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Osmia Organics isn’t a new treasure I’ve discovered, it’s actually been on the front lines in the green beauty world.  The first thing I tried from Osmia was their Lip Repair-wow it was love at first swipe.  If you have dry lips I highly recommend it!  That was two years ago and since Osmia has come out with even more amazing products.  I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah the founder at The Detox Market back in May.  She was pure gold and so fun to talk too.  Did I mention she’s like the fittest person?! Follow her Instagram @osmiaorganics for some serious fitness motivation and beautiful scenery of Colorado-trust me you’ll want to move there!

Anyways, I was beyond excited to review some of their highly coveted products.  As I mentioned, Osmia was started by Sarah, an ER doctor.  She had no intention of starting a skincare company but after taking a soap making class she knew she was in love.  After two years of relentless soap making, product testing, perfume making she jumped full force into Osmia, leaving the medical field.  Now over 4 years later, Osmia is a household name in the green beauty industry.  The mission of Osmia is to incorporate their luxe products into people’s everyday lives.  With top notch natural ingredients, Osmia will inspire you towards a healthier lifestyle.  Big on educating the consumer, I love how Osmia lists products they use on their website and products they don’t use and why.  They even discuss their packaging and why it’s so important to care.  I love their philosophy and commitment to excellence.

As mentioned, I had the privilege of sampling some of their skin treats.  Keep reading to hear how this company does no wrong!

Coffee Mint Bar Soap-

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Their soaps as I said earlier is what started it all for Osmia.  Well, I can see why!  These soaps are seriously luxe.  I’ve tried a couple different scents but I can’t get enough of the Coffee Mint.  It wakes you up with the all too familiar smell of coffee and energizes you with the scent of mint.  I’m obsessed.  My hubs and I fight over it.  Unlike a lot of bar soaps that leave your skin feeling dry, Osmia soaps are the opposite.  These soaps truly leave your skin feeling clean and not stripped of moisture.  Did I mention they’re beautiful too?  Yes, you hardly want to use it when you first open it because it looks like a work of art.  These make great gifts too.  I’ve given several away and people are always amazed at how great they feel.  And they say green beauty isn’t as good-no it’s better.  You all need to snag a couple of these.  One for yourself, and several as gifts!  $15

Black Clay Facial Soap-

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This soap is their best selling soap and for good reason-it’s luxurious to it’s core.  Made of Black Australian Clay and Dead Sea Mud, this facial soap doesn’t mess around.  Plus, coconut milk, organic almond, avocado, and castor bean oils round out this beauty.  It is recommended for normal, problem and combination skin.  I have drier skin however and it worked amazing on me.  It didn’t feel drying at all. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, and clean but not tight and dry like a lot of bar soaps.  It also gets rid of all my makeup too.  Osmia recommends it for perioral dermatitis too.  (Check out my full review of my experience with perioral dermatitis here).  I have a soap saver from Osmia that I use with this soap as well and love.  If you’ve been searching for a cleanser that gets the job done and gives your skin the clean feeling you crave-this is it. $24

Active Gel Toner-

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This toner is unlike anything I’ve tried.  It comes in a gel pump form.  You apply a thin layer after cleansing to your skin and let it set for 30 seconds or so before applying your cream.  If you’re applying an oil, apply the oil while the gel toner is still wet.  It feels like a nice layer of protection for your skin.  With ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacin amide that help to retain water in the skin.  This toner helps to keep your skin feeling hydrated.  It’s great for dry, normal, acne, and combination skin.  My skin felt smoother and more moist.  A great product especially for those cold winter months.  $24

Purely Simple Face Cream-

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This cream is like the go to for a facial cream.  With aloe as the first ingredient, they really keep true to the name especially with the ingredients.  Just pure ingredients that do the job.  It isn’t a super heavy moisturizer, but not so light that you need to keep applying.  I would apply this before my makeup and it was perfection.  It gave my skin a nice polished look before I applied my foundation, but it wasn’t greasy at all.  Also, a great option for those with perioral dermatitis, as the ingredients are basic and there is a very small amount of oils in it.  This would be great for teen girls just getting into skincare, and the beauty novice who thinks they’ve tried it all. $60

Nectar Vital Rose Drops-

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Love, love, love this product!  The name is so appropriate for it, it truly feels like nectar on your skin, a rich luxe oil.  Some oils feel thinner but this one feels fatty-haha are you still with me?!  Let’s just say I love the feel of it.  And the smell, amazing!  Subtle rose, sandalwood and jasmine envelope you.  I applied this at night and in the morning.  At night I applied it after the toner and my skin just drank it up.  In the morning my skin felt silky smooth and hydrated.  It was as if it had a big drink of water at night and was infused with oxygen.  Seriously, it’s SO good!  You only need a few drops too.  I even would apply this in the morning before makeup with my Purely Simple Face Cream.  Having dry skin, once the weather starts to turn I like adding a heavier moisturizer/oil in the morning.  This was just the ticket.  I allowed my skin to soak it up for 5 minutes before applying my makeup.  You guys will love this, trust me!  With only 8 ingredients, this 99.6% organic nectar is seriously so lovely.  It includes some of my favorite oils, like pumpkin seed, argan and prickly pear.  If you can only get one facial product from them I would choose this-you won’t be disappointed. $98

That sums up my review of these luxe Osmia products.  Be sure to shop all their skincare treats here.  Also, check out my Instagram for a chance to win some of my favorite soaps from them!  Have you tried Osmia Organics?