Sometimes I come across products that quickly become faves.  A lot of times it may just be one product from  a line or something smaller and doesn’t require a full blog post.  I’ve accumulated a handful of products like this over the last several months and I’m here to dish on them!  Everything from a new favorite face powder, BB cream and natural toothpaste…plus more!  Best of all, I’ve got some serious discount codes for you too.

So let’s dive in!

Lotus Knot 100% Pure Rose Water-

This rose water has really been my jam as of late.  I love that it comes in a glass bottle-yes please!  The smell isn’t overwhelmingly at all.  Some rose scents tend to be so strong but this one is light and airy.  It leaves my skin feeling fresh and moist.  I use it after cleansing before my moisturizer/serum.  I spray it on my bamboo reusable facial round and wipe it all over my face.  It feels so good!  I also love spraying it in the morning directly on my face before my moisturizer.  It freshens my skin for the day and helps perk it up.  I love that it has nothing else in it other than rose water.  Rose water has long been known to help soothe, tone, and hydrate skin.  As I mentioned above, I love that it’s in a dark glass bottle.  This helps to preserve the qualities of the rose water.  All this to say I’m hooked and have been using it non-stop!  My skin is better than it’s ever been-seriously.  Snag a bottle for yourself on Amazon and use code: 3OFFLKRW for $3 Off.  Code good through July 31st. $19


Thao Tea-

I’ve been wanting to try Thao Tea for a while.  The tea itself is organic and hasn’t been processed, since it’s loose leaf.  They have a much higher content of antioxidants and are more flavorful.  I hadn’t experienced loose leaf tea until Thao, but I’m happy to say they’ve made me a believer!  Their teas are so aromatic-the second you open the container you smell the intoxicating blend.  I had the pleasure of sampling their Passion Fruit Red Rooibos and Cantaloupe Mint Green Tea and they both are so wonderful!  The flavor as I mentioned is so much stronger, and the tea just tastes fresher than previous teas I’ve tried.  I tried them hot and iced.  I even added a little sparkling water to the Passion Fruit Red Rooibos and it gave it a nice kick.  I stuck with the caffeine free and medium caffeine teas because of being pregnant.  I love how they list the caffeine as either, none, medium or high on their packaging.  I also had the pleasure of trying out their glass tea cup infuser and love it!  No plastic involved at all and makes steeping the tea on the go, so easy.  If you’ve been searching for tea without all the additives and that tastes good, Thao Tea is it!  $13


Andalou Naturals-

Andalou Naturals is a great natural brand that is easily accessible to the public-something I love!  You can find them at Whole Foods and many health food stores.  I recently sampled their Avo Cocoa Skin Food Mask and their All in One Beauty Balm Sheer Tint with SPF 30.  First let’s chat about the mask.  I’m obsessed with it!  It smells like chocolate pudding, which never hurts and the consistency is similar to pudding as well.  My skin feels revived, and moisturized after using it.  There is no tightening or dryness, but just a fresh dose of vitamins and antioxidants for your skin.  It perks up my whole complexion!  I’ve also fallen for their All in One Beauty Balm Sheer Tint with SPF 30.  Not only does it provide great sun protection but a great tint.  I’ve been wearing this along with a dusting of powder over it, and concealer where needed.  It isn’t like full coverage foundation obviously, but a great light tint for summer weather.  It goes on smooth, not greasy, like some bb creams.  I love the natural glow it gives my skin.  Did I mention these products are budget friendly too?  The mask is $14.95, and the BB Cream $19.95.  Plus, snag them now at and use code: GURLGONEGREEN for 30% off all orders for the entire month of July!  Can’t beat that!!


Red Apple Lipstick-

I could not wait to try Red Apple Lipstick!  If you’ve been in the green beauty community long enough, you’ve heard rave reviews about their lipsticks.  Is it hype or truth?  Friends, it’s truth!  The formula is unlike any lipstick I’ve used.  It’s so moisturizing-like a little conditioner on your lips.  Yet the colors are vivid.  A lot of lipsticks can be drying and get gunky on your lips after some wear-not Red Apple Lipsticks. These stay true to color and last!  I sampled the colors So Pinkin’ Cute and Audrey.  So Pinkin’ Cute is the perfect pop of pink for spring and summer and Audrey is a great neutral pink for anyone to wear everyday.  I also sampled their lip liner in Natural.  It was the perfect base before applying the lipstick.  No bleeding, and the lipstick color lasted longer when I used it.  They’re also vegan, and gluten free.  Say goodbye to dry lipsticks that don’t last and snag a Red Apple Lipstick instead.  These babies are the real deal when it comes to color and moisture!  $23.50


Urban Oreganics-

I love this Etsy shop!  All their products are hand crafted in Portland, Oregon.  They use simple, organic ingredients and sustainable packaging.  I’ve been using their makeup remover for quite sometime and their brush cleaner and I can’t get enough of both.  Their makeup remover comes in a glass jar-yay and is so light and refreshing.  I apply some to my bamboo facial round and then use it to remove my makeup from my face.  It’s not oily like many makeup removers.  It feels like a toner but a little heavier.  The ingredients are simple and pure-  organic aloe vera juice, distilled water, alcohol free witch hazel, organic fractionated coconut oil, nonGMO vitamin e oil.  I also have fallen for their brush cleaner.  It’s such a different concept than a traditional makeup brush cleaner.  It’s thick and looks similar to coconut oil in a jar.  You get your brush wet and then swirl it around in the container.  You can see all the grime and dirt come off your brush.  Then rinse the brush and lay flat to dry.  After you’re done cleaning all of them, just wipe off the top part of the brush cleaner jar and you’re good to go for the next cleaning.  Not only are my brushes clean, but also soft.  Use code: INSTASAVE and get 10% off your order at


Rejuva Minerals-

Ok, this product really is amazing!  I wanted to find some powder products that didn’t contain titanium dioxide or mica.  Titanium dioxide in powder form can be toxic when inhaled and mica can be a skin irritant for many people.  My search led me to Rejuva Minerals and I haven’t looked back.  Their products are also free from nanoparticles and GMO’s.  I sampled their pressed face powder, their bronzer in Caribbean and their concealer.  I use their face powder everyday!  It not only keeps my skin looking grease free, but helps to set my makeup as well.  I love knowing that it’s the safest powder out there.  It isn’t a heavy feeling powder but light.  I also love the bronzer for not only the color it gives, but the fact it’s free from titanium dioxide and mica as well.  Their concealer was a totally new type of product for me, but I’ve come to really dig it.  It’s a powdered concealer, opposed to a cream concealer.  It offers great coverage for imperfections on it’s own-a very natural look overall.  I’ve also found it to be great for applying over a cream based concealer.  It really helps to extend the wear and gives great coverage all day. I can’t recommend Rejuva Minerals enough!  They really have gone the extra mile in creating a product that not only works but is safe.  They have been so generous to offer my readers a discount.  Use coupon code GURL, and save 20% on any purchase until July 30th.


Kali Boxes-

Organic and natural doesn’t pertain to just makeup, skincare, and food these days.  There are toxins lurking everywhere!  One place women often neglect is their tampons.  Kali takes creating a toxic free environment seriously and made a tampon that is 100% organic!  Pretty cool.  The tampons are made from 100% organic cotton, and they come in a biodegradable applicator and wrapper.  Not to mention they look so chic!  Since I’m pregnant, aunt flo isn’t visiting anytime soon.  I had my sister test them out for me instead.  Her thoughts?  She gave them two thumbs up!  Not only did they absorb just as well she said, but they were a breeze to use too.  They come in regular and super absorption and she liked both.   She thought the packaging was pretty sweet too.  Kali offers a monthly tampon subscription box for only $19.95.  This box comes with 14 organic tampons, 10 individually wrapped organic cotton Kali Wipettes, and a rotating Period Pampering Product.  I don’t recommend the other products in the box at this time.  They do contain some ingredients I’m not comfortable using or promoting.  However, they do offer a box that’s just strictly tampons that I’m pretty jazzed about!  It contains 16 regular tampons and 16 super tampons and is a one time purchase.  You could just buy several of these at once and be set for a couple months.  Either way, Kali is on to something with their organic tampons.



I love trying new toothpastes!  If you’ve read my blog long enough you know I’m kind of obsessed with my teeth.  TruthPaste is an oil and clay toothpaste.  It comes in a jar and you scoop it out onto your toothbrush.  It contains organic and ethically sourced essential oils.  My teeth feel clean and refreshed after using it.  My hubs-a tough critic- really digs it too!  I had asked why it contained xylitol and they said that it actually is good for calcium absorption, and helps fight acid driven decay of tooth enamel.  It’s not as thick as some natural pastes I’ve used and can separate a bit in the mouth when brushing.  However this is normal due to the clay base.  I have noticed too, that my teeth aren’t as sensitive as they used to be! I’m excited to have my daughter try out the kid’s toothpaste! Also, be sure to checkout their whole page dedicated to an organic healthy oral care routine.  Everyone should be applying these simple steps for healthy teeth! Use code: GGGTRUTH for 15% off. Valid through July 11. $18


Well, that sums up my current faves post!  See anything you want to try?  Be sure to get your shop on and use the discount codes.  What are you currently loving?! Leave me a comment!

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