So ready to finally share with you guys my experience with Hynt Beauty!  This luxe makeup line is one of the best all around lines I’ve come across for green beauty.  Several of their products have not only become standouts, but staples in my beauty routine.

I love the whole story of how Hynt Beauty started too.  Meryl Marshall, one of the co-founders of Hynt, was on a search for clean beauty products.  She had conquered breast cancer, and wanted to find the cleanest possible products that worked.  She educated herself on every ingredient in the products, and strived to bring quality and performance together.  Well, she definitely succeeded!  Hynt didn’t just slap some products together and call it a line, but created a truly luxurious makeup line you can feel good about using.  Meryl is dedicated to being open and honest and sharing why she uses the ingredients she does.  I love their whole concept!

Hynt isn’t a huge overwhelming line.  Something I love about them.  It makes a little of everything from makeup to skincare. You can be sure each product they make is quality.  Trust me, I’ve tried about every line of green beauty out there, and these products are star worthy in my opinion.  When a green beauty blogger calls several products “musts” and “favorites” there’s something great going on!  Plus, the whole makeup line is vegan-hello!

Ok, on to the review.  I had the pleasure of sampling a handful of their products.  I really wanted to give you guys an idea of what this line looked like as a whole.  Trust me, you’ll want to be snagging some of these must have products asap!  Oh and I have to mention they always offer free shipping on their website!  Can’t beat that!

Eyeliner & Eyebrow Definer-

Can you say favorite eyebrow filler?  Well, I just did.  This is hands down my favorite eyebrow definer I’ve used.  Why?  Well, first the ingredients are awesome and it doesn’t have any fillers like dimethicone which is in a similar brand I used to use.  It doesn’t go on super heavy either.  So many cream eyebrow fillers can have you looking like Cleopatra but not this one.  I always get an even natural look.  I have the color Espresso-the perfect color for dark brown eyebrows.  It also works great as a cream liner!!  I line my eyes with it and then will add a little dark brown shadow over the top to set it-perfection.  I can’t say enough about it!  Plus, it’s actually pretty budget friendly compared to others on the market.  $22.50


Pressed Eyeshadow-

I love a pressed eyeshadow.  No mess, no fuss.  Their eyeshadow formula reminds me a lot of what a mainstream shadow is like-without the nasty chemicals.  You can go for a sheer look or apply more for a dramatic look.  They almost feel creamy like when applied having the kaolin clay and jojoba oil.  I tried the color Sunlit Dune-a nude tan, perfect for everyday wear.  I also used a wet brush if I wanted a more dramatic look.  $22


Velluto Pure Powder Foundation-

This is by far one of the best powder foundations I’ve used.  First off, it’s free from all the nasties, even titanium dioxide, which can be a skin irritant as well as a toxin when breathed in.  I love that it includes soothing essential oils as well.  Also can I brag on the packaging too?  It comes in a loose powder form, but has a turn spout inside so you only have to release the amount of product you want each time.  So much easier to use in my opinion!  Then you don’t have a glob of mineral powder on your brush.  It blends in beautifully and doesn’t leave my skin dry.  It doesn’t settle into fine lines either!  They have a full tutorial on their website on how to use this foundation properly here.  Trust me-this is a good one.  $69

Velluto Full Size-2T

Duet Perfecting Concealer-

Ok, this is another “must have” in my makeup bag now.  It’s by far one of the best concealers I’ve used hands down in green beauty!  It performs like a mainstream concealer would.  It doesn’t fade and holds up so well.  I talked to Meryl, the co-founder at IBE about it and she said that makeup artists love it because it actually performs and lasts.  So many concealers by the end of the day are completely gone but not this one.  It covers anything and looks natural.  Redness is gone, hyper-pigmentation, zits-you name it.  This concealer doesn’t mess around.  I love applying it before my powder foundation.  If you’ve been searching for a natural concealer that actually works-this is it friends!  Oh and I can’t forget to mention it now comes in a recyclable glass jar with recyclable PP plastic lined cap.  $24


Solare Bronzing Powder-

This bronzer takes you from winter pale to summer bronze in no time.  But with no orangey hue!  I really love the bronzed color it gives the skin.  It does come in a loose container and contains titanium dioxide, so always hold your breath when applying.  You don’t want to breathe in titanium dioxide.  It comes in the same great container as the Velluto Pure Powder Foundation does.  Making it great for an even application.  $35


Forte High Definition Eye Liner-

This is another fave product by Hynt Beauty.  First off I love the packaging.  Hynt really thinks of everything.  The cap has a smudger tip and when you remove it, the eyeliner pencil tip is revealed.  Genius!  I sampled the color brown.  The pigment is great and the formula actually stays on.  Most pencils I’ve found will fade within an hour or so on me.  This one lasted 5+ hours.  A tip I always tell people is to prep your lid with a good mineral powder first so all the oil is soaked up.  Then apply the eyeliner.  It’s a great smudgeable eyeliner too! $20


ARIA PURE Lipstick-

Another stellar product by Hynt.  This lipstick is moist and pigmented.  It goes on so smooth and stays put.  Again, the packaging is so on point!  The top part slides open to reveal a lip conditioner and little mirror-how perfect!  Then take off the whole cap to reveal the lipstick.  The color looks dewy on not flat.  I sampled the color Passion Plum-a great natural looking hue that’s a little deeper than my natural lip color.  $29



This is my favorite mascara-my go too!  If you’ve followed me long enough, you know I’m obsessed!  In fact, I need to order some more-almost out.  It gives my lashes volume, separation and length-what more do you want?  It’s the holy grail of green beauty mascaras in my opinion.  Doesn’t clump but lifts my lashes.  I get the dramatic lashes I used to get from mainstream brands, but could never quite get from green beauty formulas.  I love the brush too!  I know mascara can be such a personal pick but for me this is it.  $24


LIBRE Luxurious Lip Gloss-

This luxe lip gloss is the perfect mix of shine and color.  It doesn’t leave your lips gunky but just a nice swap of dewy gloss.  The ingredients are awesome and super moisturizing.  I sampled the color Radiant Plum-a great everyday color.  $18


Air Blender Brush-

Their brushes are just as luxurious as their makeup line.  Made with Japanese Taklon bristles, these synthetic vegan brushes are the real deal.  The Air Blender is great for bronzers, blushes and overall blending.  The bristles are so soft and don’t end up all over your face.  $25



Ok, final product and it’s another good one.  At Indie Beauty Expo. my blogger friend Amanda from A Beautiful Pursuit Blog raved about this product.  She insisted we all needed to sample it.  Thankfully, Hynt Beauty had a booth at IBE and I got to try it out.  Boy, was Amanda right!  This product is amazing.  It has a broad spectrum SPF of 30.  It’s perfect for in the summer or winter before makeup.  It doesn’t leave your skin with a white hue at all.  It feels like a nice day time moisturizer going on.  What really makes it standout?  It acts like a primer for my makeup!  It fills in all the lines and helps my makeup literally glide on and stay put.  The ingredient list is stellar-aloe vera gel being the first ingredient, say hello to hydration.  I really can’t say enough about this product.  It is non-nano too.  It will be in my makeup bag all summer long!  $55


Well, that sums up my review of this ultra luxe line.  As you can see, I’m a huge fan!  I really can’t say enough about this green beauty line.  You can snag yourself some Hynt Beauty too.  Use coupon code: GurlGGrn20 for 20% off (excludes samples and kits).  Also, remember you always get free shipping on their website too-amazing deal!!  Shop their whole line here.



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