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Ok, so most of you know I created a Green Beauty Christmas Guide.  I did one last year and it was a big hit, so I had created another one just like it this year too.  It gives you all the latest on the deals that are happening, coupon codes and what I love from each online retailer.  It’s such a great resource if I do say so myself! If you haven’t downloaded one, be sure too here. However, I’ve gotten so many e-mails, and messages asking a lot of detailed questions about what to get for a guy, baby, mom, household gifts, stocking stuffers…well you get the picture.  I thought instead of just answering the e-mails I could share it with you guys too-after all we’re family right?!

I broke it up into categories for you.  I give several ideas for each category and really help you narrow down your options and hopefully give you some great green gift ideas.



  • Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant-This is my hub’s fave all around.  A great natural deodorant to get for a guy who hasn’t made the switch.
  • Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer– For guys or girls, this whipped creme gives definition and hold. My hubs loves it and so do I!
  • Most Natural Air Purifying Bag– The perfect gift for those gym rats whose bags could use a little stench control.  These soak up all the stench, but do it all naturally with charcoal!
  • TICO Organic Shave Oil- It’s definitely been hard to find a shave oil that is full of pure ingredients but that also works.  This is an oil, so it doesn’t clog up your razor like some of the creams.
  • Blue Avocado (re) Zippered Travel Quart– The perfect gift for the jet setter.  It’s a quart size bag that can be used over and over.  It’s clear, so it’s easy to see into and grab whatever you need. You can stop the plastic baggie madness!



  • Kari Gran Lip Whip– These lip balms are my fave.  They moisturize and provide a subtle lip tint. Best of all they can be found even at Sephora!
  •  Josh Rosebrook Travel Size Hair Spray or LIFT(volumizer)– Hair products can be hard to make the switch over to. But thankfully there is Josh Rosebrook who makes it easy!  His hair spray and LIFT volumizer are the best I’ve found.  He offers travel sizes now so it’s not as big of a commitment starting out.  Great stocking stuffers!
  • Leahlani Mermaid Mask– This mask is famous and for good reason-it performs!  If you want to treat that special someone in your life this is it.  A great mask for anyone new to green beauty or anyone who’s been around a while-it’s that good!
  • Artifact Uprising Thank You Cards- Personalize some thank you cards just for them with Artifact Uprisings thank you card prints.  These prints are printed on 100% recycled paper and look so chic!
  • Matt & Nat Crossbody Bag– The perfect bag for any occasion.  All Matt & Nat bags are vegan and the lining is made out of  100% plastic water bottles.
Loving Lately- September



  • Keep Cup Cafe Range(glass cup)-I love these cups! They do sell plastic ones, but I prefer the glass ones because if you have a hot beverage in the cup you don’t have to worry about plastic leaching into your cup.  You can even design your own!
  • Berkey Water Filter– This is the filter I use to filter my water.  It even filters out fluoride! If you’re wondering what to get someone, then this is it.  You can’t put a price tag on clean filtered water.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving!
  • Pyrex– I love storing my food in Pyrex!  It’s glass and I don’t have to think twice about anything crazy leaking into my food. Ditch the plastic food storage and snag one of these sets instead.
  • Simple Green Smoothie Book This book is packed full of so many great smoothie recipes, plus it gives so many helpful tips.  A great book for anyone wanting some smoothie motivation.
  • Live Simply Meal Planner– This has been a game changer for me.  It helps me to stay organized and on track with my budget for the week with our food. It has everything, from a budget list, grocery list, pantry inventory, freezer inventory and so much more.
  • Fourth & Heart Ghee- This ghee is unlike any I’ve had!  With so many flavors, it will keep you coming back for me.  My favorite flavors are Madagascar Vanilla Bean and White Truffle Salt.



  • MatiMati Organic Bamboo Wash cloths– I love these wash cloths for my girls!  They are so soft and completely clean since they’re organic.  Perfect for my infant daughter up to my toddler.  They even feel softer the more you wash them.
  • Pottery Barn Organic Crib Sheets– I have used these for both daughters and love them.  They come in some really cute prints and I love knowing that they’re sleeping on chemical free sheets.
  • Planetbox– These are seriously changing how people pack a lunch!  They are stainless steel and come in various sizes.  They have compartments for all the food.  I really like how it portions out the food with the sizes, helps educate your child on a wide variety of foods, plus keeps food separate.
  • Pura Water Bottle- These are a must for any toddler/child.  It’s a completely plastic free water bottle!  The top is made from silicone and the bottle made from stainless steel.  You can easily switch out the top depending on what your child likes.  From a nipple for a bottle top, straw top, sippy top or even a sports top-they grow with every phase of your child.
  • Watering Can by Green Toys– I love Green Toys!  All their toys are made from 100% recycled milk jugs and they look so cute.  This watering can is perfect for teaching kids about gardening.  Whether you have indoor plants or outdoor ones.
The Green Beauty Gift Guide



  • Wei of Chocolate- The ultimate experience when it comes to clean chocolate.  These treats come in 30 piece boxes or 8 piece packs.  All the chocolate is vegan, organic, non-GMO, fair trade, dairy free and soy free.  There’s a variety of flavors to choose from that will make your mouth water!  My personal fave is Wei Beautiful with peppermint. You can even order a Wei subscription-my kind of gift!
  • ALTER ECO I love their chocolate!  It’s organic, fair trade and offers so many flavors.  Plus, you can buy it in bars or truffles-can you say yum!  They are soy free, GMO free, and gluten free.  You can get these at most health food stores and Whole Foods.
  • Theo Chocolate- It’s only natural I’m a Theo Chocolate lover as well, after all, they originated right here in Seattle.  They also are soy free, organic, gluten free, vegan,  fair trade and non-GMO.  I will mention that some of their holiday bars and other flavors have corn syrup in them.  So be sure to check the ingredients.  I like sticking with my fave- Salted Almond 70% dark chocolate bar, just pure ingredients.
  • Heavenly Organics- These are amazing!  My favorite is their Mint Honey Chocolate Patties.  Made with just a handful of pure ingredients.  These are organic, gluten free, dairy free, non-GMO, fair trade and just sweetened with 100% organic raw honey-hello!
  • Eating Evolved Their chocolate is gluten free, soy free, paleo, organic, dairy free, vegan and refined sugar free.  I love their cups!  They have chocolate bars too, chocolate spreads, and hot chocolate.

That sums up some Christmas gift ideas for the green heart!  What are you eyeing?


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