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I had read about Bottega Organica products, but had never tried any of them up until now.  I was jazzed to sample some of their skin treats.  This isn’t just another natural skincare line.  I was so intrigued to learn that Bottega Organica was actually started by a molecular geneticist, Dr. Andrea Alimonti.  In the process of studying the aging process as a means for cancer fighting therapies, Dr. Alimonti discovered plant extracts that slow the aging process.  Hello, that’s a pretty big deal!  Thus, Bottega Organica was born.  Not only could he help people extend their youth, but he could do it with natural ingredients.

What’s even cooler is the clinical tests that have been done on their products.  In more than 90% of patients, results showed improved wrinkle burden, skin glow, skin texture, and elasticity.  I love this!  What’s better is the ingredients are so pure.  No compromise.  They have two farms where ingredients are grown, one in New York and the other in Italy.  They use organic ingredients, no fertilizers or pesticides.  Even their packaging gets two thumbs up, using all recycled paper that is plant derived and printed with vegetable ink.  They’re just into all the details, which I love and appreciate!

So what did I sample from Bottega Organica?  Four wonderful products, that perform!

Face Balance Cream in Tulsi & Vetiver-

This cream is one of a kind.  First off I love the smell!  It’s super light, but I definitely smell notes of frankincense and ylang ylang.  The main ingredient is Holy Basil, which has long been known to regulate sebum production, without clogging pores.  It comes in a black glass jar-you all know I love anything in glass!  It’s very light to the touch even though it’s a cream.  When I rub it on my skin, I’m not left with an oily residue at all.  Just smooth skin-it feels so good!  I really noticed a difference the next morning.  My skin looked brighter!  Most creams I find don’t do that.  A serum might, but not a cream.  This is one of their most popular products, and for good reason-I’m hooked.  $140

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Eye Illuminate-

It’s an eye cream, but when it touches your skin it quickly turns into an oil.  It melts right in, and leaves no greasy residue.  I actually wore it underneath my makeup, and it worked quite well.  It also comes in a black glass jar-swoon.  I would apply at night, and wake up with bright and happy eyes.  I’m not usually drawn to eye creams honestly.  I easily get milia(small white bumps around the eyes from excess oil) and I’ve found sticking to a serum or eye treatment is more my jam.  But this didn’t give me any milia or feel heavy at all.  On the contrary, I was surprised how light it felt.  It also felt cooling from the cucumber extract. $145

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 Stretch-Mark Prevention Oil-

So since the cats finally out of the bag that I’m pregnant, I can spill the beans about this amazing little product.   I rub this oil on my growing belly everyday, and it has been keeping stretch marks at bay.  With my daughter I was pretty crazy about applying oils, and creams non-stop, and thankfully it worked and I didn’t get any stretch marks.  This oil melts right in and doesn’t have a strong smell at all, which I love.  I’m hooked!  It also comes in a glass bottle-guys Bottega Organica does no wrong.  $66

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Extra-Nourishing Leg Formula-

Ohh this stuff is so good!  I’ve read about using certain oils for rejuvenation on the legs and feet but have never tried it.  This specifically targets sore and tired muscles and rejuvenates them.  I was excited to try it out, especially being pregnant.  I’m on my feet a lot with a 21 month old!  I rubbed this on at night and in the morning my legs, and feet felt so light and refreshed.  I’m a sucker for anything mint, and the peppermint in this smelled so good.  Not to mention, it totally made my legs and feet smell amazing.  I highly recommend if you’re on your feet a lot and need some relief!  $72

Green Beauty Round Up

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That sums up my review of Bottega Organica.  Have you tried any of their products?  What are your faves?  Be sure to head to my Instagram to enter a giveaway of some of their products!


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