Recently, I had the opportunity to review WELLSCENT.  They offer many different holistic products, but I had the privilege of trying out their dental products.  I love the holistic approach they take towards dentistry.  I had read rave reviews about their dental products, and I couldn’t wait to test them out myself!  Those who are close to me know how obsessed I am with clean teeth.  Yes, I think it started with having to clean my teeth meticulously with braces on for 5 years!  The dentist would show me these scary pictures of what my teeth might look like if I didn’t brush and floss them-yeah you could say I was scarred.  But hey, I get compliments on my teeth so their tactics worked.  So yeah, I get excited about dental products-natural ones of course!

WELLSCENT was created by Stacy Shuman, a certified aromatherapist.  After being diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease-Stacy looked for products to help her.  WELLSCENT was formed as a result.  I love how she turned a negative in her life into a positive.  Stacy also has a blog where she helps patients and the community.  She also donates some of the profits from WELLSCENT to non-profit organizations.  How cool!

I had the pleasure of sampling three products from their dental line- SHINE, SPARKLE, and WATCH YOUR MOUTH.  Let’s say I was impressed and hooked!!  I love knowing that their isn’t any toxic chemicals being used to clean my teeth, yet they’ve never felt cleaner.  These products are no joke, and I’m so excited to finally share them with you!

SHINE-Dental Powder

This powder makes my teeth feel so clean.  It looks like a grainy powder-almost like the consistency of really fine almond flour.  You open the container and are enveloped in a fresh minty smell.  You all know my obsession with anything mint flavored!  You apply this to your toothbrush after adding a few drops of WATCH YOUR MOUTH.  The combo is perfect together.  The SHINE adds a little grit to pick up all the grime, and the WATCH YOUR MOUTH gives an extra kick of freshness and bacteria fighting power.  Let’s just say I’m addicted!  $42



WATCH YOUR MOUTH- Extreme Clean Toothpaste Replacement and Mouthwash-

As I mentioned above, this proprietary blend of essential oils takes your mouth, and teeth to a whole new level.  The oils used have been clinically proven to reduce bacteria that causes cavities, heart disease and bad breath.  It has many uses too!  The first use of course is a toothpaste-just add a few drops to your toothbrush.  You can use it as a mouth wash too- just add 1-3 drops with salt and water.  Or you can oil pull with it.  Just add a few drops to coconut oil.  For all the uses check out their website here.  I even used it throughout the day to freshen my breath!  Just a few drops on the tongue.  I have loved this for travel as well.  It’s small and can be used for a variety of purposes.  The smell is so good too!  When I smell it, I get a mix of cinnamon, and peppermint, but there’s a ton other bacteria fighting essential oils in it.  $32



SPARKLE-Natural Dental Whitener-

Who doesn’t want whiter teeth?!  I do, but I’m not about to grab some toxic chemicals.  Thankfully, WELLSCENT created this miracle little product!  SPARKLE, does just what the name suggests-brightens and gives your teeth a sparkle.  It is made from activated coconut charcoal-a natural way to detoxify.  You use it for 7-10 days, once a day, to brighten your smile.  It can be messy…haha, anyone seen themselves with black teeth?!  But it’s only for a couple minutes and then it washes away.  I noticed a brighter appearance to my teeth overall after using it.  I love knowing I have a healthy alternative to toxic whitening!  $40


That sums up my review of WELLSCENT Dental Products.  Be sure to check out all their products, and snag some of my faves!  Use coupon code: gurlgonegreen for 20% off!!  Shop here.


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