It’s about a complete lifestyle.  So when Urbana Sacs contacted me about their hand bags I was stoked!  I’m all about reusable bags and better yet ones made sustainably.  Urbana Sacs is just that.

First let me fill you in on how Urbana Sacs began.  It started after Carolina, the creator, worked 15 years leading retail, and hospitality projects at a large architectural firm in L.A.  She really wanted to get back to a more hands on approach, and connect with people again.  In doing so, she came across a lightweight washable paper textile made with a variety of virgin pulp fiber blends and recycled felt.  Best part?  It’s actually manufactured using cultivation not deforestation.  Hello!

You can use the bags so many ways.  From grocery shopping, gym bag, popcorn holder, magazine holder, diaper bag, spice holder…seriously the list is endless.  What’s great about the bags is that you can mold them into really whatever shape you want.  It’s as if you had a clay bag, and you form it into what you want it to be-so cool!  All their bags are handmade too.

They sent me the large Carry Sac with one adjustable strap in black.  Not only does it look chic, but it’s so practical!  I’ve been using it so many ways.


  • As a Purse- I know sounds weird, but trust me it’s not.  It fits everything so well, and even has a pocket on the side for my water bottle.  When I say purse I really mean “mom bag”-you know the bag with all your kid stuff and then your wallet.  As I said above, the sac looks so chic that it goes with everything.
  • Grocery Bag- This has been an awesome re-usable bag for smaller grocery trips.  It’s nice having one strap, especially having a kiddo.  I can easily wear the bag and carry Finley-a win/win!
  • Gym Bag- This bag is perfect for my gym clothes, water bottle and books.  It’s easy to just throw over my shoulder and doesn’t look so sporty.

Those have been my main ways of using my large Carry Sac.  The best part about Urbana Sacs is there are so many other sacs to choose from.  Small ones perfect for kitchen or displaying plants, or whatever your heart desires.  They even have two handle sacs.  The sky is the limit!

Urbana+Sacs_IMG_4104                                            Urbanasacs_Medium_Small+Bags_0638

Urbana Sacs has been so generous to offer my readers 20% off using code INSTAGRAM.  You can shop all of Urbana Sacs here.  Also be sure to head over to my Instagram to enter to win a Water and Wine sac!

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