Ok, it’s no secret I try a lot of product-like a ton.  So when I write a blog post dedicated to my current Green Beauty Obsessions you can bet that these are some stellar products.  I recently came across a lot of product faves and couldn’t wait to share them with you.  Everything from a new deodorant, highlighter and lots more-keep reading to find out all the juicy deets and what makes the cut for my Current Green Beauty Obsessions!

Maya Chia Highlight of The Day in After Hours-

So you guys know I love anything Maya Chia.  Slightly obsessed with this brand and so naturally it made it into my current green beauty obsessions.  When it comes to products, they just create the best formulations!  I love their highlighters in Happy Hour and Golden Hour, so I was all ears when I heard they were coming out with a highlighter called After Hours in a Bronze hue-sign me up!  Well, it didn’t disappoint.  In fact, I love it!  Unlike the highlighters in Golden Hour and Happy Hour, this gives a very natural look.  It’s like you’re face is just glowing all on it’s own. You can fool everyone!  It’s my new secret weapon to get a serious glow.  I love mixing it with a liquid foundation for an overall glow or just applying it on top of my foundation for a more subtle look.  Either way it’s just all around gorgeous!  I’m convinced it will virtually go with anyone’s skin tone.  If you’ve been on the fence about a highlighter, then this one’s for you!  You all need this-trust me. Check it out here!

Highlight of The Day Body Illuminating Serum-

I was equally excited when I saw that Maya Chia came out with a Body Highlighter!  I mean what says summer better than an illuminating body highlighter?!  I’m all over it.  This isn’t your teenager’s shimmering body illuminator but a sophisticated twist on the whole idea.  First off the scent is incredible.  With notes of neroli and orange-I’m instantly taken away to a warm happy place.  Second, the formula is amazing.  The illuminator is suspended in the oil so seamlessly.  You get a transparent glow-no greasiness.  Third it lasts-like all day.  Is it weird I kept checking my neck and shoulders the whole day-because I definitely was!  I’ll be sporting this illuminator all summer long- ok let’s be real, probably longer.  Snag your bottle here! 

Agent Nateur Holi (Rose)N4 Deodorant-

Let it be known, this is a current green beauty obsession in every sense of the word!  All my green beauty blogger friends were raving about this deodorant for the longest time- so I knew I had to try it.  My blogger friend Janny from Janny Organically sent me some and it was game over, in a good way!  The formula is so creamy and smooth.  It literally glides on so easy.  The smell is amazing too.  Not your grandma’s rose scent but a chic 21st century rose scent.  I wore it the first day and was expecting to start smelling towards the end of the day.  Typically that’s what happens…but nope, not with this one!  I was smell free and could still smell the rose.  I know crazy.  Then I tested it working out.  I came how after my workout smelling decent still.  I kept testing it, thinking something had to give.  But no, this stuff is just gold!  I’ve had no irritation at all too.  If you’ve been searching for a natural deodorant and haven’t found one yet, this could be your golden ticket to happy underarms again-for real!  I’m not the only one’s that’s thought this-everyone I know that’s tried it says the same thing.  Proof is in the pudding!  Grab your Holi (Rose)N4 Deodorant here!

Live Botanical Fleur de Terre Skin Repair Balm & Aer Hyaluronic Serum-

I discovered Live Botanical at IBE and I’m so glad I did! The owner Carolyn, an herbalist, is serious about her creations and knows her stuff.  You could tell by talking to her how passionate she is about the whole process!  The products are organic, non-gmo, ethically wild-harvested, local, sustainable and fair trade.  She really goes the extra mile.  She uses glass packaging too-something that I swoon over.  Don’t even get me started on price!  These products not only are clean and perform but they’re budget friendly!

I had the pleasure of trying out two of her products.  The Fleur de Terre Skin Repair Balm and the Aer Hyaluronic Acid Serum.  First the Skin Repair Balm is such an amazing multi-use product.  I’ve used it as a cleansing balm, hydrator and to help heal and relive pain from a burn.  One of the ingredients I love in the balm is yarrow-a powerful anti-inflammatory.  As a cleansing balm it removes all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and supple.  I wake up with perfectly moisturized skin.  I put it on a hot water burn and it instantly took away the throbbing pain.  I’m wondering what this little jar can’t do?! Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 15% off! Snag yours here!

I also tried the Aer Hyaluronic Serum and was so excited after the first use!  It’s unlike any product I’ve used.  I apply it after toning and press it on my face.  It leaves your skin feeling a bit wet but then it absorbs and fills in lines and evens out your whole complexion.  I apply my moisturizer/oil after and then my makeup and love the end result.  My skin is dewy and moist the whole day and doesn’t look haggard.  Am I making sense?  The first ingredient is aloe, which I’m all about-it replenishes the skin and plumps it up.  You guys need this-it’s fantastic and a staple in my makeup routine! Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 15% off!  Get yours here! 

Whole Body Apothecary Handmade Soap-

I also discovered this brand at IBE and I’ve been hooked on their handmade Spearmint bar soap since!  It smells so good!  It wakes me up in the morning in the shower.  Not too mention how pretty their soaps are.  Instead of dyes or chemicals to color their soaps they use things like natural spinach leaves-pretty cool!  The ingredients are on point, they smell insanely good and they suds up!  I mean what more do you want?  My hubs is even obsessed.  I may need to start hiding my soap.  They have a ton more scents if Spearmint isn’t your thing.  Grab yours here!

Crunchi Vegan Flat Top Foundation Brush-

Another current green beauty obsession-Crunchi’s Vegan Flat Top Foundation Brush.  I know, how could one person be obsessed with a brush?!  Well guys I am!  I never knew a makeup brush could be so special but then I met Crunchi’s Vegan Flat Top Foundation Brush and my life changed.  The brush is so soft and feels like butter on your skin.  It is perfect for foundation application-perfect I say!  I get such an even and smooth look using it.  I can even get under my eyes with the brush.  I find myself reaching for it for everything-from bronzer, blush and translucent powder.  It’s such a great multi-use brush.  Get it and thank me later! Grab it here! 

Eat Pretty Every Day by, Jolene Hart-

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jolene Hart for my podcast, a green beauty guru and someone I’ve always admired.  You can check it out here.  I had read her first two books, Eat Pretty and Eat Pretty, Live Well and loved them both.  If you haven’t had a chance to read them I highly recommend you do.  They really open your eyes to how our nutrition is directly connected to beauty.

She was so sweet to send me her most recent book that came out called Eat Pretty Every Day.  It’s filled with daily inspirations for every day of the year-yes all 365 days!  It’s all about nourishing beauty, inside and out.  I love the smaller size of the book, great for travel.  I have so enjoyed reading a page everyday.  They are so many nuggets in the book that serve as reminders to nourish your body.  What’s great about the book is you can virtually start whenever you get it.  It doesn’t have to be in January.  It’s written by seasons.  So for example, since it was spring when I received the book, that’s where I started.  It pairs so well with what’s happening in the environment-I love that aspect.  It’s packed full of nutrition tips, recipes, quotes and so much more.  I like to think of it as my daily wellness reboot.  It helps to set my intentions for the day and remind myself to listen to my body.  Sometimes I find myself reading ahead because I can’t get enough!  Trust me, you guys will love this book!  Get your Eat Pretty Every Day book!

Well that sums up my current green beauty obsessions!  See any faves??

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