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Ok, so I'm about to have a baby, I mean I'm due in less than a week…hello!  I'm just giddy thinking about this little girl inside of me.  I've definitely got my nesting going on.  The nesting has carried over into my blog and so I thought I would do a round up of some current faves from green beauty, since I may be a tad occupied here soon enough!

So every now and then I get a handful of products that I have been testing and end up loving.  A lot of times it isn't a whole line either, but just a few products from a line.  Recently, this has been the case.  I couldn't wait to share with you guys my findings!

Primally Pure Cleansing Oil and Complexion Mist- (Use code: gurlgonegreen for 10% off)

I was so pumped to finally try their skincare line.  I love their commitment to organic ingredients and sourcing, plus they are a little more budget friendly.  I had tried their deodorant a few months back and fell head over heels for it, couldn't wait to dive into their skincare.  First off let's chat about the Cleansing Oil.  I tried the one for normal + combination skin.  I love that it comes in glass, and is all organic.  There's not that many ingredients, which I love.  Just pure and simple skincare.  I love the refreshing smell it has of grapefruit and geranium, mixed with juniper, nice but not overwhelming at all.  I applied about a quarter size amount to dry skin and wiped off the oil with a warm wash cloth.  Not only does it remove my makeup but also my eye makeup-really the true test in my opinion.  My skin is left feeling nourished and clean.  $18


The Complexion Mist also comes in glass and is organic.  It smells divine!  I think two of my favorite scents collided in this one, rose and peppermint.  It's both light and refreshing at the same time.  The perfect mist to use after their Cleansing Oil.  I love that it has aloe in it too-hydrating and soothing.  I can easily carry this in my purse as well since it's not to big and refresh throughout the day.  Just call me a mister, because I'm obsessed with misting my skin throughout the day!  It keeps my skin feeling hydrated and fresh, especially in this summer heat. $24


Ursa Major Force Field Daily Defense Lotion-

I've been talking lots about Ursa Major as of late, but for good reason.  Their products not only work, but are full of skincare superheroes.  Their newest product, Force Field Daily Defense Lotion with SPF18 is no exception.  It's made using non-nano uncoated zinc oxide.  I was actually excited to have a daily sunscreen I could use that had a lower spf content than some others I have.  Living in the Pacific Northwest, SPF 18 is actually plenty most of the time, since we don't see the sun a whole lot.  Plus, often times when I use a higher spf on my body I end up not seeing any color-this is the perfect solution.  I don't burn but I can walk away from the sun with a nice glow.  Having said that, I don't typically show my face in the sun and always wear some sort of hat usually if I'm in direct sunlight.  This goes on so smooth and doesn't leave any greasy residue behind.  Oh and my face doesn't look white.  Great for both men and women, who want a little moisture and SPF.  This has been my go too!  $54

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Kahina Prickly Pear Seed Oil Rollerball for Eyes-

I was so excited when Kahina came out with this product!  You all know what a huge fan I am of prickly pear seed oil.  This oil is rich in vitamins K and E and not only hydrates the eye area but helps with dark circles and fights further damage.  Plus, it comes in the cutest little rollerball.  Since the rollerball is stainless steel it actually works to de-puff the eye area as well.  I just applied it all over my eye area with the roller ball.  Then I would take my ring finger(least muscles) and tap the oil into my skin.  It's not greasy and absorbs within minutes.  The perfect little travel companion to pop in your makeup bag.  It's also organic!  Oh and I also stored it in the fridge and would apply in the mornings for maximum de-puffing action-it helped!  Kahina really goes the extra mile to not only create products that are effective but also sourcing the finest ingredients.  This has become a fave!  $40


Butter Babes Body Butter- (Use code: gurlgonegreen for 20% off)

I had heard great things about Butter Babes Body Butter and couldn't wait to try it out for myself.  Made with organic ingredients this body butter is so hydrating.  With ingredients like organic cacao butter, organic virgin coconut oil, and organic mango butter, this body butter doesn't mess around.  I loved applying it to my growing belly too!  The perfect anti-stretch mark butter for any mama to be.  My skin felt hydrated for days.  A little goes a long way too.  I even loved the added benefit of using it in the sun on my legs and arms for a little extra tanning oil.  It doesn't smell like anything strong either, which I loved. Sometimes body butters can be too fragrant, but this one isn't at all.  Just pure ingredients that do the job! $48


Me and the Girls- (Use code: gurlgonegreen for 10% off, discount code starts Wednesday Aug. 31st)

Ok, I tried a fair share of products from Me and the Girls and I must report they're all good!  I first had tried their products in a Glowing Beet's Box.  Their lip scrub to be exact.  And if you all remember, it's the best lip scrub I've used!  I use it all the time and it remains a staple.  So you can imagine how excited I was to try some of their other skincare goodies.  First up is their foot products, wow-I love their foot products! I've taken them with me when I've had my toes done and even the pedicurist has been impressed with the performance and scents.  The Foot Scrub and and Foot Softening Creme both smell divine and have peppermint all over them-my feet literally feel like little clouds after I'm done.  I use the scrub on my feet in the shower daily and can't get enough of the refreshed feeling after using it.  Did I mention the ingredients are organic and amazing?  Because they are.  I also sampled their body scrub- another fave.  My husband's somewhat of a body scrub connoisseur and he gave it the thumbs up after first use.  I couldn't agree more.  Their Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar is seriously a genius product too!  Not only can it moisturize skin, but tame fly aways.  You could literally just throw that in your suitcase for travel and eliminate 5 products and it smells so good!  I also sampled a small container of their Anti-Aging Night Facial  Moisturizer.  The consistency is more of a thick butter, great for those needing a little extra hydration.  I feel like I'm at a spa when I use their body products, they're that good!  Trust me, you all need to try them.

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Eat Pretty, Live Well Book and Journal-

The book Eat Pretty, Live Well is such a great resource for anyone wanting to take their body to the next level from the inside out.  Often times we look to products to solve our skincare problems, when really great skin starts from the inside out.  This book is chockfull of nuggets!  The whole premise is really about the connection between the food we eat and our beauty.  It really paints a clear picture of how the two are so closely linked. I love the recipes Jolene gives in it for the seasons and why you should eat certain foods when.  The Eat Pretty, Live Well Journal is the perfect companion to really applying the Eat Pretty, Live Well book.  In the journal, there is a section to write everyday what you ate and how you are feeling.  I loved this whole aspect of it, because after 10 days you can really evaluate what your skin looks like as a result of what you've been eating.  It's about finding out what your beauty goals are and assessing how to reach them.  I love the first couple pages too, where she lists the beauty foods and what they do for the body-so insightful.  This is a must for anyone who wants to take their health and beauty to the next level!


Well that sums up my current green beauty faves.  Have you tried any of them?  Be sure to snag some loot with the discount codes above.  All these products are heavy hitters!