Skin Owl Review

I’ve long been a fan of Skin Owl.  Their Geranium Beauty Drops (I have a full review of them here) helped balance my skin when it was being wonky.  I love the simplicity of their products.  Not a long crazy list of ingredients, but just pure and simple ones that work.  Plus, all their stuff smells amazing!  Let me give you a brief description of how Skin Owl started.

It began when the founder, Annie Tevelin, realized it was more about the ingredients in the products she was using, than what was being marketed to her.  For years, she had struggled with skin issues, and had thrown a lot of money down the drain with no luck.  She learned what works, continues to work, and what really is good for the skin.

I love her philosophy-

  • Have people see results overnight
  • Show people the art of self care
  • Be a place people can ask questions

Well, I think she’s done just that and so much more.

Not only do her products work, but they’re affordable.  A word that can often be forgotten when dealing with skincare products.  A green beauty brand that offers quality products that are cost effective, and work-what more could you want?!

I had the pleasure of reviewing one of their newest additions to the line, the Beauty Steam.  I also reviewed their Eye+.

Beauty Steam in Marigold Glow-

This is like a decadent treat for your skin.  I’m quite familiar with the art of steaming, especially being an esthetician.  I love how it not only awakens my senses but my skin as well.  This Beauty Steam is a blend of organic dried flowers.  The ritual is this:  Add 3 spoonfuls into a boiling pot of water and let sit a few minutes. Then drape a towel over your head, and allow the steam to invigorate you and your skin.  Do this for a maximum of 5 minutes.  It honestly was a treat and so relaxing.  My own little spa night within my house.  It smelled so good as the steam hit my nose.  It was as if I was smelling my favorite cup of tea.  Not only did my skin feel refreshed and revived, but my whole self felt energized.  I followed with Skin Owl’s Mangosteen, a decadent nighttime oil.  It also comes in the cutest glass jar with spoon, so you know exactly how much to measure out.  This would be perfect for a spa party with friends too!  $48



This lightweight Eye treatment is perfect for in the mornings.  The consistency is more of a gel than a cream or oil.  I apply it right when I wake up, and I feel a tingling sensation.  As it dries, I also feel a tightening around my eyes, and a cooling sensation from the cucumber.  It makes my eyes look awake and revived.  Perfect for underneath makeup, because it’s not heavy or oily at all!  I highly recommend for a morning eye treatment to combat those tired eyes.  $46


If you haven’t tried any Skin Owl products now’s your chance!  They have been so generous to offer $12 off purchases of $60 or more using code: GURLGONEGREEN.  So get your shop on here! Have you tried any Skin Owl, what’s your fave?

Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


  1. tianna

    lovely! I haven’t tried these, but I love the SkinOwl serums!

    • Suzi

      Me too, they’re so good!


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