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Ok, April and May were a little crazy and I didn’t have a chance to post my Glowing Beet’s April Box-opps!  So you’re going to not only get the April box review but also the May box.  There was some new finds in both boxes and some products I’ve come to love like Pleni Naturals.  Their kid’s products are some of the best I’ve come across and I was so excited to see them in the Glowing Beet’s May box!  I also couldn’t stop smelling The Lava Scrub in Fig & Plum from the April box?!  Such a relaxing scent-it calmed me just by smelling it.  I have all the deets below, but if you haven’t heard of Glowing Beet’s keep reading to hear about this non-toxic subscription box.

Why Glowing Beets?  Well, for starters they include high quality indie brands and they make it so simple.  Their website alone is so easy to navigate and browse.  They have one box, it’s $29.95-a steal for high end green beauty products.  The boxes are all the same, but may vary slightly.  For ex. some boxes may get a different lipstick color, but they’re all from the same brand.  All boxes are shipped at the end of the month once you’re a subscriber, and if you order during the month it will be shipped out within a few days, up until the 15th of the month.  You can sign up for one box, otherwise you will be billed monthly.

I love the concept of Glowing Beets for those who are new to the green beauty scene.  They give you a good selection of products, so you’re able to test them out without making a big commitment at first.  They also offer special discounts to those brands if you do like them-how cool is that?!  Glowing Beets does the research for the best product so you don’t have too.  They include a card in each box that lists what the products are.  I have received two boxes from them and I’ve loved each of them!

Let’s get on to the review!

April Box-

Marin Bee-

In the April Box we received not one but two Marin Bee products.  I was excited to try the line out!  It’s interesting how Marin Bee started.  The line came to be out of a love for bees!  The founders Debra and Bill wanted people to realize the honey bee was quickly becoming extinct.  Soon they created a foundation called Planet Bee Foundation.  This organization helps to educate through workshops and hands on lessons.  A portion of every purchase made from Marin Bee goes to help support the foundation.  What a cool idea!

Detox Masque-

This mask has honey in it of course which draws moisture from the air into the skin.  The mask feels almost gummy.  It’s thick but I added a little water to thin it out.  It says to apply a thin layer to the skin and I found adding a little water helpful.  You only need to leave it on for 10 minutes for the mask to do it’s magic.  When I removed it, my skin felt hydrated and refreshed.  A lot of detox masks leave your skin feeling taut or a little thirsty but not this one.  You can use this several times a week for an instant skin pick me up!

Natural Beauty Box Roundup January

Lip Repair-

I was excited to have a new lip balm to try out!  I seriously can never have enough lip balms- who’s with me?!  This one is especially nice because it comes in a tube form and not a jar.  I like this especially when I’m traveling and don’t have a place to wash my hands before applying.  The formula looks pinkish in color but you can’t tell their is any color when you apply.  It offers some gloss with it and moisturizes the lips too.  Great for wearing by itself for an understated look and for layering on top of a liner or lipstick.  I love that there is virtually no scent too!

Root + Willow Lava Scrub-

This sugar scrub is different than other scrubs I’ve used because it included volcanic pumicite in it-how cool?!  I applied it to wet skin and my skin was left feeling hydrated and smooth.  I love how it didn’t feel overly oily after using.  Just a great all around smoothness.  I felt I was entering into my very own spa when I opened the jar-the ylang ylang & vanilla are the perfect combination.  The scent isn’t strong but enough to leave a little behind.  It really is a whole experience using the scrub.

The Future Is Bright Pin by Fred and Far-

This is the second time Fred and Far pins have been in the Glowing Beet’s Box.  This box contained the Future Is Bright Pin which is meant to represent the power of feminism.  I love that Fred and Far are on a mission to help women love themselves-we need more of that!  You can wear this on some clothing, or attach it to your purse as a daily reminder.

May Box-

Pleni Naturals-

I was so pumped to see Pleni Naturals in the box for May!  I discovered this brand last fall and have been using it on both my daughters for their bath products.  This skincare line is designed for babies and kids, and is made from fruits and vegetables-so cool! The premise is that fruits and vegetables are nutrient packed with antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins. Whatever we put on our body our skin absorbs-so we are absorbing all the nutrients. They are squeaky clean in their ingredient list and smell so good, yet aren’t overly scented. Made with organic ingredients, all the products are gluten free and vegan too. Their products are also all Made Safe Certified. They have three products. A hair and body wash, a baby balm and a baby oil. I love that the hair and body wash doesn’t dry out my daughter’s skin at all.  A great pick!

What I buy on Amazon

Jersey Kids Mineral Sunscreen Stick-

I had never heard of Jersey Kids but was excited to try a new mineral sunscreen.  Once I looked them up I read that their sunscreen had even rated #1 by Livestrong-pretty impressive!  This one has an SPF of 30 and offers both UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection.   They only use zinc oxide as the mineral sunscreen.  It does go on white but once you rub it in it disappears.  I really love the stick option too!  Makes for easy travel and easy application.  I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet but overall I’m really impressed with the ingredients.  It even has a subtle vanilla smell to it which I love.

Jersey Shore Cosmetics All Natural Lip Tinted Shimmer Balm-

These balms were a fun treat in this Glowing Beet’s box!  Not only do they smell like vanilla baked goodness but they offer a subtle hint of sheen and color.  They even have an spf of 10 in them.  I received the sheer red and sheer pink.  They both give the perfect amount of pinkish and reddish tone to the lips.  The ingredients are organic too and on point.  I’ll be wearing these all summer!

Gypsy Soul Organics Nephew River Aromatherapy Spray-

This was another brand I haven’t heard of.  Included in the box was their Nephew River Spray.  This spray contains lemon, lime, basil and grapefruit.  A seriously refreshing concoction!  It’s meant to lift your spirits and awaken your senses.  Great for having at work by your computer, or even in your purse whenever you need a pick me up.  I found myself spraying this all around me!

Boho Chic Cosmetics-

These little lip and cheek tints were such a fun pick in the Glowing Beet’s box!  Reminiscent of a day in Paris that must include macaroons, this collection is called Macaroons.  The lip and cheek tints have ingredients similar to real macaroons, like organic green tea and organic vanilla beans.  I loved sampling each of the 5 tints.  They work so interchangeably on your cheek or lips.  Some offer more pigment and others are more sheer.  I’m crushing hard on Orange Blossom!  The perfect coral hue for spring and summer.  This is such a good gift idea, and has such a cute story of how they were created to go along with it.

That sums up my review of the Glowing Beet’s April and May boxes!  See any faves or new products you’re eyeing? If you haven’t signed up yet for Glowing Beets,  use code: GGG10 for 10% off  your first box!  Shop Glowing Beets here.


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