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Where do I even begin?!  It’s hard to believe Indie Beauty Expo L.A. has already come and gone.  The whole experience was so fun.  From meeting so many of my fellow blogger friends, to brand founders, and speaking on a panel about Indie Beauty.  It was full of memories.  I wanted to give you guys a recap of the experience.  After all, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t give you the inside scoop?!

First off, can I just say how much I love Seattle?!  There is no place like home, wherever home is for you I’m sure you agree.  I brought my husband Sean and daughter Finley with me.  They had some bonding time while I was at IBE, and then we hung out after conference for a few days.  I’ve found when traveling with kiddos, specifically small ones, sometimes trips or vacations end up being more work.  Can I get a witness?  Not that I’m not already planning our next trip with her, but you get my point.  The amount of clothes a toddler goes through is quite comical.  Not to mention driving in L.A. with a kiddo…yeah that one’s super fun.  But in all seriousness Finley actually did really good, and we enjoyed a few days as a family to kick back.  Oh and P.S. Laguna Beach is no joke-I informed my husband I could live there, he laughed.

So back to IBE.  I met some amazing bloggers as I mentioned earlier.  Some of them also spoke on the panel on Wednesday with Beauty Heroes founder Jeannie(more about that later).  You know how you have an idea in your head of how a person is going to be?  Well, they all exceeded my expectations!  There is such a strong community among green beauty.  I wanted to highlight each one and their blog or YouTube channel-because let’s face it, you all need to follow them! (P.S. a note on the pics-The whole Expo was tinted with pink lights…so that’s why all the photos have a rose glow).


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It felt like a little reunion of sorts.  As I mentioned earlier, I also had the pleasure of meeting Beauty Heroes founder Jeannie.  She really is an amazing women, and her husband is seriously the sweetest thing ever.  As a brand ambassador, I’m so honored to be part of something that’s changing the standard of beauty.  It was so fun to be on the blogger panel on Wednesday and share about green beauty.  I loved hearing how everyone came to find green beauty.  Each one has a unique story.  I encourage you to check them all out-you’ll be inspired.

October Green Beauty Faves

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I also had the pleasure of meeting many brand founders that I’ve long adored.  One in particular was Annie from SkinOwl.  She is the real deal peeps!  Kindness exudes from her.  I felt like I was catching up with a BFF from college.  Her products have long been a fave in my green beauty routine.  They’re simple but effective.  I also met Maryna from Mahalo Skincare.  She’s seriously the cutest person.  So sweet as well.  I also met the Au Naturale crew, these girls were all so fun and energetic.  I love their whole Green Beauty Revolution, and their mission to bring green beauty companies together to create lasting change in our country.  I can’t forget Krista and Catherine from Root.  These women are pure gold inside and out. If you haven’t checked out the collection Island Oasis I created with Molly from MaisonPur, be sure too!  It turned out better than I imagined.  Also, be sure to check out our friends Amanda from A Beautiful Pursuit and Amber from Ms.Centsible collection from Root too called-Radiant Beauty.  I also finally got to meet brand founder Meryl of Hynt Beauty.  She is a cancer survivor and her story is so inspiring!  I have a review coming soon of their drool worthy makeup.  I hadn’t tried their Sun Prep until the Expo and let’s just say it’s amazing.  Amanda from A Beautiful Pursuit had been raving about it, and I couldn’t resist trying.  More to come!

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I also m  et a few new brands that I’ve recently tried.  One I had the pleasure of meeting was brand founder Susan of HAN Skin Care Cosmetics.  She was so gracious to answer all my questions.  I had first experienced them in my Glowing Beet’s box.  Their Cheek and Lip tint quickly became a fave!  I also received their eyeshadow in my goodbeing box and loved it too.  I sampled their glosses and those are swoon worthy as well.  Trust me, they have some new things up their sleeve and aren’t going anywhere!

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I also had the privilege of meeting one of the founders of Ursa Major, Emily.  I just love her!!  Seriously, she took so much of her time explaining the whole concept and inception of Ursa Major-I loved it.  She is a gem and her skin GLOWS!  I had come across their line a month ago in a Petal and Post box and loved everything  I tried.  It’s such a perfect unisex line with pure and simple ingredients.  The scents are so fresh.  I’ll be doing a review of their line soon…you don’t want to miss it.  P.S. She gave me some samples of their face wipes and let’s just say their amazing!  Oh and their Gwyneth Paltrow’s fave too…no big deal.

Top 3 Reasons I Shop at Pharmaca

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I also chatted it up with one of Georgie lashes founders Megan-a real southern belle.  I’ll be showcasing some of their lashes soon-so stay tuned.  Dr. Brite was another brand that I had the pleasure of meeting.  I have tried their brightening pen for the teeth, and was excited to see some of their other products up close.  Lastly, I met Province Apothecary– a swoon worthy brand all around.  Their cleansing oil I’ve been sampling since the Expo and can’t get enough of.  Their purity is amazing.  I have a couple more products from them I’m excited to share with you soon.

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Ok, I need to end this post.  But I can’t without mentioning a serious highlight of my trip-meeting Josh Rosebrook and Sarah from Osmia Organics.  Both brand founders that are legends in my book when it comes to green beauty.  They were at The Detox Market on Saturday, and I talked with them for as long as I could!  The kindest people and so inspiring.  If you haven’t tried any of their products, you’re missing out!

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I wanted to mention a few crunchy food places for those looking to travel to L.A. anytime soon.  I literally couldn’t get enough of the food there-too many good places!

  • Cafe Gratitude-All plant based and everything is so yummy(may have gone there 3 times)
  • Urth Cafe-Organic goodness and all their disposable straws and cups are made by plants and compostable.
  • True Food Kitchen– They have these in a couple cities nationwide.  Just seriously good food.
  • Kreation Juice-Raw desserts, juices and smoothies galore, and real food
  • Pressed Juicery-Non-dairy freezes(frozen yogurt) made with almonds, real vanilla, cacao, and greens. Plus amazing juices.

Well, that sums up my experience of IBE.  If you couldn’t make it to L.A.-good news you still have a chance to attend.  Indie Beauty Expo is going to be in NYC August 25th.  I feel so blessed to have met all the amazing people and can’t wait to continue spreading the green beauty message.



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