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As always I was so excited to get my Glowing Beet’s Box in the mail. This month was another one for the books!  Ashley from Green Bunny, a youtube blogger, collaborated with Hynt Beauty on a stellar blush color.  Plus, a few new brands I haven’t tried yet.  As always if you haven’t heard of Glowing Beets keep on reading to learn why this beauty subscription box always delivers.

Why Glowing Beets?  Well, for starters they include high quality indie brands and they make it so simple.  Their website alone is so easy to navigate and browse.  They have one box, it’s $29.95-a steal for high end green beauty products.  The boxes are all the same, but may vary slightly.  For ex. some boxes may get a different lipstick color, but they’re all from the same brand.  All boxes are shipped at the end of the month once you’re a subscriber, and if you order during the month it will be shipped out within a few days, up until the 15th of the month.  You can sign up for one box, otherwise you will be billed monthly.

I love the concept of Glowing Beets for those who are new to the green beauty scene.  They give you a good selection of products, so you’re able to test them out without making a big commitment at first.  They also offer special discounts to those brands if you do like them-how cool is that?!  Glowing Beets does the research for the best product so you don’t have too.  They include a card in each box that lists what the products are.  I have received two boxes from them and I’ve loved each of them!

So what was in the box this month?  A ton of goodies!

Hynt Beauty Collaboration with Ashley from the Green Bunny- Matte Powder Blush in Notoriously Nude-

Hynt is a brand I’m familiar with and love.  Their products speak for themselves and always deliver.  This blush is no exception.  The color is perfect for an everyday understated look.  Just like the name suggests, it’s a nude color.  I can wear it with anything!  Ashley nailed the color.  Plus, the staying power is exceptional.  I can put it on in the morning and it will be there until the evening.  If you haven’t checked out Hynt Beauty I suggest getting on it-their ingredients are some of the best.  $28


Sudsatorium Midas Body Lotion and Tint-

This body lotion and tint is the perfect accessory to have around for summer.  The smell is subtle yet amazing!  I smell neroli when I wear it and I love it.  It gives your skin a nice glow but nothing sparkly.  The perfect compliment to sun kissed skin.  Plus, it doubles as your body moisturizer-two birds with one stone.  If you’ve been looking for a lotion with some hints of shimmer this is it.  Especially great for those special night outs when you really want to turn it up!  I love that the ingredients are organic and ethically sourced too-a win all around.  $10.98


Apoterra Hibiscus Exfoliating Mud-

I’ve never tried anything from Apoterra and was excited to see it in this month’s box.  Their ingredients are awesome!  Not only is this an exfoliation but also a mask too.  You can wet your face and then rub in circular motions and use it as an exfoliant.  It makes your skin feel so smooth, but not dry!  It isn’t a harsh exfoliant which I love.  Use it as a mask and leave it on for 10-15 minutes for the ultimate decadent treat for the skin.  I love the scent of the hibiscus too-so fresh.  This is definitely a new fave!  Their packaging in glass is also a huge plus in my book-so eco friendly.  $24


Shop Knotty Classic Pony/Bracelet in  Rose Gold Plated Brass-

This is such a new item for me.  So clever it being not only a bracele,t but also a pony tail holder in one.  I loved the added gold plated brass.  It makes putting your pony tail holder on your wrist that much more chic!  They have so many fun pony tail holders on their website and colors.  Such a fun addition to your pony collection.  Check out their full collection!  $12


That sums up my review for Glowing Beet’s August Box.  If you haven’t subscribed, get on it!  Use coupon code: GGG10 for 10% off  your first box!  Shop Glowing Beets here.