So I’m a little late on writing my review of the Glowing Beet’s September box…but guys I have a legit reason! I’ve been snuggling my baby girl.  I feel we’ve settled in somewhat though and I’m finding my groove.  However, if it’s one thing I’ve learned from babies, it’s that they’re constantly changing…so don’t hold me to anything ha!  Anyways, this month’s box has some serious green beauty treats as usual and I couldn’t wait to share them with you guys.

Why Glowing Beets?  Well, for starters they include high quality indie brands and they make it so simple.  Their website alone is so easy to navigate and browse.  They have one box, it’s $29.95-a steal for high end green beauty products.  The boxes are all the same, but may vary slightly.  For ex. some boxes may get a different lipstick color, but they’re all from the same brand.  All boxes are shipped at the end of the month once you’re a subscriber, and if you order during the month it will be shipped out within a few days, up until the 15th of the month.  You can sign up for one box, otherwise you will be billed monthly.

I love the concept of Glowing Beets for those who are new to the green beauty scene.  They give you a good selection of products, so you’re able to test them out without making a big commitment at first.  They also offer special discounts to those brands if you do like them-how cool is that?!  Glowing Beets does the research for the best products so you don’t have too.  They include a card in each box that lists what the products are.

So what’s in the box this month…I thought you would never ask!

The first two products are from q.c. naturals.  I wanted to give you a little background on how they started. I love reading about how companies start out.  There is always a story behind it.  q.c. naturals is no different.  However, this story resonates in my own family.  Michelle and T.J. Jarvis founded q.c. naturals after Michelle’s father was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer that turned metastatic to the brain.  Throughout his 17 months of fighting for his life, Michelle, and family discovered all the horrible toxins in our everyday products.  As a result, they started making their own products.  Unfortunately, the family lost their dad in November 2014.  However, his legacy lives on through q.c. naturals.  Today, they are determined to tell the world about their journey and knowledge.  I related to Michelle’s experience as well.  I too lost my grandma in January of this year to lung cancer that turned metastatic to the brain.  I was honored to sample q.c. naturals products, and continue to spread their mission.

Karan’s Cleanser-

This cleanser is unlike anything I’ve tried!  It squirts out like a toner might.  It actually reminds me more of a toner.  The first ingredient is rose water, and there are only 3 more ingredients after that.  You apply it to a cotton pad or washcloth and apply to your face.  Then you rinse off with warm water.  It felt so refreshing and didn’t leave my skin dry at all.  Most of you know by now that I follow the double cleansing method.  This is the perfect sub in for my usual oil that I use.  I use this and then follow with a more traditional cleanser.  This didn’t remover all of my eye makeup, but did remove all my facial makeup.  A great cleanser for those with any skin type.  Plus, it has a subtle rose smell that I love.  $16.50


Timmy’s Toner-

This toner is an apple cider vinegar toner.  Again, it has only a handful of ingredients.  It does smell like apple cider vinegar, which doesn’t bother me.  It also has tea tree oil and lemon oil in it-which you can smell slightly as well.  If you haven’t read about the benefits of apple cider vinegar-let me inform you.  It helps tighten pores, balance skin, clear acne, and bring an overall brighter appearance to skin.  I think we all can sign on the dotted line for those results!  Most people think their skin is going to feel dry when using a toner with apple cider vinegar but that’s not true.  Apple Cider Vinegar actually helps to balance your skin and find that perfect line between dry and oily.  I didn’t have any dryness when using it.  My skin felt perfectly balanced and clean.  I just applied mine with a cotton pad all over my face.  $16.50


Zao Liquid Liner-

I was so excited to see this liquid liner in the box!  I had tried the mascara before from Zao but that’s it.  I love that the line is made in Italy and really takes their standards seriously.  Their whole line is certified organic, chemical-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan- doesn’t get much better than that.  This liquid liner doesn’t mess around.  It goes on so smooth and stays put all day long.  I did try not to blink right away after application so it wouldn’t smear, it is a little wet at first like any liquid liner.  I received the color dark brown.  They also have it available in black, pearly silver and pearly plum.  It’s been hard to find a liner that stays put since going green, but this definitely fits the bill.    $29.50


Pure SOL Konjac Facial Sponge-

I’ve sampled some of their Konjac Sponges before and I’m a fan.  These charcoal sponges clean your face, all while offering some gentle exfoliation.  The bamboo charcoal sponge is especially great for those with acne prone or oil skin types, because it really gives your skin a deep clean.  I love using these to give my skin a glow and bring back the luster.  The sponge itself is completely bio-degradeable, which is pretty cool. Just run under some water and watch the sponge transform from a hard sponge into a squishy sponge. $8.49


Antonin B. Ceramides Enriched Dessert Serum-

This is one luxurious hair oil!  First off, I love the smell.  It’s not too potent at all, which I love.  I get hints of ylang ylang and lemon.  Some hair oils tend to be overly fragrant for me, but this one is perfect in my opinion.  It’s also not too heavy.  My hair is fine and a little oil goes a long way on this mama’s locks.  I applied mine at night, just a few drops and then woke up in the morning with hydrated hair-not greasy.  This was especially great for my color treated hair, really giving it a moisture treatment that’s been long overdue.  The serum was also perfect for when my hair was tousled and wavy and I wanted to add a bit more texture to it.  Did I mention this hair oil is from Paris?!  Can you say luxe? I love that it comes in a dark glass bottle too, helping to keep all the ingredients as active as possible.  This 100% plant based natural hair oil would be perfect for anyone who has curly hair too-such a great instant pick me up.  $45


That concludes my review of the September Glowing Beet’s Box.  As always if you haven’t subscribed be sure too!  Use coupon code: GGG10 for 10% off  your first box!  Shop Glowing Beets here.

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