It’s that time of the month again!  Time for me to dish on my Glowing Beet’s box.  This month it’s another winner-I know Glowing Beet’s just nails it every time.  This month I had the pleasure of sampling a brand I had never tried before.  I had heard about Previse but had never had the privilege of trying any of their products.  Well, I’m excited to share my thoughts!

Why Glowing Beets?  Well, for starters they include high quality indie brands and they make it so simple.  Their website alone is so easy to navigate and browse.  They have one box, it’s $29.95-a steal for high end green beauty products.  The boxes are all the same, but may vary slightly.  For ex. some boxes may get a different lipstick color, but they’re all from the same brand.  All boxes are shipped at the end of the month once you’re a subscriber, and if you order during the month it will be shipped out within a few days, up until the 15th of the month.  You can sign up for one box, otherwise you will be billed monthly.

I love the concept of Glowing Beets for those who are new to the green beauty scene.  They give you a good selection of products, so you’re able to test them out without making a big commitment at first.  They also offer special discounts to those brands if you do like them-how cool is that?!  Glowing Beets does the research for the best product so you don’t have too.  They include a card in each box that lists what the products are.  I have received two boxes from them and I’ve loved each of them!

Let’s get on to the review!

Captain Blankenship Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray-

I was SO excited to see this in my June Glowing Beet’s Box!  I have the original Captain Blankenship Sea Salt Spray and love it.  This the same sea salt spray I was used too, but with gold shimmer in it!  Can you say YES a thousand times?!  I shake it up and spray it all over my hair and then scrunch up.  It adds the perfect touch of gold shimmer throughout.  When the light hits your hair, it gives the perfect sun kissed look.  I love curling my hair and then adding the spray for some definition and texture.  Did I mention the smell?  It’s wonderful! With essential oils of rose, geranium and palmarosa-you smell pretty all day long.  A must have for summer!!  $28


Previse Defend Serum Level 1 & 2-

I had heard great things about Previse and was excited to finally try some of their products.  Previse explains this product so well-

“The Epidermis Plus pre-sun solution helps to prevent skin damage from sun exposure while aiding in the protection of skin cels, collagen density and elasticity over time. ”

The whole premise of Previse is to know your skin type.  Once you do, you’re able to pick what products are best going to protect and treat it. For ex. in skin type 1 & 2 it’s harder for your skin type to absorb UV radiation because of low melanin in the skin.  Previse works with each skin type to target specific problems.  I love their concept!  Their Defend Serum Level 1 & 2 feels like a light lotion going on and leaves behind a smooth supple feel afterwards.  This is step 3 for the skin type 1 & 2.


Previse Nutrify Level 1-6-

This Nutrify Hyaluronic Tonic is universal and good for any skin type 1-6.  The perfect product for a beauty box because everyone benefits!  This is an oil-free tonic and yet still feels very hydrating on the skin.  It doesn’t feel like an oil or a serum.  It’s almost a little more gel like in it’s consistency.  I love the smell-so fresh!  You want to apply 5 drops in your hands, and rub them together to warm and emulsify.  You massage it into your skin in three sections according to the directions on the bottle.  Here is the description of the tonic-

“Nutrify sits deep in the dermis to help keep pores clean, hydrate the skin, plus fight free radicals and waterborne pollutants or additives.”

It felt moisturizing yet, not oily at all.  It also has a mattifying affect, so perfect before makeup.  My skin felt hydrated and after repeated use-more moisturized.  A great product for any skin type!  $48


That sums up my review of the Glowing Beet’s Box for June.  If you haven’t subscribed to Glowing Beet’s Box yet, get on it!  This box just gets better every month.  Use coupon code: GGG10 for 10% off  your first box!  Shop Glowing Beets here.


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