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In this episode I'm interviewing Jolene Hart.  Jolene is a beauty and health coach certified by the world's foremost school for holistic health, NYC's Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the American of Drugless Practitioners.  I've admired Jolene for a long time and was so excited to have her on the show.  We talk about everything from how Jolene became a health coach, how nutrition is connected to beauty, common improvements people can make to help their skin glow, and so much more!  Jolene has experienced skincare issues herself and shares how that led her to where she is today.  I so enjoyed having her on the podcast and I know you will too!

Jolene Hart also is the Co-Founder and Director of Education of the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance.  Through her coaching practices and Beauty is Wellness website, she educates woman about the powerful connection between nutrition and beauty.  She has an international best seller book, Eat Pretty, a companion journal Eat Pretty, Live Well and has a new book called Eat Pretty Everyday.  She also is a former Instyle Beauty Editor!  Check out Jolene's website here.  Also, for a consultation contact her here.

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