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I finally got my hands on some Lily Lolo products!  I was so excited to review their makeup.  I had tried their mascara last fall and it was a winner, so I was on pins and needles to try some more!  I snagged my Lily Lolo loot from the Choosy Chick.  Your one stop shop for the whole family when it comes to green living products.  Their standards are amazing!  Margot, the founder, has 4 kids of her own and she researches ingredients like crazy.  I'm always impressed with all the thought she puts into the lines she carries.  We need more companies doing that!  I love that I not only can purchase something for myself, but also for my baby and my husband.  Makes online shopping that much easier!

Lily Lolo is just one of a handful of makeup brands that The Choosy Chick carries.  It's a clean makeup line that offers a nice range of products and is budget friendly.  I was really impressed with the prices.  You can get a whole eye palette with 8 shadows for $34!  Can't beat that for quality, non-toxic products. Their line isn't complicated either.  There isn't 100 products to choose from or colors.  Sometimes less is more.  Lily Lolo is made in London and was birthed out of Vicki Khan, who fell in love with mineral makeup.  Her passion drove her to create Lily Lolo and has since won awards for her natural makeup line!

So what did I try?

  • BB Cream
  • Natural Eye Liner Pencil
  • Pedal to the Medal Eye Shadow Palette
  • Eyelid Primer
  • Sculpt & Glow Contour Kit

BB Cream-

This BB Cream is thick and smooth.  It's heavier than a tinted moisturizer and offers a bit more coverage as well.  I love how silky and creamy it feels.  I apply it after my moisturizer with either my hands or a beauty blender.  It isn't super hydrating on it's own.  My skin tends to be on the drier side.  It offers an overall polished look but doesn't look heavy.  I still applied some concealer under my eyes and around my nose where I am a little more red.  It isn't going to give you full coverage.  I think it's perfect for summer weather when you still want to look put together, but don't want to look like you're wearing your heavy winter foundation.  I tried it in the color Light. Below you'll find me wearing it without anything else on so you can get an idea of the coverage.  Get your BB Cream here!

Natural Eye Liner Pencil in Brown-

This is a typical eye liner pencil that you sharpen.  It glides on smoothly and easily.  I really like the consistency.  I applied it on my upper and lower lash lines.  I did set it with some translucent powder just because my lids are oily and if I don't it will be gone by the afternoon!  I also added a little brown eye shadow after applying it.  I was really able to achieve the brown smoky eye with this pencil.  Loved the look it created.  You can see me below wearing it on both my top and bottom lash lines.  Snag your Eye Liner here! 

Pedal to the Medal Eye Shadow Palette-

I've seriously wanted to try this palette for so long!  I was so excited when I finally got my hands on one!  I love how you get 8 shadow colors in one palette.  You don't need another palette!  This is a great mix of shadow colors too. They also have more color palettes to choose from if this color range doesn't suit you.  This palette had some great matte colors, nudes, some shimmer and even smoky colors.  I had fun wearing different varieties.  Also, the shadows are so easy to use.  A lot of shadows will get all over your lid, but these are really fail proof.  They aren't as pigmented as some shadows I've used, which makes them easier to use in my opinion.  You can easily blend them together and it looks like you know what you're doing…haha even if you don't!  Great for everyday wear or dressing up too-transitions so easy with this palette.  A definite must in any green beauty's makeup bag! Grab your palette here!

Eyelid Primer-

This primer is a great 2 in 1.  Not only does it help provide a good base for eye shadows but it also helps to neutralize discoloration where their is darkness around the eyes.  The neutral shade is perfect for applying before putting on your eye shadow and the lemon shade can be used to help with dark areas around the eyes.  You can also mix them together too!  I prepped my lid with some translucent powder before applying the eyelid primer just because my lids are naturally oily and the primer consistency is a little oily as well.  Then after the powder I applied the eyelid primer.  I just dabbed a little on with my finger.  It created such a great neutral canvas for the shadows to adhere to.  It helped them pop!  I did use some of the lemon around my eyes-especially under the eye area to make them stand out and even out darkness.  Grab your Eyelid Primer here! 

Sculpt & Glow Contour Kit-

This kit is another great 2 in 1 product!  One side is a contour bronzer and the other side is a luminizer.  Both are in powder form.  I applied the bronzer all over my face where I would normally contour.  Everywhere from upper forehead, right below the cheek bone, sides of nose and neck area.  I love the color it gives-not orange at all but a really great bronzed/tan look.  The luminizer didn't disappoint either!  I applied it where I normally highlight, bridge of nose, upper cheek bone, right below eyebrow, in between my upper eyebrows and middle of chin and cupid's bow.  It really gave a nice glow but wasn't too dramatic.  This is the perfect set for contouring!  Such a good deal too! I've also tried their Coralista Cheek Duo and loved it!  You can check out my review for it here! I have it pictured above as well.  Get your Sculpt & Glow Contour Kit here!

That sums up my review of Lily Lolo!  Did you see anything you're drooling over?  I also have tried their blushes and mascara and love them both!  This line is a standout! Right now The Choosy Chick is running a special promo for Lily Lolo too!  Use Code: LOVELINER on any Lily Lolo order over $50 and receive a complimentary eyeliner!  Hurry, limited quantities left!  Shop the full Lily Lolo line here. 

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