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I was so excited to sample Fourth & Heart’s Ghee!  Talk about some seriously good stuff!  This ghee is unlike anything I’ve ever had.  You might be asking who is Fourth & Heart and what is ghee?  Well let me first introduce you to Fourth & Heart.

“Fourth & Heart is an artisanal food brand based in Los Angeles, CA, set on a mission to modernize ancient pantry food staples starting with a line of grass-fed flavored pure spreadable butters known as “ghee”.”

Well they certainly have outdone themselves!  This ghee is off the hook.  Now for those of you wondering what ghee is allow me to explain.  Ghee, often called clarified butter, is made when you remove the milk solids and water from butter and are just left with the butterfat.  Since the milk solids are removed, ghee has a much higher smoke point, great for cooking over high heat.  Ghee is different than clarified butter slightly because its simmered a little longer than clarified butter.  This gives it a nice nuttiness and a rich yellow color.  What’s great about ghee is it can be stored on the shelf and not the fridge.

So what makes Fourth & Heart Ghee so special-so many reasons!  For starters, they use the highest quality grass-fed butter from New Zealand.  The grass the cows graze on is naturally rich in vitamins A, D, E, K and CLA.  These vitamins go right to the fat of the butter, which makes ghee super nutrient dense!  Ghee is also great in helping the gut digest food, because of the Butyric Acid in it.   They also cook the ghee slowly and add some other fresh ingredients to make fun and flavorful blends.  Also, according to Ayurveda, herbs are combined with ghee to help make them easier to absorb by the body.  Oh and did I  mention ghee is dairy free and lactose free?  Yeah, so you can have your butter and actually enjoy it!

I love the quote on Fourth & Heart’s Website-

“Honestly, it’s coconut oil with a buttery taste.”  

Couldn’t have said it better myself.  This stuff is just pure goodness and so addicting.  I had the pleasure of sampling all of their five flavors.

Let’s just say they’re all serious winners!  I’m sharing my experience with them below and how I used them in my cooking.

Original Recipe has a nice buttery nutty taste to it.  There’s nothing else in it but ghee.  I love using this on anything that you can think to put butter-trust me you can’t mess up.  It’s especially good if you want to add your own herbs or spices, since it doesn’t have any flavor except the buttery ghee.

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The White Truffle Salt is kind of like the best thing you’ll ever have-no joke!  It’s so addicting and was the first jar that was finished here.  I wanted to lick the jar…oh wait I did!  I put this on homemade popcorn, any veggie, sweet potato fries, toast, eggs, plantain chips- I mean really it just adds some serious flavor to any dish you make.  Trust me, get it-you’ll thank me.

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The Madagascar Vanilla Bean is another fave.  It has more of a sweeter taste out of the five with the vanilla beans added.  It made my coffee go to the next level.  I would add a tablespoon of this to my morning cup of coffee and blend it in my blender and wow-amazing!  It gave it a creaminess and subtle sweetness.  I highly recommend blending the coffee to really get the full effect.  I also loved this on pancakes, waffles and in hot chocolate.  It pretty much arrests your scent the minute you open the jar.  I’m obsessed with this flavor too!

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Himalayan Pink Salt was another go to flavor.  I loved the added saltiness it already had.  It was so easy to add to really any dish I was cooking.  I especially loved it on broccoli and eggs.  Made my egg scrambles come to life!  I would also dip plantain chips in it- yeah I did it.  Asparagus was another huge winner with this one and sautéing mushrooms in it.  I pretty much devoured anything we cooked it with.  A staple you all need!

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Lastly, the California Garlic brought a whole new flavor palate to the mix.  I loved cooking veggies in this as well, eating spaghetti squash with some sea salt with it, toast, eggs, sautéed spinach, the list is endless.  It really had that fresh garlic taste to it.  I loved mixing this one with the Himalayan Pink Salt.  The garlic gave it a great savory flavor and then the Himalayan Pink Salt added some saltiness I craved.  Winning combo for sure!

Trust me when I say you all need these in your life.  If you can’t tolerate butter, this is your jam.  Not only are they delicious but nutrient dense and healing for the body!  Snag them at Fourth & Heart here.  Plus, checkout all their recipes for each ghee flavor on their site.  Also, be sure to check out my Instagram page where I’m hosting a giveaway with them!