Maya Chia Review (2023)

Maya Chia is a clean skincare brand that can really perform! I am sharing what makes them unique and which of their products are the very best.

It was definitely time to update my Maya Chia Review. They have come out with so many new products since my last review –  which was far too long ago! I am giving you the best of the best from Maya Chia. Trust me, these are products that really do perform!

*Affiliate Disclosure: I do have affiliate links in this blog post. If you purchase something from my link, I will receive a small commission from the sale. This comes at no cost to you, but is paid by the company. I do not take becoming an affiliate with any company lightly. If I am, it’s because I believe in the company and their product.

All About Maya Chia

Maya Chia was founded by Suzanne Norwitz, who left the corporate ladder to pursue her passion in creating the best quality skincare. She always had a love for skincare – as she grew up with a father who was a plastic surgeon. Beyond skincare, she also was an advocate for clean skincare products. And when she noted that the marketing efforts of natural skincare lines didn’t match up with the performance of the products, she set out to change the clean beauty industry and standards. Thus, Maya Chia was born!

Just two of my favorite products from Maya Chia!

Maya Chia’s All Star Ingredient

What makes Maya Chia SO special?? They’re just really good skincare for starters, but there’s so many other things that set them apart.  The all star ingredient in Maya Chia is the supercritical chia oil. Suzanne was introduced to this ingredient through her connection to the Maya people, which began through her father. He is a surgeon and during her childhood, he would go to Guatemala to operate on Maya people who were in need of cleft lip and palate repair. She even has two step children now that were both born in Guatemala, so her love for the culture has only grown. 

It was through these connections to the Maya culture and people that she was introduced to the importance of the chia seed for health and wellness. She also discovered the amazing benefits for skin health. Not only is chia oil heralded for its fast absorbing ability, but also for its antioxidants, minerals, and omega’s-a skin’s dream team!  You can say bye to fine lines and wrinkles.  Plus, it has clinically been proven to increase hydration.  This is a quote taken from Maya Chia’s site on chia seed and antioxidants:

The Nutritional Science Research Institute tested the nutritional value of chia seed and said it contains “the highest amount of antioxidants we have ever measured” and cited chia as one of the most powerful whole food antioxidants we know.

All I have to say is give me all the chia seeds!  Not only does Maya Chia use this all star ingredient throughout their whole line, but they have a patent on a specific extraction process called the supercritical extraction.  The extraction process creates the purest oil that resembles chia oil in its original state. This is because no solvents or oxygen are used.

Maya Chia’s Super Lift Vitamin C Serum is power packed with active ingredients!

Must Have Maya Chia Products

Power Fol Eyelash Serum

I initially got this product right after I had my fourth baby. All of a sudden I felt like I had no eyelashes. I had read that hair loss that includes the eyelashes and/or brows can sometimes happen after giving birth. Needless to say, I wanted them back! I had heard about the Maya Chia Power Fol Multi-Correctional Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum and knew I needed to check it out. I was consistently using it for three months and it totally brought my eyelashes back! I was so impressed. I really started to notice a difference in my lash hair after two months of consistent use. When I say consistent use, I mean every single night I would apply this on my eyelashes before going to bed. It was just part of my skincare routine. I noticed the length and fullness returned. I’ve literally tried so many eyelash growth serums in the past but nothing changed. So when I had a noticeable difference using this, I was excited. I could tell several weeks in advance that something was happening. This really helped me to be consistent with it. One container lasted me about 3 months of consistent use (1x per day). I ended up using it for 6 months (2 containers worth) and have since stopped. My lashes have maintained since I stopped, but I have read that it may depend on why you have hair loss if you will need to continue using the serum on an on-going basis. My reason was post partum hair loss so obviously I won’t need to continue. 

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The Super Couple

Ok, so this is the serum that started my infatuation with Maya Chia!  So why all the fuss?  Well, for starters it melts right into your skin.   No oily residue at all.  Perfect for at night, and during the day before makeup.  It evens my skin tone out and my skin never looked better-I know big statement but it’s true.  I have this one spot on my left cheek side and it has some hyper pigmentation and it faded quite a bit after I had been using Maya Chia.  My skin looked less red and just overall smooth.  Trust me when I say I get a lot of product to sample as a beauty blogger, so when I actually go through a product it’s a big deal.  This serum is on the last few drops.  It has the same anti-aging benefits as the Super Blend-Pressed Serum Moisture Concentrate.  Filled with vitamin C, CoQ10 and the beloved antioxidant asthaxanthin.  This serum doesn’t mess around and truly delivers!  Great for even the most sensitive skin types.  I even use it under my eyes and it works.  Say goodbye to dark circles.  Guys, this stuff is the real deal.  It has a slight pinkish color which actually gives your skin a glow-I love it!  If you’ve been looking for an anti-aging serum that delivers then look no more.

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The Supercritical Omega-3 Chia Face Oil

So I tried this oil after trying The Super Couple.  I had lower expectations- is that wrong?  I mean I was so impressed with The Super Couple.  But I must admit this serum is completely amazing too.  It’s heavier feeling and more moisturizing than The Super Couple Serum.  Especially great for those with dry skin that can’t quite get hydrated.  It also works amazing on fine lines.  Although it is heavier, it still absorbs so well.  Your skin feels plump and soft.  Even a dry patch around my nose didn’t stand a chance with this oil.  It calmed even my normal redness around my t-zone I get.  A rich, extremely hydrating oil, that absorbs quickly, doesn’t feel greasy, and makes you look younger…what are you waiting for?!  This is great for even the most sensitive skin. 

The Optimist

This gem is housed in a dark glass bottle, preserving every last drop of goodness.  Smells divine with hints of neroli, sweet orange, and ylang ylang.  The formula itself feels so hydrating on the skin and refreshing with white tea, antioxidants, fatty acids and phytonutrients- just to name a few.  I can’t forget the actual spray function.  It works so well!  I know it might sound funny, but after trying hundreds of mists in my day, the spray function is actually quite important.  You don’t want the mist to feel like it’s attacking your skin or spraying you in the eye!  The Optimist sprays so well all over the face.  The founder Susanne nailed it!

The Straight A Serum

I have been using this for a while and definitely can speak to the overall experience of it.  It contains the plant retinol bakuchiol which I’ve used before in other skincare products and it also contains moth bean extract- another plant derived retinol.  But it also contains an advanced retinol using an encapsulated Retinol.  This is a derivative of Vitamin A without BHT.  BHT has been shown to cause liver damage in rats even in small amounts.  Plus, the supply chain with BHT is very unstable.  Besides the powerful retinols it also contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E.  These brighten the skin and help fade hyperpigmentation.  You’re also going to get some serious hydration from this serum with Buriti oil, and chia seed oil.

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Super Naked Plum + Chia Oil

This is one of Maya Chia’s newest products. They took their famed organic chia oil and married it with organic virgin plum oil from an orchard in France and created a superhero facial oil!  Why is it so great? You get the amazing benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids from chia oil, while also getting the Omega-6 fatty acids and 9 from Plum Oil. But it doesn’t stop there. The oil also contains Astaxanthin which is a super antioxidant and 65x stronger than Vitamin C- can you say YASS!  The formula is completed with squalene oil(from a plant sugar). One of my favorite oils for skin.  There’s only 3 ingredients in the entire formula! Which is pretty rare for an oil like this. The ingredients might be few but they pack a punch.  It’s perfect for so many skin types because of the few ingredients and the fact it’s essential oil free. Amazing for sensitive skin. I’ve recommended this to so many people!  Did I mention it smells incredible?! Like a poppyseed muffin- I know might sound weird but it’s so delicious you want to eat it!😆 I’ve been using it nonstop and my skin has been loving it. From the overall texture being more supple and bouncy to having a radiant glow- this oil doesn’t mess around. 

The Advanced Response Complex

This is a newer product this year for Maya Chia and one that is very unique.  It is made for the face and neck.  I haven’t come across a cream that is made for the face and neck in the past in clean beauty so I was excited about this.  It comes in an airtight container.  Makes it really great for not allowing air into the formula.  It isn’t too heavy feeling.  I find I can wear this during the day and at night I’ll add in an oil as well for additional moisture.  It seeps right into the skin and doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue. There are no essential oils or added fragrance to it. It just smells clean.  I love this about the product!  I noticed a more plumpness to my skin after using it and softness.  This is great for sensitive skin too.  Packed full of actives that really go to work on the skin. 

The Super Lift Vitamin C Serum

This contains three forms of Vitamin C, plus peptides, and Stem Cells.  It’s power packed!  This does work with sensitive skin as well I’ve found because the essential oil content is minimal.  The formula is really unique too because it helps give the skin a firmness even upon contact, and then over time you notice it even more.  You can also notice collagen synthesis up to 157% through a bio-polymer matrix  of orange blossom stem cells and pomegranate peptide.  I love how this formula instantly absorbs into the skin and doesn’t feel sticky.  It also does feel like I have a primer on my skin before I apply my makeup.  I didn’t know how I would feel about this when initially reading the description but I really love how it feels under makeup.  I can’t say that my makeup has felt like it lasted longer but I do notice more of a glow overall.  My skin’s tone is so much more even using this.  That is the biggest thing I’ve noticed.  More of smoothness and then the glow.  Just a brightness to my skin when I’ve been using this.  My hubs used it and said the same thing!  He loves how his skin feels brighter and has a glow to it and how it subtly hydrates.  I’ve had some people say their acne scarring faded after using.  I never had acne as a teen or young adult so I can’t attest to that but I do feel my redness overall is less and it really pulls out a more brighter complexion.  It never once felt irritating either. 

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It wasn’t easy, but those are all my favorites from Maya Chia! What’s your favorite?

Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


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